Red Genia in Schindler’s List

I know, I know. I have written – more than once – that Hollywood’s Jews tend to harp endlessly on the Holocaust, or Shoah as it is known within the Jewish community. It’s the Zionist equivalent of Black Americans playing the Race Card. That being stated, I am not a Holocaust denier by any means, and I do like watching some films that center on one of the most despicable eras in human history. Some of my favorite dramas are actually set during World War II, a period I am strongly attached to (I have been since childhood, when I had strange dreams of living in a concentration camp before I even knew what one was), and I have penned – with the aid of a collaborator – a love story that takes place before, during, and long after that terrible war, which is about the fictional first love of Adolf Hitler.

Some of these movies are actually based upon the memoirs of survivors, whilst others are fictional (though some of them could have happened). I own dozens of books by those who suffered through World War II as well as biographies of Adolf Hitler and autobiographies by Albert Speer and Ernst Hanfstaengl, which help me with writing about that time period in screenplays (I’m working on my 2nd Nazi era script which centers on a Jewish woman’s struggle to survive in a small German town). So my list of the 20 best Holocaust & World War  II movies – only those I have seen – are below, in no special order though the top 10 are my absolute favorites.

  1. Schindler’s List
  2. The Pianist

  3. Anne Frank: The Whole Story
  4. Europa Europa
  5. Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

  6. Defiance
  7. Aimee & Jaguar
  8. Rosenstrasse

  9. Gloomy Sunday
  10. In Darkness
  11. Valkyrie
  12. The Reader

  13. Life is Beautiful
  14. Downfall
  15. Sophie’s Choice
  16. Apt Pupil
  17. The Devil’s Arithmetic
  18. Sunshine
  19. Amen

  20. The Counterfeiters
I did not include Saving Private Ryan here because I don’t have it in my personal collection. The above are movies that I actually own. It’s a great film but movies that are more about war than ordinary people – particularly citizens – usually aren’t my cup of tea. I don’t normally go for humor either but no. 13 on the list is not only a bit comedic, it is very sad and quite moving as well. Hence why I like it. No. 11 is fantastic, but Tom Cruise’s acting – especially his American accent – rather put me off because most Europeans do not speak English with a North American accent, and this was totally true back in those days because they learned to speak English using British voices as guides.
Some of these films aren’t set during the Nazi era, but rather in modern times, ‘going back in time’ or brief flashes of memory that reveal to us what occurred back in the camps or under the Nazis. There are also countless documentaries about the Holocaust and World War II, and I will list my top 20 of those in a future post. Anyway, I have discovered a couple more that I need for my collection so I will be adding these soon and will probably have to update this list.

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