Angelina Jolie is another ‘actress’ whose skills – despite her training with the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute – are quite limited. She has mental problems for real, and it comes across in her on-screen persona no matter what type of character she is portraying. She’s also far too skinny to be considered a ‘femme fatale’ and what woman in her right mind would have both breasts removed just because she might be at risk for breast cancer? There are women who have had to receive a mastectomy and they wind up very depressed over it. I think she wanted them gone so her body would be ‘thinner’ and less ‘curvy’, if she ever had any curves beyond her inflated lips that is.

Robert Pattinson is also overhyped. He is not at all attractive to me, and when I Googled him to learn what others thought of his acting and his looks, I wasn’t too surprised that most of the comments were wholly negative. I’ve never seen him act, but his face and body…not a turn on. Why is it that British men are not really that good looking? I think he got so much hype strictly because of his Englishness.

Keanu Reeves is a very, very and I do mean very, mediocre actor. He simply has no soul, zero flair, and non existent talent when it comes to playing any role. He is just so wooden, his voice is nearly always flat, and how he got cast in anything is probably due to his looks, not that he’s totally striking. But he’s a bit cuter than a lot of them. That must be it, or some casting couch affair that’s still a secret.

Leonardo DiCaprio? I hate the guy! He is not a good actor, he tries but his delivery just comes across as…I don’t know, like he’s over compensating for something. His eyes, his nose, his mouth – his entire face – is loathsome. I think he is rather ugly, can’t understand why he has been featured on dozens of magazine covers like he’s some hot stunner. His roles usually consist of him portraying some rich or smug or delusional asshole, all the time. It never fails but when one can’t act worth a damn what the hell should we expect, right?

Nicholas Cage. Where do I start? I never thought he was attractive at all, seriously he’s in the same Butt Ugly category with Steve Buscemi and David Caruso, among other creeps – and I remember people poking fun at his ‘plain’ wife. Hell, he’s homely as hell – what the fuck, morons! This guy is not a good actor, not even back in the day when I first heard of him, and his recent films have been truly bad as far as his ‘skill’ is concerned. He’s one reason I find Con Air so damned irritating.

How about Scarlett Johansson? This woman cannot act and she’s not beautiful at all. She looks like a boy most of the time, if it weren’t for makeup she’d look like one all the time. All she does is stare hard at people, that’s not acting. She has zero range, plays the same type over and over – herself. Is that acting? Well if so, I could be famous and making millions. I think I’ve found my new career!

Megan Fox is eye candy, nothing more, nothing less. I can’t say much else about her than that.


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