I must confess, I am a fan of A&E’s The First 48. However, what I do not like about the show is that the victims – and the perpetrators – are overwhelmingly Black or Hispanic. Why not film the cases that have White victims and perps? You will see White victims on occasion, but not very often. They are usually killed by members of their own race, which is probably a good thing because otherwise you would hear even more ranting from the Alt Right about Black on White violence.

The murders are typically senseless, people shot to death because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, cases of mistaken identity, or murdered over stupid shit like drugs, $20, or for being a ‘good Samaritan’. Some of the motives are so dumb that it makes me shake my head and think that it’s no wonder other people consider Blacks and Hispanics to be unintelligent. Who kills someone because they are better looking or because they are with their baby’s mother who dumped the killer 3 weeks ago? Yet you hear these reasons on a typical episode of The First 48.

I am no admirer or fan of murderers and believe they all deserve to be tortured to death, but I always have thought that Black men are some of the dumbest criminals out there. The only reason Black serial killers get away with their murder sprees for so long is because they usually kill Black hookers, and nobody really cares about Black victims the way they do those with White skin. Remember Natalee Holloway and the media circus that accompanied her disappearance? This was a girl who went off with 3 guys in a strange country she’d never before visited while under the influence. Is it any wonder that something bad happened to her? Nothing good ever comes of a woman who leaves a bar with a man she doesn’t know.

I don’t feel sorry for Black men who get caught for their crimes and wind up in prison just because they are Black. I am not sitting watching these shows and rooting for those idiots who often wind up serving lengthy sentences – though often receiving just a slap on the wrist – just because they call themselves ‘African American’. My sympathy only extends to victims who cannot defend themselves such as children and the elderly, handicapped people, and women. Men I cannot empathize with at all because they are brutes who usually deserve whatever justice metes out to them. This is why the The First 48 episode ‘Out for Murda’ was so infuriating. The Iroquois project residents actually elevating an ignorant thug to a Godlike status just made me shake my head – what the hell is wrong with Black people?

However, there have been instances in the show’s history where innocent people were victimized in the name of Reality TV, such as Taiwan Smart (pictured above). Another suspect who was found not to be involved was later shot to death, along with his child’s mother. A little girl was killed because a cop used an incendiary device to ‘flush out’ the suspect, who didn’t even live in that apartment but the one above it, all for show. I hope that child’s family sued the city for millions and got it.

The First 48 is totally biased when it comes to race and murder. I can count on my hands how many times I have watched an episode where there White victims killed by Whites, but I can’t tell you how many episodes I’ve seen that involve Hispanics or Blacks as victims and perpetrators. At least with Snapped and Fear Thy Neighbor and See No Evil, you will see a variety of instigators as well as victims. I understand that Detroit has a high crime rate and an impoverished citizenry who engage in crime (drug dealing) to ‘get by’, and there is a large Hispanic population in Miami, Dallas, Harris County, and in Arizona and Oklahoma. Poverty and crime goes hand in hand, so it stands to reason that there would be a lot of drugs, gun violence, and other criminal activity in such areas as Little Havana, the ‘Pork n Beans’, Overtown, and Little Haiti.

But there are Whites living in poverty as well, and around 81% of Whites murdered in 2015 were killed by other Whites. Why then do we not see more cases involving White victims and perps? We see White homicide detectives – I know most of their names and feel that I actually know them as people, I have watched so many episodes of this show over the years – but we rarely see Whites as murder victims. The First 48 should be produced to reflect American society as it truly is, otherwise you cannot call it a Reality Show.


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