What is WRONG With White People?

The latest incident of White intolerance took place at a walk in clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in which a White mother demands that her son be treated by a ‘White doctor’, her racist tirade caught on video by a patient there and posted to social media, where it immediately went viral. In Canada? You’re telling me that those hoity toity Canucks, who are so proud of their low crime nation and the fact that they are ‘different’ from Americans (in what way, I now wonder), have a race issue? I thought for sure, before I looked into this video, that the incident took place in America, Georgia or Pennsylvania, maybe. But no, it’s Canada folks! Needless to say, I am not too surprised. White people are the same wherever one goes, they simply have different accents and live in other countries.

Indian doctor speaking out

From CBS: In the video, an employee is heard explaining to the woman that a “white doctor” would not be available until 4 p.m. to see her child. To which she responds, “So you’re saying in the whole entire building there isn’t one white doctor? You’re telling me my kid has chest pains [and] he’s going to have to sit here until 4 o’clock. Can I see a doctor that’s white that doesn’t have brown teeth and speaks English?”

She is later heard saying, “Oh my God, what type of horrible country do I live in? My kid is sick. I want to see somebody else. Being white in this country, I should just shoot myself.”

At one point, a patient who appeared fed up with the situation confronted the woman, calling her actions racist. She is heard saying, “Your child clearly has more issues with you being his mother than him needing to see a doctor. You are extremely rude and racist. You want to talk about tacky people being in a hospital, maybe you should check yourself in.” 

The woman responded by saying, “You’re brown, you’re all attacking me because I’m white.”

Security eventually escorted the woman out of the building. Police said a doctor treated the child.

Racist Rant

“A lot of physicians who are visible minorities or have accents that suggest that they’re immigrants, they face this,” Dr. Nadia Alam, the president-elect of the Ontario Medical Association, said in response to the video of the ranting White racist, which quickly went viral after being posted on Sunday. “They face incidents like this… Sometimes it is openly like ‘I’m not going to see you because you’re this skin color or you have this accent. I want to see somebody else. “It’s heartbreaking,” she added. “You think that you’re a Canadian, that this is your country, this is where you belong. And when someone accuses you that way or treats you that way, you feel like an alien.” – Raw Story

In Britain. a racist couple got their ‘right’ to have their child treated by a White British doctor for a year after demanding it, simply because they did not want a Black or other ethnic minority treating the child. From a May 2014 article in the Telegraph, it was revealed within the British Medical Journal as an example of how to deal with ‘difficult decision making’ and even how racism must be confronted within the NHS (National Health Service). However, the parents were eventually told that the child would be seen by any staff member no matter the race and they backed down like the true cowards they were. (Racists are nearly always cowards.)

I have heard racist comments all of my life, having grown up – unfortunately – in the South. Most came from White children when I was in school (such as referring to Black students as ‘niggers’), but some I have heard some from adults. Once, when I was on one of my daily walks, I passed a local elementary school where the kids were just getting out for the day, and a White couple with a low class appearance were leaning against a wall across the road from the school. The Black school crossing guard was speaking to a Black man who was there to walk his children home, and I heard her say as I approached, “Why are they always standing over there?” or similar words, to which the White male of the couple responded – under his breath but I could hear him as I was on the sidewalk and getting closer to where they slouched – “Because we don’t like Black people, that’s why!” His girlfriend nudged him and they both dropped their gazes as if ashamed when I went by, but if you had asked me whether I cared what those two tore down White trash ignoramuses thought about Blacks or any other non-white, I would have laughed in your face.

Some Whites think of their pale, pink, freckled, wrinkled, ivory, moley, and melanin-deficient flesh as so precious, they cannot abide the thought of someone brown, black, red, or yellow touching them because they fear being stained. Like back in the days of Jim Crow, when White store clerks would put the change down on the counter rather than in the Black customers’ hands. I used to see this in the 70s and 80s sometimes. They wouldn’t shake your hand either, and some still avoid doing so even to this day. I remember when REM and one of those weird ladies from the B-52s performed on Arsenio Hall and my mom wondered aloud why the woman was wearing gloves, deciding that it was because she didn’t want to touch Arsenio’s hand when he shook their hands at the end of their performance (Shiny Happy People). I’m not sure I saw it that way but then again, who can tell with White folks?

These are the same people who, when they die, refuse to be buried in a cemetery with non-whites.

