I despise most music made after the year 2000. I just can’t get into that stuff – it’s all ‘Ohhhh’ and high pitched girly voices, auto tune, and pretty much sounds the same across the board. I hate new country and modern hip hop, what passes for rock music these days, and anything else. Some of the R&B is okay but the rest is drivel I would rather avoid listening to. I more or less prefer the tunes of the 70s and the 80s, the songs of my childhood and turbulent adolescence, though the 90s were all right (the 60s were better in my opinion). I will listen to 50s doo wop before I listen to Kendrick Lamar.

A song by a group I’ve never been into, Rush, came on the radio the other day so I immediately switched to another station. This got me to thinking about popular bands/singers I have never liked, and that’s the topic for today’s post. (While there are songs by singers/bands I enjoy that aren’t very ear friendly to me, I am concentrating here on those whose music I just don’t like at all.) While I am not overly fond of Led Zeppelin, the B-52s, John Legend, or Beyonce, there are some songs by these artists that I like, so they will not be on the following list. Only bands/singers I simply do not enjoy.

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Styx
  3. Kanye West
  4. Justin Bieber
  5. Miley Cyrus
  6. Grateful Dead
  7. Lady Gaga

  8. Matchbox 20
  9. Beastie Boys
  10. Lil Wayne
  11. Ariana Grande
  12. Kings of Leon

  13. Drake
  14. Counting Crows
  15. Nickelback
  16. The Velvet Underground
  17. Hanson
  18. Katy Perry
  19. Ramones
  20. Blink 182
  21. Gucci Mane

  22. Weezer
  23. Roxy Music
  24. Sonic Youth
  25. Ben Folds Five
  26. The Killers
  27. Eminem
  28. Nicki Minaj
  29. The Smiths
  30. Primus
  31. Chance The Rapper
  32. Phish
  33. Meghan Trainor

  34. Rihanna
  35. Green Day
  36. Coldplay
  37. Selena Gomez
  38. Maroon 5
  39. Christina Aguilera
  40. Lorde

  41. Bruno Mars
  42. Smashmouth
  43. Pixies
  44. One Direction
  45. Demi Lovato
There are more but these are the most popular. I have heard possibly 1 song by a few of them that was okay if I didn’t feel like switching stations, but for the most part, I don’t like the music and that’s all that can be said. I heard a lot of today’s pop tunes when I worked for Walmart and also the inventory company WIS, and it certainly did not make the work hours go by any faster having to listen to that crap every damn night for 9 long hours, or during the mornings & afternoons while trying to avoid inquiring customers who were so dumb they couldn’t tell that I was not an employee of K-Mart or Lowe’s Home Improvement!

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