I don’t understand the hero worship of Quentin Tarantino. He isn’t a great movie director by any means and his movies are some of the worst I have ever seen. Somehow, he has critics everywhere under his spell, and millions of movie fans as well – his dark and ugly brand of magic started with the terrible Pulp Fiction (what many regard as his ‘best’ film) and it doesn’t seem like Tarantino’s voodoo curse is going away any time soon. Unless he vanishes off the face of the earth. I hope he does.

Let’s be honest. Tarantino is not a good screenwriter. He uses dialogue when action could show the story, and his characters talk too damn much. The conversations are corny and unrealistic, and the action itself is often crazed, totally fantastical, and usually violent. Blood spurts and spatters galore in most Quentin Tarantino films. His penchant for the word ‘nigger’ is well known, and he uses it where it doesn’t even have to be used. His treatment of women is beyond sexist, and he always puts Black women in subservient positions – whores and maids – same as he does with Black men, though he does give his male characters a bit more respect than he does the females.

I tried to watch Pulp Fiction back in 2004 and was bored to death. I only suffered through the torment because of my then boyfriend, who declared that waste of celluloid to be his ‘favorite movie’. Ugh. I don’t know how anyone with even half a brain could call that trash their ‘favorite film’ but hey to each his/her own. Some people simply have poor taste. Same with the critics that go ga-ga over every shit movie that Tarantino puts out there. I’m not sure if he pays them well or what it is, but if you are a film critic and you give any Tarantino movie more than 3 stars out of a 1 – 5 rating, something is seriously wrong with you mentally.

I haven’t seen all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies and those that I have seen, I didn’t really like. I tried to watch Natural Born Killers, which he wrote (and yes, the N word is in there as to be expected) and I gave up within 30 minutes. He wrote and produced From Dusk to Dawn, another bit of dreck with the word ‘pussy’ mentioned as many times as the word ‘nigger’ in the Hateful Eight. Terrible movie. (He also produced the 2nd and 3rd in that series but I never saw them, thank the Goddess.) I used to have Grindhouse, which is another bad movie, and I think I traded it for credit at a local media store. He produced Hostel II, which is really awful – hell, the first one wasn’t all that good but it was better than the sequel. Then there’s Django Unchained and the Hateful Eight, both sorry ass films in my opinion. Not because of the N word either – they are just truly bad movies.

He always puts himself in his movies too, as if he’s such a great actor. Who wants to see that ugly mug onscreen, unless he decides to make a slasher film one day and casts himself as the villain? I’m no big fan of Stephen Spielberg movies but he’s a far superior director/producer than Tarantino will ever be. Even Spike Lee, who used to make rather crappy low-budget goofball movies even though the race message was serious, has become a better film director/producer than he used to be. That’s what it is all about, growing as a person in your chosen career. However, Tarantino is still churning out the juvenile, macho male, nigger-laden, overly violent bullshit that he started out doing. It is apparent that he’d rather make money than provide quality entertainment to the gullible masses.

I’d rather spend my money on wine for homeless bums than waste it going to see a Tarantino film.


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