Plastic surgery

Medical specialty

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. – Wikipedia

There are various reasons why people choose to undergo plastic surgery. The first is because of an accident, a birth defect, an illness or a war wound. They have in some sense been disfigured which has a very negative impact on their life and they believe and hope that the plastic surgery will reduce their difficulty, embarrassment and suffering. The second is cosmetic in the sense that it is designed to enhance attractiveness in people who feel some aspect of their body (size and shape of breasts, nose, lips; lines on the face) could be changed and improved to make them more attractive to others.

I have compiled photos – before & after usually – of celebrities who have had plastic surgery. (Not all of them are total disasters, and those follow immediately below.) It is pretty sad that people can’t face the fact that they are getting older. All the plastic surgery in the world isn’t going to change that, nor the inevitable end that we must face: death. White people are far more likely to undergo plastic surgery than any other ethnicity, and women have more procedures done than do men.










Personally, I am not against plastic surgery – I’m thinking seriously of having my breasts done – but the extremes some celebrities go to in order to change their appearance is astonishing. What I particularly find disturbing is how ethnic celebrities are changing their features and skin color in order to look ‘White’. ( Or in the case of Lil Kim, ‘Asian’.) Cher was once a beautiful woman, as was Lark Voorhies, but they fucked themselves up with plastic surgery. Here are the disastrous fuck ups.















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