People These Days Are Assholes

When I was a little girl growing up in the 70s, life was quite different to how it is today. People were more polite. There may have been some road ragers out there but I never noticed them. People used their turn signals, store clerks were friendlier, and while I recall instances of bullying in school, it was not as widespread then as it has become because the teachers always intervened, as did the principal. Parents were allowed to discipline their children without fear of being labeled child abusers, and kids played outside – not inside wearing out video games and growing fat. The weather was much nicer, we hardly had days during summer when the temperature reached into the 90s, as it often does now. We used to play outside until it grew dark and never had to worry too much about perverts and serial killers, though they did exist.

Music was more listener-friendly, While there were a few songs with curse words in them – George Clinton’s Parliament and Funkadelic come to mind – you could actually hear a song played on the radio without its being censored. Cars were bigger, probably not as gas friendly, but I look at them these days and I see my grandfather, my grandmother, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins…and I also see my younger self. Those were happier times. Hippies still walked the streets, smoking pot openly in the parks. R&B bands practiced outside, dreams of being the next Earth Wind & Fire in their heads. Natural hair reigned supreme – you rarely saw straightened hair, and when you did, it was more likely to be ‘pressed’ with a hot comb. Men were more manly. Women were more feminine. It was simply a different era.
I began noticing the decline of humanity – at least here in the United States – during the late 90s. I first noticed it with Black Americans, then others – Whites, Latinos. People were becoming assholes. Store clerks became less polite. Music grew more hostile, particularly towards women. Drivers grew more aggressive. Coworkers became less helpful. Americans started getting fatter. People in general started turning into rude, selfish, and egotistical jerks. Bullies are everywhere, especially social media as we all very well know. Violence has become the order of the day, be it terrorists, rapists, gangsters, and other criminals. Mental health disorders are the highest rates they’ve ever been. More and more Americans are taking prescription drugs for various ailments, whether of the mind or something else.

When you buy fast food from a drive thru, the worker seems apathetic. They are usually not polite. Same with cashiers and floor personnel in stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or department stores. They act like they just can’t be bothered. I mean, what the hell are these people doing in jobs dealing with the public? Are they simply there for a measly paycheck? Apparently so. I don’t eat fast food and I rarely go to home improvement stores, but I have been in there with my fiance and he had to be rather pushy in order to get the personnel to help him. People these days don’t give a shit, obviously.

My misanthropy began to manifest during my rocky adolescence and firmly had me within its grip by the time I was 30. My misandry has always been there as well – even as a little girl, I did not like or trust men very much. Nowadays, I would rather stay inside than venture out in public to be around people. Happiness to me would be living in a remote cabin in an area with the nearest neighbors a minimum of 5 miles away by car. If I had the funds necessary to survive that way, I’d do it in a red hot second. I totally understand philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre, and writers such as Patricia Highsmith and Oscar Wilde. Hell truly is other people (Sartre) and as Wilde put it, “Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself.”

Hey Blacky – Whitey Will Never Be Your Friend!

An interesting nugget I found on social media a few days ago was a post by a White man on Black society. This guy, who claimed to be an anti-Trump, pro-abortion, male feminist liberal who was all for LGBT rights, wrote that while he loved Black people and counted many as friends, he really had a loathing for Black culture, Black English, Black hip hop music,and Black ‘ghetto behavior’. Does this sound like someone who appreciates Black people to you? Actually, the guy came across as a racist. I wondered if he felt the same way about Asians and Latinos, Muslims, Jews, and Wiccans.

Commentators wholeheartedly agreed that the guy was racist. After all, how can you say you like any group of people, yet condemn the very attributes that make them who and what they are? It is quite obvious to me that most White Americans have a hatred for Black culture, though you will catch some of them listening to hip hop or R&B, laughing their flat asses off at Black comedy, and even trying to appropriate Black styles, such as using hip hop slang, urban dance – which they usually fail at miserably – and Black clothing fads. (I saw FUBU hats, shoes, and jackets on various White guys in Vienna, Austria during a trip through Europe in 2001. I also saw the Confederate flag for sale in the same city.)

I don’t hear or see the same attitudes against other minorities the way I do Blacks, except Muslims and Hispanics. Muslims in particular have been drawing ire from all types of people, but Muslims are not a race, they are a religious group just like the Jews (whom I also see bigoted remarks against on social media lately). Hispanics also get some hateful comments, especially in regards to illegal aliens, but Asians rarely get attacked – except for dog eating, wanting to rule the world, and being made of due to speaking poor English. I always see the same tired old nasty remarks about Blacks: how loud, rude, and violent we are; how we have several kids by as many ‘baby mamas’ or ‘baby daddies’; how we are dumb, ghetto, and have the craziest ‘made up’ names…the list could go on and on.

