The recent attacks in Britain – the Manchester bombing, the Westminster Attack, and now the one at London Bridge – should be a Wake Up Call to the Western nations. To be fair to Muslims, we don’t want to demonize everyone of the Islamic faith but something drastic has got to be done about those that misuse the religion to further distrust of non-Muslims, misogyny, mayhem, and murder in the name of Allah. A religion that was once considered one of peace is fast becoming one that we who are not of that faith believe is violent, hateful, and destructive.

I have a copy of the Koran in English that I sent off for during my religious seeking phase. It was free and provided by an organization here in America. I was reading it diligently when I started noticing all the verses damning Jews and other ‘infidels’. I stopped studying the Koran shortly after. Those verses are part of my belief that Islam was never a religion of ‘peace’, same as Judaism, whose own Talmud contains some of the most anti-Gentile passages I have ever read. Christianity isn’t any better.

What I am shaking my head about are the scores of liberals who are defending European Muslims, Islam in general, and basically stating that people are ‘good at heart’ – one of the core beliefs of all liberals no matter where they live in the world. “It’s not the refugees,” they declare. “Don’t demonize all Muslims for the acts of a few extremists,” they proclaim. “Islam is a religion of peace!” they cry.

Liberals defend women’s rights and support the LGBT communities in non-Muslim countries while turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed against women and gays in Islamic nations. Liberals will admit to the slaughter of Palestinians by the Jewish Israelis as well as the homicides of those the Christians considered heretics, but when it comes to the killings perpetrated by rabid adherents of Allah, they seem to barely notice. “It’s racism against Muslims,” they whine. Racism? Where the hell does that come from? According to the US Census Bureau, people with ties to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East are classified as White. A large majority of the people in the Middle East are practicing Muslims. Therefore, how can it be racist when these people are actually Caucasian? It is more a case of religious bigotry than outright racism.

If anything, there is a lot of racism in the Arab world because Blacks are considered inferior in most of the Middle East. Blacks from Sub-Saharan Africa were imported into North Africa and other Arab regions as slaves; many were castrated even. Even with Arab people in the United States, Blacks are considered the lowest of the low and several Arab girls have been murdered by their own parents for dating Black boys and men (the so-called honor killing of Palestina ‘Tina’ Isa is a prime example; her parents didn’t want her to work, be ‘American, or date one – especially Blacks). A dark-skinned cousin of mine mentioned Arab racism against Blacks more than once, and how he felt disrespected by an Arab at a local convenience store (located in a predominantly Black area). Why is it that foreigners will open stores in neighborhoods that are mostly Black or Hispanic, but live around Whites? This is as true of Asians as it is of Arabs, Indians in particular. It seems the browner they are, the more prejudiced they are.

Personally, I am all for restricting Muslim entry into America. They should not be allowed to obtain employment, schooling, or anything else here. They may travel here but that’s it, once the tour is over they should return to their own countries. Don’t allow refugees to settle here. I don’t blame Hungary, Slovakia, or Poland for refusing Syrian refugees. Hell, nearly all the Arab countries don’t want them either including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

Let these recent attacks in England be that Wake Up Call. It’s time to force the hand of radical Islam. If we don’t act, an attack far worse than 9/11 will occur and it will take place on American soil.


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