Donald Trump is a racist. All White Americans have some racism in them, particularly against Black people. This is why a lot of Blacks these days loathe White people, especially White police officers (I will post about this subject tomorrow). Blacks have gotten tired of sucking up to Whites, who will never ever like them. I see the White hot hate on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or some White supremacist’s personal blog. I see it on television even – Live PD is a prime example of it. Someone posted somewhere that Whites are racist by default, and truer words have never been used to illustrate White racism in this country (as well as other White majority nations).

Trump is a typical older wealthy White American male. Most Whites over a certain age are bigots and ultra conservative. They tend to be well-off compared with other ethnic groups, and they usually call themselves ‘Christians’. Anyone who believes that Trump isn’t a bigot is seriously deluded, and this goes for his Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish supporters in particular. Trump and his dear old dad were sued by the Justice Department in 1973 for housing discrimination because they would not rent to Blacks. Black people, the government found, were often told a Trump Management complex had no availability when apartments were available for rent. In one instance, a black man asked about two-bedroom apartments at Trump’s Westminster complex in Brooklyn on March 18, 1972, and a superintendent told him nothing was available. On March 19, 1972, the black man’s wife, who was white, visited the complex and was offered an application for a two-bedroom apartment on the spot.

Donald Trump is the main enemy of former President Obama. He started the ‘Birther Movement’ and did not rest until years later, when he offered a weak, half-assed apology of sorts that no one outside the GOP believed for a second. Now that this sorry excuse for a politician is in the White House, he’s been doing everything within his means to destroy everything that Obama ever did. From Huffington Post writer Earl Ofari Hutchinson:

Trump’s persistent use of Obama as his foil isn’t just to slander his presidency. It’s to slander him. It isn’t just political, it is personal. The two can’t be separated. Trump repeatedly made clear during the early stages of his campaign that if he got in the White House he’d sign any and every executive order he could to try and halt, gut, or obliterate every initiative that Obama had ever put in place. He’s been as good as his word.

Obama was an eight-year embarrassment to the chronic Obama haters. He was liberal. He was a Democratic. And most odious to them, he was black. Tea Party demonstrators greeted Obama at many stops during his first two years in office with placards, signs and pictures that depicted him in the most lewd, grotesque and often animal-like characterizations. This went way beyond the bounds of normal political attacks and criticism of a president. It was blatantly personal, and showed the depth of the personal distaste many had for Obama and they were not shy about showing it.

Republicans have been chomping at the bits to get rid of everything Obama ever did during his 8 year tenure and they’ve got their golf-playing bigot in there to do what they want done. They cannot allow policies and orders implemented by a Black man – the lowest on the social/racial totem pole in the US and around the world – to remain in place. Had these same executive orders and government policies been put in place by, say, a White man, they wouldn’t have half the problems with them. It is only due to Obama’s race that the GOP are so hell-bent on destroying whatever he did. That is the main reason Donald Trump hates Barack Obama. Old White guys are racist. Take a look at such right wing actors & directors as Clint Eastwood (who portrayed a racist in Gran Torino), Kelsey Grammer, James Wood (who also played a racist in Ghosts of Mississippi), Chuck Norris, and Jon Voight. You never heard a peep about their political leanings when they were younger, but now that they are old fucks…

Here is what one individual had to say in response to another’s question on why Trump wants so badly to destroy Obama’s image:

Obama’s essential decency, both in his personal and political life, is a mute reproach to Trump’s sweaty, grasping crassness.

Obama’s education and sophistication is an affront to Trump’s ignorant reliance on his overflowing gut.

Obama’s race combined with his education mark him as an “Uppity Negro”—anathema to Trump’s racist followers who desperately need to think, as Southern oligarchs have taught them for centuries, that the lowliest white man is better than the best Negro. Whether Trump is racist or not, Obama’s “Uppity Negro”-ness mean that Trump’s rural Southern white base desperately needs to erase every trace of Obama’s presidency.

And Trump is prone to conspiracy theorizing, the mediocre man’s substitute for analytical thinking. So blaming all his problems on sabotage by Obama and his appointees is a convenient way for Trump to avoid confronting the stark fact that he isn’t up to the job.

I couldn’t have written it better myself.


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