Today’s women have a lot of manly qualities. They are Type A career minded, working hard to prove that they are as good as a man when they should stay home with their children instead of dumping them off in daycare. They join the military. They hire cleaning services to do their housekeeping. And they don’t cook half the time, preferring to pick up fast food on the way home from work, or pop a convenience food into the microwave while they shower and change. They don’t wear makeup and skirts or dresses the way they used to. They don’t have feminine hairstyles or use lotions or perfumes.

(Men, on the other hand, have become far less masculine than they used to be, which I will touch upon in a following blog post.)

Feminism – while it has done a world of good for women – has also been somewhat of a curse. It has destroyed a great many positive values of Western society, and that is why the family unit no longer is. You’ve got feminism to thank for that. While I believe women should be paid the same as men for equal work, and believe that men shouldn’t abuse women (or children), and also that women have a right to a higher education if they want one, there are other demands of feminism that really aim to make women as masculine as possible.

Women of the 1950s and before were ultra feminine, for the most part. They wore dresses, make up, kept their hair styled, and didn’t mind being housewives. True, some had their own careers outside the home, but they were still feminine. They didn’t go around in tank tops and shorts and pants and suits, plain faced and short haired, looking more like a man than some males do. When you compare the female entertainers of today with those of yesteryear, modern women come up short every time. For me, anyhow. They just aren’t ladylike anymore and that’s a shame.

I have read from men who find Black women unattractive that the reason for this is their masculinity and loudness. Where they get this from, I don’t know because I have seen just as many, if not more, White women who are just as manly in appearance and behavior. And plenty of them are loud as well. That’s a trait of the modern woman, to be loud and boisterous. Today’s people are all attention whores. Even men are loud, though yes, I will admit that Black people are the loudest, along with the Latinos. Asians tend to be more quiet, unless they are in a rowdy group of non-Asians. People in bars and nightclubs, drinking and all, are really obnoxious.

This brings me to another trait of the modern woman – they drink as much as men. (Some of them smoke too much as well.) One thing I detest is a woman who hangs out in bars like the lowlife she is. I don’t hold such men in high regard either – I would never date an alcoholic, I grew up around that and it’s a disease that is hard to break (though it can be done). But women who go out and get drunk are foolish so when they wind up raped and/or killed, I don’t have a smidgen of pity for them because their own toxic behavior put them in that situation.

Women who hang around men all the time are also a turn off. When you see a lone woman with a couple of guys, she either loves the attention from all those men, is a slut, or a dyke. I don’t get on too well with women but damned if I’m going to hang out with a bunch of dudes either! I’d rather stay to myself. It doesn’t look good, at least for the woman in question. Stop trying to be ‘one of the guys’ and revel in your femininity! I’m glad I’m a woman. I don’t care for menstruation but I would never, ever want to wake up in a man’s body. I don’t want to be obsessed with penis size and sex and trying to pick up the ladies all the time. I don’t want to smell like a dude, shave every day, or grow bigger ears and a larger nose when I’m old. I’m damned happy and glad to be different from men and every woman should be. After all, women are the guarantors of the human race. Men cannot bear children. Only women can.


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