White people truly enjoy bashing other races, namely Blacks, and other religious groups, especially Muslims and oftentimes, Jews. Their innate sense of total superiority is fed by their incessant harping on others, because that makes them feel oh, so much better about being a race with the ugliest skin of all the earth’s peoples. Why don’t they feel inferior when they look in a mirror and see their wrinkles? When I was a teenager, I noticed that the White students would already have laugh lines, forehead lines, and the beginnings of crows’ feet. By the time most White people are 40, they look a decade older unless they take care of themselves but they hardly ever do – haven’t you noticed how much time they spend sunbathing in an effort to tan their pale skin?

Wrinkles removed by Photoshop
Anyway…on social media, there’s always some pro Trump shit from White people (Facebook) or anti Black sentiment, anti Muslim rants (with SJWs taking up for them of course), or anti non White/non Christian bull. Most of the time, these comments are deleted and if users keep making them, they will eventually be banned. But they will usually sneak in a slur in a sly way, as such cretins are devious and do their nasty work in the dark, from the safety of a laptop or mobile phone. Social media is, aside from the  once infamous Facebook, anonymous. You can create a Twitter account for your pet, for fuck’s sake. You are very anonymous on Reddit, there is nothing on the account to indicate who you are, what your race, color, religion, even your gender is, where you live, what you do for a living, none of that can be discovered. By a computer hacker but why would anyone go to the trouble?


Remember the backlash (blacklash) against Leslie Jones? Jokes about apes, gorillas, and chimps were all over the place. Then there was the hell raised about the interracial family in the Cheerios TV ad. Whenever there is anything involving Blacks and Whites on TV, White racism comes out full force. But do you hear them crying about the commercials featuring White men with Asian women, Latino families, and groups of guys who are of various races together? Nope. But a Black man with a White woman…oh hell no! That is the ultimate sin, the original wicked act in the minds of the Master race.

Whenever I encounter social media racism, I call the idiot out on his/her racist crap. Oh yes I do. Why shouldn’t I? We’ve got Freedom of Speech in this country, which makes me damn glad I’m not in Britain or Germany where you can actually be arrested for trashing Muslims or Jews or whatever. I consider myself an Equal Opportunity Hater, being a misanthrope I have no love for the human race period, but when it comes to racial loathing, I prefer to bash those assholes because it’s fun to see how worked up they get. Oh, how it feels good to piss off the supremacists and separatists and other jerks!

Here is a comment I posted in response to several posts the Master Race made on Reddit last night:

You white people make me sick with your racism. Especially when it’s the white race that is 1. Ugly. 2. All look the same, with the same pale pink hairless monkey coloring. 3. Stinky (hair smells like dog fur when wet, probably the reason you love canines so much – gotta lot in common with them). 4. Trashy. (White women are whores and the men all have small penises, hence their love of guns and big trucks.) 5. Age like bananas. (Whites get lines in their faces when they’re just teenagers. By the time you’re 40, you look a decade older. All old white people are hideous.) I hope these truths make you hateful, wicked people wake the fuck up to the Caucasian Reality. By the way, with the climate getting hotter and so many White men running after flat faced gooks and the women being coal burners, you’d better pray your race lasts beyond the year 2050, if humans haven’t vaporized each other by then. Behold the Master Race, my ass.

I bet I am banned form that particular subreddit now!
Trump supporter cries after being arrested  for taunting Muslim family

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