A gunman killed four people in a remote Northern California community on Tuesday morning, but a much bigger death toll was averted when the killer was unable to break into an elementary school. The staff at tiny Rancho Tehama Elementary School west of Corning moved quickly when they heard gunfire nearby just before classes were set to begin, Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said.

Doors were locked and students dashed inside and hit the floors underneath desks and tables. The shooter, who was killed by police at another site, rammed a stolen pickup through the school’s locked gate, walked into the schoolyard, and fired his rifle through windows and walls. He tried doors, but the buildings at the Rancho Tehama Reserve school were secure. Only an outside bathroom was open, but the gunman found no one there.

The killer apparently chose most of his victims at random, sometimes firing at passing motorists, homes and also gunning down someone after he purposely crashed into another car. At least 10 people were wounded or hurt in the string of shootings in Rancho Tehama, about 125 northwest of Sacramento. The gunman had a tactical vest with extra magazines for his guns, Johnston said, who viewed surveillance video of the shooting. The wounded victims from the spree included a mother who was driving her children to school when the attacker opened fire on them “without provocation or warning,” the assistant sheriff said. – CNN

What has this country come to? It seems that every week, there is some type of mass shooting and it is very disheartening. I am afraid for my nieces and nephews, especially the boys because to be male in America these days – particularly minority males – is extremely dangerous. It’s more so when you live in certain regions of the country, especially inner cities. Young Black and Hispanic males are the main victims of homicides in my city, most of it due to drug & gang violence (though there are deaths as a result of love triangles gone wrong). At least we don’t have mass shootings in my area. Not yet, anyway. Who’s to say what might happen in the weeks, months, and years to come?

Police in Northern California say the gunman in a deadly shooting rampage was feuding with his neighbors. They were his first victims. He targeted seven locations in the rural community of Rancho Tehama, including an elementary school that went on lockdown before he came in. Four people were killed in the assault that lasted 45 minutes and 10 more were injured, including at least one young student. Police killed the suspected shooter, Kevin Janson Neal.

They say he chose random targets and stole two vehicles during the rampage. Officers recovered one semi- automatic rifle and two handguns. One of the stolen vehicles, a white truck with bullet holes in the windshield, was removed from the area Tuesday night, reports CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas. Neal was known to authorities and had at least one prior arrest. His neighbors had complained he had fired multiple rounds for days before this rampage that ended up at this elementary school.

Officials are still trying to learn about the shooter’s past, including an alleged assault earlier this year against one of the neighbors he killed Tuesday. The motive for the shooting is still unclear.  – CBS News

The media, true to the nature of such a whitewashed entity, is already calling the perpetrator ‘mentally ill’. White mass shooters are always referred to as ’emotionally unstable’ rather than the domestic terrorists that they are. Paint the shooter any other color, and he’s deemed some sort of threat to the safety of the American public. The killer is dead, so there’s only one side of the story here – those of his family, who will do and say anything to keep the violent rampage of their relative from having negative fallout for them. Apparently, Kevin Neal had a thing for nature – so he left his family behind in Raleigh, NC, to go live in Northern California (which is what my fiance and I had been strongly considering doing next year.) His family thought he was trying to ‘run the demons out of him’.

The whirlwind of emotions — both the good and the bad — were often too much for Kevin Neal and his family as they watched his mental health deteriorate from afar. Neal, the suspected shooter behind a rolling rampage in northern California, confided in his mother daily, according to his sister. The phone calls were exhausting and often detailed his precarious welfare and the growing suspicion his neighbors were running a methamphetamine lab.

“He would get wound up and I think she spent a lot of time calming him down,” Neal’s older sister, Sheridan Orr, told the Daily News. “He would be irrational, irate and uncontrollable, and scream and yell. It was difficult to manage him. I don’t know how she put up with it.”

Orr and her mother poured over news reports of the shootings Tuesday and came to grips with the nightmare Neal may have caused. Nearly a dozen injuries and deaths of four innocent people at the hands of her brother has given Orr a new calling. “If he couldn’t get the health care he needed, he had zero business with guns,” Orr said. – NY Daily News

The Rancho Tehama Shooting


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