I was reviewing the Tweets of those I follow on Twitter this morning when I came across a post of a map of the USA with Google Autocomplete questions about American states: “Why is (insert state) so ___?” One of the states with ‘racist’ across it was – no shocker here – Mississippi. I was intrigued enough about why people would Google this inquiry so often, and I immediately decided to research the topic, only I decided to ask Google “Why is the South so racist?” rather than just Mississippi.

One of the search results pointed me to an article written by a Northerner who expostulated that racism isn’t exclusive to the South. The North – and many areas of the East as well as the West – are as guilty of racism as are the Confederate states. Cities such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Cleveland are known for having race problems. Philadelphia and even New York, that bastion of ultra liberalism, are very segregated when it comes to race and income,

According to the writer, Jay Parini –

The rebel flag is a degraded symbol, not unlike the swastika, an ancient and benign symbol that the Nazi movement co-opted. Slavery was a terrible crime: Between 1525 and 1866, more than 12 million Africans were kidnapped and sent on slave ships to the New World, and by some estimates about 450,000 disembarked in the United States, many ending up in the Northern states. Indeed, slaves were auctioned regularly in the Market House in Philadelphia and in Merchant’s Coffee House in New York. Slavery persisted in places like New Jersey almost to the end of the Civil War. Roughly 2 million Africans died en route to these shores, and the economy of all 13 colonies was dependent on slavery, which was backed by the sanction of law. This sad history is part of our national heritage — not just Southern heritage — and it’s something we need to deal with.

Boston is being called the ‘most racist sports city’ in the country. Why add ‘sports’? It’s just a city with a lot of racist people living in it. Racism has nothing to do with sports – that’s like talking about racial taunts with footballers (soccer players) over in Europe. Racism has to do with ace, not competition or entertainment or a city itself. It has to do with the people and their attitudes towards those who are of a different color or ethnic background than they. Bostonians are largely made up of wealthy WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) and Irish, Italian, and other White ethnic groups. For decades the Irish and Italians, because they are Roman Catholics, were looked down upon as not ‘really White’ by other European Americans. Now that they have been accepted into mainstream society, they choose to turn their noses up at others, namely Blacks and Hispanics. It’s the same in many of those Northern cities, especially places like New York City and its heavily ethnic boroughs, most of Pennsylvania, probably all of Massachusetts, and even Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

Black Southerners aren’t fleeing to the North and up the East coast the way they did back during Jim Crow. There’s no reason to run away from racism and have to face more of the same, though usually in a more subtle manner – and probably oftentimes not. If anything, there are Northerners escaping the horrible Yankee weather for the balmy hot climes of the Confederate states. I have met Americans on my travels through Europe and in my own state, especially when I lived in Charlotte which has more non-natives living there, it seems, than native Charlotteans. The friendliest people I met on my European jaunts came from the West coast, California (San Diego) and Washington, or they came from Western states such as Colorado. The more stuck up/snotty types were country club chicks from Alabama, rich bitches from Texas, and people from up North – particularly New York.
Another article I discovered listed the most segregated cities in America – it was hardly surprising that many of these areas were ‘up North’. I already live in a small city that is segregated by race and income. All the rich Whites live in the nicest areas, with wide streets, spacious lawns, and lots of trees whereas the poorest neighborhoods (where most of the illegal aliens have settled) have the worst maintained roads, shotgun houses set too close together, and stray animals roaming the area. These quarters are mainly Black and Hispanic, with low income older Whites scattered here and there. The East is probably 90% Black and 10% Hispanic, and it’s the most destitute area of the city. while the West – where the affluent Whites reside – is the richest and most visually appealing.
You can’t run from racism. It will always exist no matter what the SJWs and Liberals and others say. People I’ve met who come from New York and Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and Maryland have all been fake as hell, and that includes the POCs (people of color) as well as the Whites, who are so phony they piss me off. Southern Whites will not act this way. If they dislike you because you are Hispanic or Black or Indian or Asian or Muslim or whatever, that’s it. They’re not going to pretend the way many Yankees do. As for the people I’ve met from out West, they were the least fake of all Americans, the type to immediately offer to shake your hand when introduced…hell, many Southern Whites won’t do that even during a job interview as if they’re afraid of catching ‘niggeritis’ or some such disease that will turn them non-White within days. Personally, I would rather know where I stand with people. If you don’t like me because of my race or religion or whatever, that’s your right as a human being. But don’t pretend that you like me only to go behind my back and talk shit about me, or about those like me. I prefer honesty, not phoniness.

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