I couldn’t sleep and so here I am, posting to this blog that many read but never comment on. Is it because they cannot come up with any wise ass remarks, aren’t interested enough to comment, or some other unspecified reason?


Anyway, I was thinking the other day about all the shitheads I’ve known in my life and I want to do a special FUCK YOU to them right here, because it will probably help me to overcome my lack of forgiveness towards these individuals who I am sure don’t give me the time of day. Hell, most of ’em probably don’t even remember me or what they said or did to me that still pisses me off when I think about it.


Elementary School (K – 4)



The Little Blonde Bitch in 2nd Grade


Those 2 Slants from Thailand

Intermediate School (5 – 6)

Most of the Black kids from the projects

Junior High (7)

All of the boys I was personally acquainted with

Middle School (8)







High School; Senior High had been eliminated by this time (9 – 12)


Since my damnable grade school years, I have met many sonsofbitches and skankasshoes whose butts I would gladly kick, not to mention put a red hot rod up inside, if I were to see them again. True, I already abhor the human race but that goes double for those who have pissed me off without knowing it, and triple for those that pissed me off intentionally.

Most of the assholes I’ve met as an adult have been on the job. I did not meet any while I attended community college and business school in Charlotte, NC except this one ghetto ass bitch at AB&F named Michelle (though there were others I could not stand and would certainly run down in the road if I ever saw them trying to cross it), and I surely knew some that resided at the YWCA when I lived there. I also met a tranny at the Y but that thing got kicked out when they discovered it still had a penis, and really, it was a nice little creature – just misguided and very confused as they all are.

As for the jerkwads I’ve had the bad fortune to run into since moving back to my hometown…(sigh). Winston-Salem is filled with douche bags and most of them are named right here.

Rita (TR Staffing)

That ugly redheaded bitch @ Manpower

Natalie (Pepsi Customer Svc Ctr)

Tim (Pepsi Customer Svc Ctr)

Karrie (CVS)





I will probably update & add to this list as I remember more dipshits.

Oh, let’s not forget all the Keyboard Cowards out there that love to post nasty remarks anonymously or on Facebook pages geared towards the Angry White Person (they adore Obama-bashing, liking pro-NRA bullshit, being anti-Liberal which I admit I am but I am also anti-Conservative, and other activities worthy of any Klansman). Fuck all of you extremely ignorant lamebrain bastards as well.

I would give the BIGGEST FUCK YOU to the Sperm Donor Michael and his half breed slut, Angie. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK ALL OF YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!


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