Continuation of Non Actors:

When it comes to women in Hollywood, beauty usually stands out before talent. It’s almost as if the (mostly) male producers & directors of Tinseltown think it is a sin for women to have brains and a gift for the dramatics, and if they are not conventionally beautiful into the bargain…oh well. It’s very easy to snag roles if you’re a stunner, but there are people out there who believe that, just because they are very attractive, they deserve to be a famous actor, singer, dancer, etc. This is particularly true in the acting field. Every time I held auditions for my 2 completed films and the one that never made it through production, nearly all of the women who sent in headshots and/or showed up to audition were pretty. Some were actually quite gorgeous. But many of them couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag.

Halle isn’t the only actress who can’t act. Tara Reid is truly awful, and it’s not a surprise that she isn’t an A Lister and never will be. How she ever landed roles in the movies she’s actually been in boggles my mind – her family must have ties to a filmmaker bigwig. Kristen Stewart’s acting is extremely one dimensional, and she always looks as if she’s pissed off about something. Jennifer Aniston is merely so-so, although she did quite a decent job in The Good Girl. I never liked the sitcom Friends, mainly because it was too White and well, just not funny (I haven’t watched sitcoms since I was a child and I never thought they were funny even then).

Most singers can’t act. They really should stick with the career that they shine in and stay away from doing things that make them look pathetic. I kind of hate to speak ill of the dead here, but Aailyah could not act at all. Her performances in Romeo Must Die and Queen of The Damned were mediocre at best. She was a very beautiful woman and her voice was fine but her thespian skills were horrible. Reese Witherspoon, a bottle blonde who’s not pretty at all, isn’t a great actress either but at least she showed some talent in Walk The Line.

Where the hell did this insufferable Latin bitch Sofia Vergara come from? I’d never heard of this wide mouthed, slutty-looking cow with that heavy, annoying accent until 2015. Then I started seeing her every where, even hawking coffee brewers and anti dandruff shampoos. Why the hell can’t these damn foreigners stay in their own countries and leave the roles in the USA to American citizens? I feel the same way about using British actors to do voice overs for commercials. I’ll bet you hardly hear any non-British accents on the telly in the UK especially those with North American accents!

Jennifer Lopez is another Jenny hen who can’t act to save her life. She can’t sing either, and how she ever became famous doing either makes me wonder about the ol’ casting couch – which, rumor has it, is how Sharon Stone got started. I guess being a hip hop style dancer on a comedy show helps, that and being a White Hispanic with a bubble butt. Keira Knightley can’t act, sad but true. She has a lovely face and a beautiful accent but beyond that, there’s nothing much there. Not sure why and how she got in all those Pirates of The Caribbean films.

Paula Patton is another stunner whose thespian skills leave a lot to be desired. Her main claim to fame is being the wife of wiggerish singer/songwriter & record producer Robin Thicke for ten years, beyond that she’s a ghost. How about Zoe Saldana? Her role in the action flick Colombiana was truly nothing special, particularly the scene she’s pretending to be a drunk just so she can get inside a jail and kill one of her parents’ murderers. She simply wasn’t believable, the same with Halle Berry when she’s acting ‘Black’ – Losing Isaiah, Jungle Fever, and the infamous Monster’s Ball. Oh My God…

To Be Continued…Maybe.


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