In an earlier post, I wrote about how song lyrics include disgusting slurs against women, generally referring to us as ‘hoes’, ‘bitches’, and who knows what else. Geto (originally Gheto) Boys was one of many late 80s/early 90s hip hop groups to use a lot of profanity in their songs; nigga and fuck and shit and motherfucking and god damn permeate ‘Mind Playin Tricks on Me’ and a lot of others. It’s not just this group but plenty of others. While I detest censorship in all of its forms, there are simply some words that shouldn’t be in songs, even though millions of people use them. There are ways to get your point across without resorting to foul language but for the ignorant, I guess that’s impossible.

I really don’t like the words ‘whore’ or ‘bitch’ and they shouldn’t be in song lyrics because they only promote misogyny against girls and women, We have enough to contend with without having to listen to men displaying their hate for us in music that often makes them a lot of money. The great thing is, I don’t have to listen to music that demeans women, and I choose not to. What other women do with their ears is their business. So while I abhor those words, if people want to use them then that’s their right. If men truly detest women enough to do that, who the hell cares? To be honest, I don’t like men as people anyway and I often refer to them as ‘pricks’, ‘dickheads’, and ‘faggots’,

I feel the same way about the Politically Correct. These days, you are cyber-bullied, or if you’re out in public exercising your right to Free Speech by picketing the local abortion clinic, joining the Black Lives Matter movement, speaking out against the Far Right, or stating your opinions about the LGBT community, you’re talked about and yelled at and perhaps even attacked. What I don’t understand is how American society came to be this way. Life was great in the 1970s and 1980s and even into the 1990s, but since the year 2000 the culture, mind state, views, and attitudes have taken a very drastic change for the worse.

Take so-called gender dysphoria. According to one websiteContrary to mistaken interpretations, sexual difference does not exist on a continuum where some men are more like women or vice versa. Men and women are different at the deepest levels of their being. Our chromosomes are different. Our brains are different. Our voices are different. Our body shapes are different. Our body strengths are different. Our reproductive systems are different. The design for what our bodies are structured and destined for are different, and these designs bear witness to differences that reflect God’s creative will for humanity. Because men and women are different, it’s philosophically impossible for a man to become a physical woman or a physical woman to become a man. Those who say otherwise are trafficking in fiction about human nature. In fact, there is no scientific proof to verify the claim that one is trapped inside the wrong body. If God made men and women fundamentally and comprehensively different, then the idea that a man could ever become a woman (or vice versa) is simply impossible. The differences between men and women can’t be overcome simply because one person feels they’re a member of the opposite sex. Your psychology (feelings) cannot change your ontology (being). 

While I do not believe in a God – if I were to believe in a higher power I would say it’s more of a Goddess than anything – I totally agree with the above paragraph otherwise because it is true. We are born what we are. I was born a female, and a female is what I am. I have never, ever wanted to be a man even though I hate being discriminated against for being a woman and loathe menstruation. I’m glad I am a woman. If I would ever have had thoughts of wanting to be a man, I’d have killed myself rather than go through a supposed ‘sex change’. What strikes me about people today is that they are so willing to accept those that claim to be transsexuals. Craigslist is filled with posts under the heading ‘Casual Encounters’ where men who state that they are ‘straight’ are seeking affairs with transsexuals. 

I became a member of Reddit a few weeks ago, and I’m absolutely shocked by some of the comments that I read regarding certain posts, particularly when it has to do with LGBT people, interracial dating & friendships, and such topics as abortion, which many women are wholly for – as if the ability to end the life of a child (whose fault it isn’t for being created in the first place) is their feminine right. If that is feminism, then I am not a member of that club. One slut wrote about her plans to abort their child even though her boyfriend was against it, justifying her position with a selfish little rant. Why not use condoms and birth control if you don’t wish to bring an unwanted child into this world? Why resort to murder because you are too busy and egocentric to be bothered with a baby? Of course, the women who commented were all for the poster having an abortion because it was her ‘right’. They went on about the Far Right trying to ‘take the right’ to have an abortion away from women, which I don’t believe will ever happen. Since I don’t believe in abortion, I simply didn’t respond. It was the poster’s right to post whatever she felt she needed to in order to get support from the women of that Reddit subgroup,

One person asked if any Reddit members would consider being in an interracial relationship, and oh how the Bleeding Heart Liberals attacked! There is no such as race, many of them commented. Oh really? Since when? Some wanted to know if the questioner was a ‘racist’. Yet very few of them actually responded to the question, probably because they did not believe in interracial relationships, or at least not for themselves, and they didn’t want to reveal their prejudice. That’s how it is with Liberals which is why they infuriate me so. While Conservatives will admit their racism – usually – Liberals will try to pretend that they love and accept every damn body. Bullshit!

Another question was how people truly felt about gays. Of course, the responses were neutral – live and let live was the typical response, in all its variations – but hardly anyone replied with how they honestly felt about gays, as if being PC on social media makes them such a goody two shoes and so embracing of humanity despite the quirks and flaws and differences in us all. Why not show your true colors? Hell, I’m not afraid to. Whenever I choose to comment on anything, I am honest. (You can’t be that way on Facebook because you’ll be banned, if not forever at least 24 – 48 hours.) I hardly bother with Facebook anymore because I much prefer Twitter, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. I’m going to get started with my vlog soon.

I wish people weren’t so fucking PC nowadays. I don’t care if you want to fly the Confederate flag from your trailer or home or pickup, I don’t care if you regularly use racial slurs to describe those who aren’t the same race as you, and I don’t care if you positively despise Jews, hate Muslims with a passion, or wish all Latino illegals be deported back to their countries of origin. I don’t care if you call Democrats ‘Libtards’ or the Republicans ‘Conservashits’. claim that the United States is a ‘White man’s country’, or show off your Neo-Nazi tattoos in public every chance you get. I don’t care! What burns me are those who think their shit doesn’t stink, the ‘Death Penalty is a Hate Crime’ crowd, the dumb White yuppies who adopt Asian & Haitian babies, the ‘All Rights For All People’, the Equality fools who probably don’t even have a single friend of another race or religion. 

We can’t say, do, write, sing, or think without offending somebody. Fuck political correctness. 


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