My brother and I were discussing overrated celebrities the other day and this guy’s name came up – Shia LaBeouf – so I decided to Google him and what did I discover but a slew of pages where people gave their opinions as to why they believed that Shia is an overrated actor (along with plenty of others). I personally think that he is, because for one thing, his acting skills aren’t outstanding, and while he’s all right in the face despite his thin lips, one’s looks shouldn’t be a standard for landing plum roles in movies. He always plays the same type of character, just as Paul Walker did for the most part, and every film I have seen LaBeouf in, his talent came across as a 5 on a scale of 1 – 10.

Other actors & actresses who I feel are totally overrated are Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Halle Berry, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Lawrence, Idris Elba, Channing Tatum, and Christian Bale. While some of these celebs can act (Jennifer & Idris), others seem like they are trying too hard (Nicholas & Halle). I also find Sylvester Stallone an annoying actor, his skills are not wide ranging and that monotone voice is irritating as hell. Danny Glover also has a maddening voice, his looks are yucky, and I find his acting a bit on the ‘Step N Fetchit’ side. Same with Samuel L. Jackson but that’s possibly because he’s always playing a House Nigger in his redneck buddy Quentin Tarantino’s awful movies.

There are people who actually believe that Tom Cruise is a great actor. Not! He’s good looking and that’s about it. His performance in Valkyrie was mediocre at best, he made no attempt to even try using an German accent – or even a British one, as many Europeans speak English using a British accent – and only the story saved that movie. Adam Sandler is okay, his best acting was in the great movie Reign Over Me with the excellent Don Cheadle. I really liked that film and feel that Adam and Don both were fantastic in their respective roles. Then there’s seriously overhyped Mark Wahlberg. I like his acting to be truthful, it’s just that he’s better in serious roles more so than the comedic ones. But he and his homely brothers are really overhyped, and while he’s the best looking of that bunch, he is not handsome by any stretch of the imagination.

Another jerkwad is Will Ferrell. Oh how I hate his movies! So maybe he’s funny to some, not to me however. I saw him in a serious role on Lifetime once, and he was just so-so. I don’t care for Eddie Murphy either, nor that creature John C. Reilly. What a creature! As far as TV actors, rapper-turned-actor Ice T cannot act. His voice is horrible, and his looks not much better. No wonder he felt he had to marry a White hag. Shemar Moore can act circles around that former ‘thug’ not to mention he’s far easier on the eyes. He should leave that tired old show Criminal Minds – the episodes are beyond formulaic – and get into some action films before it’s too late.

As for ex rappers and singers going into acting, Ice Cube isn’t that great either. Will Smith’s acting is superior to his so-called rapping, on the other hand. Madonna couldn’t act – her singing voice was never the best to be honest – and Beyonce definitely should stay out of movies. She can barely speak English well but what do you expect from someone who attended a performing arts high school?

Comedians are all overrated. None of them are particularly funny, at least not to me, and most are downright assholes – they don’t know how to crack a joke unless they are using foul language, such as the late Bernie Mac and the late George Carlin, and female comedians are even worse. I don’t know why it is, but women simply aren’t comical to me. I only laugh at horror movies, to be truly honest. A few of the most infuriating comedians are Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, and Whoopi Goldberg (mainly because she’s so damned ugly). Sarah Silverman is another, a typical Jew who thinks it’s hilarious to make fun of Gentiles who laugh at her inane jokes like the idiots they are.

These are but a couple of the no-talents out there making more money than people who rightfully should be paid far better, such as surgeons, oncologists, other doctors, teachers, nurses, and those who are working to enrich the lives of humanity the world over, not fatten their own bank accounts.

To be continued…


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