The acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez of the homicide of Philando Castile was hardly surprising to me. How many police officers have been convicted of murdering unarmed civilians since the year 2005? According to Bowling Green State University criminologist Philip Stinson, only 13 out of hundreds. Most of these officers got a mere slap on the wrist or short stints in jail – many of them returned to active duty as cops again! Judges will often give cops the ‘benefit of the doubt’ while we civilians don’t receive such preferential treatment – unless our last name is Gates, Buffett, Kennedy, Bush, or Trump, that is.

While any analysis of homicides committed by police officers will show that more White people are killed, this doesn’t mean that cops are actually out there shooting Whites in droves. The population of the US is comprised of 62% non-Hispanic Whites, while Blacks make up just 13%. When it comes to those slain by police, Blacks constitute 24% of the total, whereas Whites are 49%. When you factor in the percentage of people killed by cops according to race, along with their total numbers of the US population, Blacks are more than thrice as likely as Whites to be shot and killed by police. There are 160 million more Whites than there are Blacks in America. (Fatal Encounters website information.)

More armed Whites are shot by cops than unarmed. Many of the Blacks that have been killed have been unarmed. There was a case here in North Carolina decades ago, when I was living and studying in Charlotte, where a young Black father, pulled over for allegedly speeding, was reaching into the glove compartment for his information when the trigger-happy White officer shot him dead, right in front of his little daughter. A small riot ensued but nothing like the marching and protests that have happened more recently in the Queen City.

There have been at least 59 people killed by police this month alone. According to numbers verified by 2 different websites that monitor homicides by police, 557 people have been slain so far this year. This includes murder-suicide where one partner was a cop as well as those fatally shot while armed, mentally ill persons murdered by officers, and those who died under ‘mysterious circumstances’ while in police custody. Just as it was Open Season on Blacks back in the dim dark days of Jim Crow, so it is today only they don’t have to claim a Black man raped a White woman in order to lynch him, they can just take out their police department issued weapons and use those. Just as they got away with murder in the days before the Civil Rights movement, so they are getting away with it today.

It doesn’t help that many Black and Hispanic officers themselves are guilty of murdering civilians. They too are part of the Brotherhood of Cops, and we all now that cops will stick together especially when it comes to us versus them. It’s the same with the military, politicians, and others. Here in my city, a Black female died in police custody under strange circumstances – involved was a Black male officers and 2 White women officers. They were investigated but nothing came of it, though the family of the victim sued the city. I can’t remember what happened if anything.

Whenever I watch Live PD, I examine closely how Whites are treated as opposed to how Blacks and Hispanics are. Blacks, particularly in South Carolina, are routinely stopped for the smallest violation and then, lo and behold, when the cop smells a little weed…they go apeshit, as if they just found a kidnapped victim being held hostage in the backseat or the trunk of the car. I do understand that one can’t just smoke marijuana and then go out driving as if the drug doesn’t affect one, but come on! Far more innocent people are killed in drunk driving accidents which is fueled by a legal drug, alcohol, than any other. Live PD has already been accused of racial profiling and dropped from one of their cities, Tulsa, OK, at the request of outraged citizens of the city as well as the mayor.

I’m afraid of the police. I don’t look at a cop and see ‘Officer Friendly’. Since I was 19 years old and had my own dark encounter with the boys in blue, I have not trusted nor liked them very much. (The situation at that time involved my mother and her abusive younger boyfriend, who had mental health issues inherited from both parents, particularly his father, who was a diagnosed schizophrenic. This character obtained a gun from somewhere and used it to exert control over my mother. When she had the nerve to finally call the cops on him, he showed them holes in the living room ceiling – made by a broom months previous, when the drunks that lived over us got too rowdy and my mom would take the broom handle and knock at the ceiling, which was a popcorn style made from cheap plaster. The cops believed this maniac over my mom as well as my brother and me, just because of the ceiling holes and the fact that I kept a 2×4 in my room for protection! Ever since, I have disliked the police.)

Here is what writer Benjamin Evans III had to say about cops killing Blacks:

We haven’t advanced far beyond the heinous acts of the 1960’s. And because of America’s many societal advances and integrations, many have forgotten that we are still fighting for justice and equality against a corrupt system.

In fact, in 2006 The FBI issued a warning in a 7-page unclassified report, “White supremacist infiltration of law enforcement”, that white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan were increasingly seeking to infiltrate law enforcement. It’s been 10 years since this report was released and we still have white supremacist leading in our law enforcement. They are police officers, states attorneys, judges, politicians all leading in a corrupt system.

Let’s work together to close the open season on black men.


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