It is true. White Americans are whining that they, not Blacks, are the victims of racism these days. They believe that any mark of progress Blacks make in this country directly affects them, and in quite a negative manner. They believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is racist. They believe that the BET awards are racist. Black History Month is racist. Brown Pride is racist. I have read on social media where Whites feel that too many Asians are being allowed into good schools because of their high SAT scores. Hell, they probably even believe that people who prefer brown bread, brown sugar, brown eggs, and even chocolate milk are racist.

Reverse Racism

I grew up in an all-Black neighborhood though I went to integrated schools. My skin is very light but I have always identified as Black because my mother is Black and my father is part Black. Because he is half White doesn’t mean that I am, and he has always considered himself Black too as that’s how it was back then. There was no ‘biracial’ or ‘2 or more races’ or ‘multiracial’ to check, you either were White, Black, or some other race such as Asian.

Growing up, I noticed – yes, even when I was a grade school student – how much nicer the White areas of my hometown were compared with the Black areas. (It is the same to this day, worse now that there are Hispanics in the city.) The White neighborhoods had better roads, better parks, and far more trees. They had better stores and shopping centers. They had more gas stations and banks. In the Black areas, there were parks but they weren’t as well kept as those in White areas, the shopping centers and stores were more run down, and the roads were tarred rather than repaired. There weren’t as many bank locations, but there were some gas stations. Fast food franchises rarely came to the Black part of town, same with grocery stores and clothing shops. There were a lot of liquor stores, on the other hand – and a great many wig shops, mostly owned by Asians who didn’t live in the area. They live in White neighborhoods.

An actual apartment complex in my city

To this day, you can drive through the Black neighborhoods and see the neglect. Drive through the very low income areas where a lot of Hispanics also reside, and you will see even more despair, not to mention young drug dealers on the corners trying to hawk marijuana and crack cocaine. The only White people you will see in those blighted barrios are law enforcement, social workers, other city employees, and drug addicts. Drive through the predominantly White neighborhoods and you will see the well maintained roads, the better schools, and the nicer shopping areas. Okay, I understand that my city has little to do with privately owned strip malls, but they can at least force the owners to make necessary repairs to their property, especially when it comes to potholes and rundown buildings which one never sees in the White areas. If that happened, the yuppies would whine and bitch and moan until something was done about it. I guess Blacks, Hispanics, and poor Whites never complain nor care enough about their living environments, or they guess that the city won’t give a shit.

I never particularly paid race relations any attention until I was in my teens, and what I noticed was, Wow, how much hate White people had for Blacks. I saw this in school mainly, but I also read, in our newspaper, Letters to The Editor, and I also read of it in articles and saw it on the news at times. I see it today via social media – the loathing is astonishing but not really all that shocking. Yet Whites want to whine like the little spoiled brats they are about ‘reverse racism’! Oh jeez Louise, I can certainly see how Whites are so discriminated against by the powerless Black woman and the evil Black man!

At its core, racism is a system in which a dominant race benefits off the oppression of others — whether they want to or not. We don’t live in a society where every racial group has equal power, status, and opportunity. Yes, white people all over the world and throughout history have experienced atrocities like slavery and persecution. But in the very specific context of American history, white people have not been enslaved, colonized, or forced to segregate on the scale that black people have. They do not face housing or job discrimination, police brutality, poverty, or incarceration at the level that black people do. This is not to say that they do not experience things like poverty and police brutality at all. But again, not on the same scale — not even close. That is the reality of racism. – by Zeba Blay for Huffington Post


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