Black Americans are the most dependent group of all the ethnicities in this country today. The race card simply cannot be used as an excuse for living on the system (and off taxpayers). There are several public housing communities in my city, and they are nearly 100% Black. In fact, the majority of them are exclusively Black. You might see a White woman with a Black boyfriend and mixed kids in a few, and in some there are a couple of Latino families, yet for the most part, you only see Blacks. Welfare destroyed the Black family.

Latinos, who are mostly illegal, do not qualify for most government assistance programs. Those born here are eligible, but not the others. Where I live, they are able to receive food stamps for the anchor babies they have, and some of them do have a lot! My cousin, who received more than $500 in EBT funds every month when all of her children were under age 18, has 3 kids (one is grown now and works for a living). Imagine what someone with 4, 5, or 6 children receives per month! Combine that with an income-based apartment, and it’s no wonder people living in government housing own nicer vehicles than those who work hard for a living.

According to the latest statistics, the total # of Americans receiving public assistance is 67,891,000 out of a population of 326,474,013.  The breakdown by ethnic group is as follows:

  • Percent of welfare recipients who are White – 16.8 % (11,405,000)
  • Percent of welfare recipients who are Black – 39.6 % (26,884,000)
  • Percent of welfare recipients who are Hispanic –  21.2 % (14,392,000)
  • Percent of welfare recipients who are Asian or Pacific Islander – 18 % (12,220,000)
  • Percent of welfare recipients who are Other  –  4.4 % (2,987,000)
According to the above statistics, slightly more than half the Black population of America received some form of government aid. You can Google the facts for yourself, though liberal publications and websites tend to skew the information to favor minorities as if this proves something. It does not. I actually read a couple of articles, all of which contained info that made it seem as if more Whites were on public assistance, before discovering the actual truth. I could only shake my head at the tactics used by these misguided SJWs. They truly are a pitiful lot.
Certainly race does play into things a great deal when it comes down to employment and education but one just can’t blame one’s pathetic standing in life on racism all the time. If racial issues are the main reason Blacks and other non Whites are left in the dust, then how come people like Booker T. Washington, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Colin Powell, Fannie Lou Hamer, Thurgood Marshall, Condoleeza Rice, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr, Medgar Evers, and especially Barack Obama, get to the stations in life that they reached? It damn sure wasn’t due to laziness, and while some of these people were born of slaves and sharecroppers and had to overcome illiteracy, they still got their names in the history books. They fought against the system, many of them, at a time when Blacks were considered lower than dogs by state law. What’s your excuse?

If you were raised in a trailer park or HUD housing, shouldn’t that make you want better for yourself and family, if you have any? If you dad went to prison for dealing drugs or rape or murder or theft, shouldn’t that be a damn good reason for you to avoid going behind the walls? If your mom dropped out of high school to give birth to you, shouldn’t that make you want better for yourself and children? If you grew up with the shame of being on food stamps, welfare checks, and Medicaid, shouldn’t you want to have a life with a weekly or biweekly paycheck, good health insurance, and the money to buy what you want without the embarrassment of having to say to the cashier, “EBT”?

It seems that Black people don’t want better anymore. Some do, but apparently the majority do not or they wouldn’t live off of government assistance. A lot of them have the mentality that, because of Jim Crow and slavery, the government owes them something. That isn’t true. What’s done is done. That’s in the past and you’re not ever going to receive reparations for it. Get on with life and get a real job. I am tired of seeing Black men on reality crime shows getting arrested or killed because of dealing drugs. It’s a waste of life when a 20 year old is shot dead because he chose to sell crack cocaine on someone else’s corner. He could have been so much more but chose the ‘gangsta life’ so wound up 6 feet under before he was legally old enough to purchase alcohol. People make their own bed and then they die in it.


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