And yes, Monty Python was overrated! I guess I am one of those very rare individuals who cannot see the humor in comedy. It doesn’t natter whether it’s deadpan/dry, slapstick, ironic, anecdotal, farcical, satirical, morbid, or blue, nothing really makes me laugh – well, horror movies often do so maybe I’m not as devoid of giggling fits as I have thought. Even as a child, I wasn’t much for finding any humor in cartoons, sitcoms, or everyday situations. I was quite a serious little girl. The older I got, the more serious I became and now, even a small amount of humor in a film bothers me.

One reason I disliked the show Nightmare Next Door was because of the goofy music and how the narrator’s voice sounded, as if the material he was speaking about was not murder but something far less important. The show has gotten better with this, but the first season or two I felt it made light of the subject. There are other shows that take the same approach – there is nothing cute about people being slain in (often) brutal and extremely gory fashion. I am not a people person but murder just isn’t funny. Unless it happens to those that deserve to die, such as rapists and pedophiles and hit men.

Comedy movies are the worst genre, a tad below Comedy is the worst film genre. It’s below sci-fi/fantasy (which I also despise). I’d rather watch a western – so long as it’s serious – than sit through a comedy of any kind, romance or whatever. A guy took me to see 50 First Dates and I was bored out of my mind, yet he had the nerve to put down Dawn of The Dead. Hell, that’s a funny movie especially when that huge fat lady goes Zombie Hog on the others. Then that baby…very damn funny scene to me. (Of course, my date thought it was ‘just wrong’.) I even find The Exorcist laughable, and The Last Exorcism was even funnier. Oh my gawd…

Two of the most comical thrillers I have ever seen are Frailty and Secret Window. They are a scream. When I first saw Frailty, I just couldn’t stop laughing. As soon as Bill Paxton’s character laid hands on the first ‘demon’ and shivered as if a jolt of electricity had passed through his body, that was it. Every time he caught a ‘demon’ after that, I would start laughing. My male friend of the time could not really get why I was giggling so hard, and I couldn’t explain it. The movie was just too damn funny. I felt the same about Secret Window, though I managed to contain my mirth as I was sitting in a movie theater. John Turturro’s down home accent was what did it. Even to this day, I can’t watch that film without tittering at the ‘Mississippi dairy farmer’ and Johnny Depp’s character’s reactions to him.

Is this hilarious?

Comedians truly piss me off, and so do average people who think they are comedians. I detest being around people who are always cracking jokes. It’s like they have this driving need for attention so they must try to get it at any cost, even to the point of sounding and looking stupid. Comedians are a loathsome bunch especially when they use sex and a lot of foul language in order to draw laughs. I know a great many Black comedians are infamous for this, but there are White and Hispanic comics who are just as bad. The late George Carlin is a prime example. It is no wonder that comedians have mental issues with all that garbage rolling around in their heads.

Dave Chappelle, Will Ferrell, Katt Williams, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Tina Fey…and dozens of others I didn’t list here. Not funny. Not funny at all. In my opinion anyway. Google ‘Comedians Memes’ and read them. YOU may find them hilarious, such as the three examples I have included with this post. I, on the other hand, find them boring and not even worth a chuckle.  Comics try too hard to get a laugh. It irks me.

If you really want a good bellyaching laugh, go to Walmart and just sit in your car, watching all the Walmartians going in and out of that over-hyped store with its cheap Made in China junk. I guarantee you will be laughing so hard, tears will flow and snot will run.  Can’t find anything funny about Walmart? Well, go inside and yell ‘Immigration!” You might get arrested or banned from that shitty store, but at least you will get your 5 minutes of fame for being a Stand Up Comedian, and who knows where the infamy may take you?


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