I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is about Robert Plant – and Led Zeppelin – that people find so impressive. I mean, the songs are okay, not what I would consider the best in their music category, and the lyrics are cool, nothing too brilliant. But Plant having a fascinating voice? Hell no! That shrill, high-pitched whine usually grates on my ears particularly in songs like ‘Immigrant Song’, ‘Livin’ Lovin’ Maid’, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ – one of the most irritating to me – and ‘Black Dog’. I find British bands to be very much overrated in general but Led Zeppelin, like The Beatles, Nirvana, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Kiss, wins the prize for being one of the 10 most overrated in history.

Here are what some of the band’s many fans had to say about Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin:

Robert Plant has the most beautiful singing voice to bless this Earth. Sure, not everyone’s a classic rock fan (another problem with this world), but nonetheless, he has a beautiful voice that moves your entire person with emotions.

Robert Anthony Plant. Where do I begin with this legend? Well, first of all, he is the lead singer for the smashing, outstanding band Led Zeppelin. Second, his screams and perfect soprano vocals amaze me and fit so well with the beat and rhythm in his songs. (Led Zeppelin or solo career) Third, he can reach high notes, but he can also reach those low notes. Don’t believe me? Listen to When the Levee Breaks, my favorite vocals in a Led Zeppelin song. Also, he’s a fantastic writer and he sure can be amusing to watch on stage. Freddie Mercury is a legend as well, and he is in Queen. (Queen is my favorite band) But Plant’s vocals are just outrageous. He easily wins the title of best singer of all time. It doesn’t matter that he couldn’t play guitar, it doesn’t matter that he didn’t have a stylish appeal, it doesn’t matter that he didn’t dance on stage but only moved his hips. No, what matters is his beautiful singing talent. I believe he easily wins the title of the best singer of all time. Robert, you rock!

He has the most incredible and unique voice. Many have tried to imitate him, but no one really managed by now. Even if you could hit his notes, you still wouldn’t be able to copy that soul touch in his voice. He is also such a good lyricist. And let’s not forget, because it is important for show-business, when he was in his 20s, Robert Plant was the most beautiful young man you could ever dream of… Just search for any video with Led Zeppelin, and you’ll see what I mean.

Rolling Stones magazine named Plant one of the 100 greatest singers of all time. What the…?!? Most rock/pop ‘singers’ cannot even sing, they sound good enough with the music – which is really what makes the song – but ‘unplugged’ or a capella, they don’t sound very pleasing at all. Usually. I would state that real singers are people like Maria Callas and Josh Groban, among others. These people did and can truly sing, music is a mere accompaniment to such vocal ranges.

Another overrated ‘singer’ is Taylor Swift. When I worked at Walmart, one of her songs – ‘Mean’ – would play, and it astonished me how girly and immature her voice sounds (I’d never before heard her and never wanted to, not being a fan of country music). Now she makes pop songs for more money and accolades, and coupled with her trashy persona and utter bitchiness, it appears that she is rightfully losing most of her fan base. Read what some of her former worshipers had to post online:

Her voice is substandard, she can’t hit any power notes, her lyrics are generic, that’s why many people relate to them, you put your own story to the song instead of her being the storyteller which can be cool in certain ways but it’s not what a true artist does, all her songs follow the same standard pop structure and anyone with enough brains can observe and repeat the same formula, that’s why there are tons of pop stars, all you need to do is find someone willing to completely sell themselves for fame and glory, and those kind of people are all around us and if someone with that kind of resolve is “bankable” as in good looking and strong-willed enough too keep up the lie, you have yourself a classic pop industry product…the same goes for Rihhana, Miley and many more. They’re products for you to buy and worship. If you want real music, stop watching MTV or following the award shows and dig up your parents or grand parents old record collection, even though the industry worked in a similar way back then, you still had to have major talent to be a success because people couldn’t be fooled by today’s use of autotune and music structure back in the day required either excellent instrument players or powerful singers… any fool can hop around a stage like a girl and lypsinc or even learn to hit low level notes. But truly working your entire life, practicing and learning to love and uphold the standards of your craft is reserved for true artists who care about their inspiration and the message preserved within, not about winning awards for best music video…

She insists her music is “art” and should be paid for yet she sues her own fans for making fan art to sell on etsy. Their art is a product of their creative talent and is inspired by her music, but since she’s not making any money from it she can’t allow it. Seems like she stands for art being paid for as long as she’s the only one being paid.
She can’t sing. Plain and simple. I once heard her sing an entire song being completely flat live. Granted, it wasn’t her own song, cause she simplifies the notes in her own song so she can sing them and then sings the lower harmony if there is anything too high for her. When she sang ‘Bleeding Love’ with Leona Lewis, it was almost too sad. Someone like Leona who is clearly more talented and also writes her own music is easily passed by for someone with no vocal talent like Taylor Swift.
When she donates she makes sure to make it a whole publicity stunt so that people know she did it and how great she is. Plus she’s been rolling in cash since before she was born, so throwing money at things doesn’t dent her bank account. And all stars are expected to have some sort of philanthropic aspect to them, again it’s just good PR is all. Don’t be delusional.
That’s it in a nutshell, folks. Don’t be delusional. Stop worshiping celebrities and you’ll be a happier person. I have never idolized any of those people and I’m a much better, healthier person for it. Peace.


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