I don’t care where you travel in the world, you will always come across trashy White women. I hate to call them ‘women’, and I don’t call them ‘ladies’ because a lady would never conduct herself in such a fashion as most White women do nowadays. Back in 1990, I actually heard a middle aged White woman state: “White women have no class.” I didn’t really try to understand her meaning back then (I was only 20 and had other, more important things on my mind) but I sure as hell understand it now.

White women love to run around in public half naked. They are the only women I see in my city who go out in bras and skimpy shorts to exercise, which is probably why they are always getting raped. White women will show off their bodies even when they are a size sixteen and should be covering up all that pale, doughy flab. Even when Black women carry on like ‘thots’ they are nowhere near the disgusting level of White women. American White women are especially low-class (particularly those that live near beaches and in warmer climates), followed by British, Australian, and New Zealanders. French White women are probably the classiest of them all, from what I saw when I was overseas.

Look at the differences between former First Lady Michelle Obama and present First ‘Lady’ Melania Trump. If this isn’t a prime example of class versus trash, I don’t know what is. Michelle Obama is an intelligent, highly educated lady who knows how to carry herself. She is articulate, has money of her own because she was smart enough to obtain a higher education, and doesn’t have to stand in the shadows of a man. Melania Trump is a gold-digging skank who posed naked with another female before snagging her sugardaddy on the way up the social ladder. Marrying into wealth doesn’t automatically elevate you to a higher status. She’s still a dumb, half-starved looking, money-grubbing, conniving Slavic bitch who was a typical dumb model. Even Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, despite her privileged upbringing, was just another opportunist out seeking a man rich as Crassus so that she could shop till she dropped all the time. That’s why she married Ari Onassis.

Aussie Trash

White women are extreme materialists and lazy as hell, that’s why they attend schools – Bryn Mawr and Vassar among them – where they will snag a trust fund baby and get married upon graduation, or they go into careers – nursing or modeling – that will allow them to do the same, netting them a doctor or rock star hubby. Then they start popping out babies and getting fat, while their husbands sneak off to fuck mistresses and call girls. I have a friend who ran an escort service, and she has told me tales of the guys who called wanting a sex kitten for an hour or two: most of them were middle aged men, 75% of these were White, and they would tell the escorts that their wives didn’t want to have sex anymore (usually blaming menopause) or they just weren’t attracted to their wives as far as wanting to bed them, probably because they had grown sloppy and overweight.

Other examples of White trashiness are the Kardashians, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mama June, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and ‘Lady’ Gaga. Gwen Stefani kind of is, Jennifer Lopez (a White Latina) and Madonna used to be, but old age has slowed them down. I don’t know what it is about sex and nudity, but White women love to fuck and they love to be naked. It must be something in the Caucasian psyche that makes them that way. I feel that all women should leave something to the imagination – I would never in my life wear a bikini. That is gross, low class, and very trashy. Even bathing suits are not acceptable to me, unless you’re at a private pool party. But not on a public beach.

Typical White hag. No wonder White men cheat!

White women are very willing to pose nude. They will do it for free, I bet. They make up the majority of porn ‘stars’ because they will fuck anything with a dick – including dogs, horses, goats, and cows. They have no shame at all. (White people in general are this way, but that’s a topic for a future post.) My friend who had the escort service told me that there were 3 call girls who were married, and they said that their husbands were often too tired from working to want sex. I guess getting paid to sleep with other men was their way of getting some dick. If you’re gonna fuck, might as well get paid $125 an hour for it, right? (My friend used to charge $175, $50 of which she kept. She made as much as $2,500 a week, often much more, and the reason she quit is because her biggest competitor got busted and it scared her.)

White women are trashy as hell, that’s the bottom line. No wonder Black thugs chase after them so!


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