I can’t understand White mentality when it comes to music. White people consistently pick the worst possible bands and singers as ‘great’, listen to some of the most god-awful drivel ever to pain my ears. Whites truly have bad taste in music – unless they aren’t into country, alternative, what passes for pop these days, hip hop, and certain types of rock that is. Some of the worst bands have been White, and most of the really terrible singers as well. White people want to be entertainers so badly, they want to be the best at everything, and it’s just simply not to be. No wonder such a gruesome genre as hip hop has taken over! (And no, Eminem cannot rap. He cannot act. He got where he is because he is White.)

While I find groups like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Beatles, and Kiss highly overrated, they’ve got nothing on REM. This has got to be, hands down, the worst over-hyped, overrated band in history. It’s not just the music or the lyrics, but that…voice. Michael Stipe could not sing worth a piss in the snow, he had an annoying, gravelly voice that didn’t even sound good with music, and the fact they hailed from Georgia is just another mark against them in my book. (I don’t trust any Southern Whites at all. I barely trust my fiance to be honest. I love him but I don’t trust him.)

Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, and a couple of forums, websites, and blogs have articles stating why the writer considers REM the ‘greatest American band’ or ‘one of the best bands of the 80s’. I beg to differ because it is not true, in my opinion. They can think what they want, REM was one of the vilest alt bands ever along with the B-52s (just as overrated as their fellow Georgians), U2, and Green Day. Oasis is another highly overrated band – perhaps because they are British? – with lackluster vocals (he merely talks, doesn’t try to sing at all as he cannot), so-so music, and typical ‘alternative’ lyrics that try to come across as philosophical and deep but mean nothing at all really. Shit music.

Smashing Pumpkins is another overrated band. Billy Corgan can’t sing either – what makes White boys think they can sing when they so obviously can’t? – and why White people loved them so back in the 90s (and probably to this day) boggles my mind. But hey. White people have poor taste in music! AC/DC’s Bon Scott and then Brian Johnson – Gawd what a racket their voices made! Then there is the Grateful Dead. I can only shake my head at the popularity of this band. No wonder their fans were mostly made up of stoners – who the hell else could torture themselves for an hour or two at a Dead concert listening to that vomit? I would have been stoned out of my mind too.

Dave Matthews – diarrhea. Most alternative bands were pretty damn bad. I hated it when that genre took over radio back in the 90s, even though I was tired of hearing dance music. Alternative should have stayed underground, on the college scene. Everyone knows college students are just a bunch of partying frat boys and sorority sisters who are studying towards pointless degrees while spending mommy’s and daddy’s money as if it’s going out of style. Middle class yuppies with no clue. Such people have no taste at all, except for beer and weed and probably other drugs they shouldn’t take.

REM, however, remains the undisputed King of the Most Overrated Bands Ever. They get the crown.


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