I am an anti Zionist. I don’t believe that we should be funding Israel – let the Jewish elite in Michigan, New York and Hollywood do that – and I cannot understand why Fundamentalist Christians are so for the racist state of Israel when it was never a Jewish homeland. The Jews are not a separate race of people from other Caucasians, same with Middle Easterners. They simply have a different religion. So to be against Zionism isn’t racist, as the Jewish Defense League would have one to believe.

Zionist Jews are the devils of the world. They want everything for the Jew, and they won’t stop until they are in totally in power. Their control of the Western nations – especially America and Britain – is disgustingly insidious. The president is merely a pawn, a puppet under the command of the Jews. And Hollywood is a bastion of Jewish depravity. The Jews’ loathing of the Goyim has infested films, television, and music to such an extent that it may be too late to try turning it back around. Spielberg, Wiesel, and others have an agenda to keep Gentiles in their place by producing movies, publishing books, and putting out TV shows that show non-Jews in the most despicable positions. Their penchant for the Rainbow Nation is well known.

Jewish control of the media is legendary. Every name on every piece of shitty journalism promoting Zionism, gay marriage, transsexuals, and ultra liberalism is nearly always Jewish. Watch any one of those truly crappy reality TV shows and most of the names of the executive producers are Jewish. It’s funny that most of the really degenerate movies and shows have Gentiles in the worst predicaments. Behind every demonic celebrity grabbing her crotch or kissing his queer lover before millions of viewers, there lurks a grinning Jewish talent agent rubbing his palms greedily and dreaming of the thousands of dollars he’s making off the stupid little Goyim.

When I was coming of age, TV shows were wholesome family fun, the movies were not as violent, and you didn’t have to hear certain words in every other scene. Music was better – not always free of vulgar language but at least you didn’t hear ‘hoe’, ‘bitch’, ‘fuck’, and ‘nigga’ in every rap song! The world had a refreshing outlook, a different atmosphere. Everything today seems poisoned by a sort of wickedness and I’m not speaking about things from a Christian perspective as I am wholly agnostic.

I was told by my grandmother and great aunt, back in the 1980s, that the world would become more sinful just before Christ returned and the Final Judgment took place. They told us – my brother and me – that in the last days, you wouldn’t be able to tell the boys from the girls and that parents would kill their children and children would kill their parents. Satan would be loose upon the earth. This is what a preacher told them at a church back in the early 70s. That man was truly a prophet.

I never knew what a homosexual was, or a lesbian really, until the AIDS epidemic became global. You didn’t see reality TV shows with incredibly ignorant people engaging in filthy behavior – all those Real Housewives for example – or cretins espousing all sorts of bestial thoughts on Youtube and other video sharing sites.  You’ve got Internet bullying these days, endless shows that depict murder in all its myriad forms, and gay men – a particular favorite of the Jew-run networks, It truly seems that the Jews are hell-bent on permeating Western society with debauchery and decay. front page news.

Kids today are growing up thinking that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trannies are ‘normal’, that it’s okay for 2 men or 2 women to raise children, that perverted entertainers are just giving them a show, ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’ are only alternative words for women, and it’s okay to be a racist so long as it is only via social media. ‘Sagging’ is a fashion statement rather than the attire of a prison ‘slut’, shooting guns rather than fist fighting is how most disagreements end these days, and metal detectors are the norm in most public buildings such as courthouses. What has our world come to?


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