Kids die. That’s an unfortunate reality of life. I never believed it when I was kid, but by the time I was eleven I realized that not just old people died, but young adults, middle aged people, and little kids too. A tragic fact is that many children are murdered – by parents, by strangers, and by other children. I recently heard about a young girl murdered by a teenager. It’s not every day this happens, but it does occur often enough that I have become almost immune to the tragedies. That’s a sorry truth about our society that violent crimes happen so much that we are saddened upon hearing of them, but then go on with our lives. For the victims’ families, this is an impossibility. They are always left with the what ifs, the if onlys, and the whys. Photos, belongings, and other reminders of the loved one are with them forever.

You can give the clothing away, send the toys to needy children, put away the photos. It won’t take away the pain and the memories and the loss. Those are with you till the end of your life. Imagine what the parents of these dead children and teens and young people must go through the rest of their lives, because of a thug with a gun, a drunk in a car, a rapist, a thief, a killer with a knife. I can’t. I still can feel hurt from when my deceased relatives passed on, and none of them had their lives snuffed out by some sneaky piece of shit with chaos in what passes for his (her her) heart.

Study the faces of the dead below. How can anyone want to harm a young person or a mere child? Such monsters do not deserve to walk among us. They should have their lives ripped from them in the same manner and anyone who feels sorry for a murderer of any person ought to be tortured by one in the most horrible way. I would gladly be the executor of any child killer and believe me, it would not keep me from sleeping at night knowing that I put a demon to death. I’ll be at peace knowing that I did society a service putting a hellish,disgusting, loathsome beast out if its misery.


















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