I once wrote a post about social media racism, and I have mentioned it in several other posts. When people can hide safely behind user names and Tweet, post to Facebook or Reddit, blog, or engage in any other social media act, they will do so. These are the same types of people that will smile in your face but call you a ‘nigger’, ‘spic’, ‘honky’, ‘bitch’, ‘faggot’, ‘dyke’, ‘prick’, ‘asshole’, ‘chink’, ‘kike’, ‘wog’, etc behind your back. Keyboard cowards, I call them.

I am not that way. If I feel that a person is being discriminatory towards me because I am a woman (of color), I will now call them out on it right to their face. I didn’t used to be this way. In fact, I was so shy to the point of being a yellow belly, and I have been called names from childhood to my teens that today, if I was to be called such, my ire would rise and murder would shoot fire from my eyes. I am no longer that namby pamby I was then, and I’m damn glad for that.

Anyway, my reason for today’s post is, of course, race issues. This country has serious issues with racism and it’s not going to get better until the world ends, which hopefully will be within the next 20 years. White people believe the worst about minorities, particularly Blacks and Hispanics (even though there are White Hispanics just as there are Black Hispanics and even Asian Hispanics). Their remarks about us people of color are ignorant and downright infuriating:

  1. We aren’t as clean as they are
  2. We are terribly lazy
  3. We are not as smart as they are
  4. We breed children out of wedlock
  5. We are drug dealers
  6. We are alcoholics
  7. We are Welfare recipients
  8. We are rude
  9. We are violent criminals
  10. We are sexually promiscuous
  11. We are killing the English language
  12. We are turning America into a 3rd World country

I have heard White people say things like ‘We were taught that Blacks were different’ and ‘I used to be scared of Black people until I realized they’re just trying to get by like everyone else’ and ‘Hispanics have too many kids’ and ‘Asian people can’t be trusted’. I’ll admit that my grandmother, who grew up in Georgia – one of the most racist states in America – under Jim Crow and who did not like Whites even though she had a White appearance, warned my brother and me about White teachers when we were in grade school. Even my father, whom I call the ‘sperm donor’, told me when I was around 12 years old that the United States was a ‘White man’s country’ and that they ‘ran everything’, and this from a person whose own father was White and who dates White women when he can find one who will support him.

My fiance told me that when he used to ride his bike through the Black neighborhood to get to his great grandmother’s house, where he was living, he often used racial slurs towards the Black kids and one time, they jumped his ass. Guess who came to his aid? An old Black man. I remarked, ‘”I hope they kicked your ass good.” He’s also confessed that the older generation in his family were racist, and that his father practically disowned his half sister for dating Black men. His aunt, who’s always dated Black men as well, could never bring her lovers around the family – only the children. I think this is why his part-Black cousins post anti White sentiments on Facebook so often.

Hell, my own mother expressed displeasure at my dating a White man – yet my younger sisters can date loser Blacks who deal drugs, all they want. I had to tell my mom that she married someone who’s an alcoholic, and people have their preferences or whatever…I would never date a drug dealer and most of the Black guys my sisters have dated are not the type of Black men I would even look twice at. No, my fiance certainly is not Johnny Depp but he’s in love with me, he works every day (and I do mean every day), he’s no dope slinging thug even though he has a criminal past (sticky fingers especially), and I never said I was marrying the man though I might…it’s my choice, not my mother’s nor anyone else’s decision. After all, it’s my life.

‘Shit nigger damn’ is a phrase that comes from my fiance’s mouth at times. Not sure why he says it but it really pisses me the fuck off and I tell him so whenever he says it. I also remind of using the N word whenever I make a disparaging remark about Whites that he doesn’t care for. He had the nerve to call me a racist once when I hardly ever use slurs such as ‘cracker’ against White people. He hates foreigners like Hispanics (wetbacks) and Indians (dot heads) and Muslims (terrorists). His mother once said, right in front of me, when she asked if he would work on her back yard, that she didn’t want it to look like a ‘niggers’. Say what?! Then had the nerve to apologize…

White Americans. What can I say?


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