I have no pity for most people, being the misanthrope that I am, but poor Whites especially are not deserving of my sympathy, nor anyone else’s. There is no reason for them to be poor. They could have the world but they choose not to due to ignorance, laziness, inbreeding, substance abuse, and psychological apathy.

Take my fiance’s family, for instance. His sister is nearly 30 but has held only 3 jobs in her entire life, and those for less than 3 months each. She married young (19) and had a son by her ex husband, who actually lived with her parents and never worked. (He gave up custody of his own boy and now lives off of his mother in Ohio.) Meanwhile, my fiance’s sister receives Medicaid, food stamps, gets her cigarettes from her parents – only one of whom works – drives her father’s SUV, and is a heroin addict on probation for shoplifting with several fines to pay.

She only had 2 or 3 courses to finish at community college in order to get her Medical Office degree, yet she won’t do it. She’d rather lie around with a fellow junkie and shoot drugs into her veins while her enabling parents take care of her grown ass. I see it all the time with White people on the show Intervention. They are very much enablers of their drug abusing, adult children. Spoiled rotten, and when they grow up they still expect things to be handed to them on a 24k gold platter. Sorry, but that’s not how the world works. Get off of your lazy bums and hustle! Taxpayers do it every day.

There’s no excuse for a White person not to have a job, a car of her/his own, or a place of his/her own because they are not going to be discriminated against because of their race, color, religion, whatever. Maybe age or gender or sexual persuasion, but that’s about it. Believe me you, if I were a White chick I would be far more successful than I am as a woman of color. That’s just how it is in the USA and even in Europe, despite what Europeans may think and say. White privilege has its perks.

Don’t believe me? Check out this table and you’ll see the poverty rates for Whites versus Blacks, Hispanics, and Others (Native Americans more likely than Asians), with the rates for listed minorities usually double and triple that of the poverty rate for Whites. In the District of Columbia, for example, the rate for Whites is 4%, while for Blacks it’s 28% and 12% for Hispanics. In Kentucky, White poverty is at 17%, Blacks at 36%, and Hispanics 42%. New Mexico has Whites at 10%, Hispanics 24%, Natives (or Others) at 30%, and Blacks 39%.

If education is the road to success, why do poor Whites not at least try to get some type of learning beyond high school, provided they even graduate? My brother doesn’t even have a GED, yet he’s never been without employment other than the 2 years following the closing of the local Dell plant. He doesn’t make a hell of a lot of money, but he has a fairly good position and it’s a permanent job. I have far more education but it’s difficult for me to find employment, even with a business school degree and office skills. This is why I work from home as a Virtual Assistant.

Here in America, having White skin is a badge of value, an automatic golden ticket for those who are willing to work. Some people simply aren’t. And when you throw drug abuse and alcoholism into the mix, it becomes a situation that is hard to overcome. My fiance has had issues with prescription pill addiction, among other vices, he smokes weed every day, and still he has a job making almost $18 an hour. His family had nothing but his father started his own construction company (my fiance’s brother lost it after the father’s death) and made a lot of money, enough so that they would have been set for life. His unexpected passing nearly destroyed my fiance – I didn’t know him then – but apparently, he hit the drugs really hard after his father was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Yet he works, he goes to work every damn day! So what’s stopping other Whites from doing the same? Laziness? Depression? Addictions? They can get jobs, all they have to do is go out and look for jobs, they will be hired ASAP over any minority, even those with far better qualifications. If I had White privilege, I would be a very famous, quite wealthy screenwriter & film producer by now.


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