How many times must a group of people be gunned down, ridiculed, openly discriminated against, and told constantly that they are inferior, before they start banding together and rising up to fight their oppressors? It is happening now with Black Lives Matter. This is why White people fear it and hate it so much. They cannot stand to see people of color in solidarity, and it really makes their blood boil if their fellow Whites are involved. (Race traitors, those people are called.) They are frightened of this. They do not want to see it. This is why they had to get Trump into the White House, no matter what.

I am engaged to a White man who, while he did not vote for Trump, wholly supported him and he is always going on about the ‘great’ things Trump has done, and is doing, and will do, to make America ‘great’ again. I gave up correcting him on his delusions because it was always a waste of my time and breath and emotions, as I inevitably got angry over his insistence that what Trump was doing was so good. A couple of days ago, he mentioned that Trump and his family have been the most despised ever to live in the White House – and all I could do was laugh. Say what? Come again? Who had the ‘monkey’ memes, the ‘nigger’ memes, the ‘whore’ memes, the ‘ugly’ memes, the ‘house negro’ memes, and the ‘Muslim’ memes created and bandied about through all 8 years of his presidency? Honkey, please! Don’t give me that shit.

As a typical White male with all the privileges afforded one of his skin color, my fiance cries ‘racism’ whenever a Black person doesn’t kiss up to him whether it’s at a grocery store, a dollar store, a gas station, wherever. Black people are racist as hell, he’s got the nerve to say – though I have never heard one refer to him as a ‘cracker’ except once, a woman who lives down the street from us and hates dogs (this is one reason he called her racist, not because she’d called him out of his name because at that time, she hadn’t). The other day, a Black man working in an Asian-owned convenience store/gas station wouldn’t take his 38 cents worth of pennies; The guy told him it was against store policy, my fiance stated it’s because of his Trump hat. (He also has a Trump – Pence bumper sticker on his van.)

If Black people are rude to White people, maybe it’s because of all those decades of being made to feel lower than a dog turd on the pavement by Whites under Jim Crow and White supremacy. Or it might be due to the White person’s own bad manners. As a cashier, I was as polite as I could be and generally, people were polite in return. I’d say my worst customers were younger Black females and non-English speaking Hispanics, who would just look at you and hold out money or something. Most men were polite to me, no matter their color, but that might have been the result of something else. I found the non-Southern sounding Whites to be the most well mannered of customers. Honestly!

In closing, I think it is very difficult for most people to be true friends with someone of another race. It is like an animal instinct, like goes with like – you don’t see cheetahs mixing with lions, although people took that majestic beast and bred it with the equally magnificent tiger to create a ‘liger’ (there are also tigons). People – usually White racists – use the Bible, a large volume of fables and other tales – to prove their belief that miscegenation is a sin. While I can understand why they would want to believe such, I don’t believe anything from the Bible, I consider myself agnostic bordering on atheist, and people can do whatever the hell they want. My fiance does love me, despite his issues with foreign people (he truly hates Muslims and Asian Indians, and doesn’t care much for Latinos either, even though he loves tacos and other Mexican foods), and I do love him, even though I’d like to kill him at times.

But I still don’t trust his family and I prefer not to be around them. They are redneck white trash to me and being married to him won’t ever change my feelings about those low class people. I’ll never be his mother’s friend, that’s for damn sure.

Ghost Photos – Real or Fake?

Since about the 1860s, ghost photography has been a way of exploiting the grief-stricken, connecting with deceased relatives, allowing some people their little 15 minutes of fame, and proving to others that there is life after death. Or so they believe. William Mumler is credited with taking the first photo of a spirit, supposedly his late cousin, and it wasn’t long before he started doing this for others. The experts of those days were hard pressed to discover how Mumler achieved this at first, therefore people were inclined to believe that Mumler really was getting their deceased brothers, sons, fathers, sisters, daughters, mothers, and other relatives to appear in photographs with them. His most famous (or shall I say, infamous) is the photo taken of Abraham Lincoln’s widow Mary, with her dead hubby standing behind her, hands upon her shoulders. [See above pic.]

Double exposures, shaking or other movement of the camera, anomalies in the film, shadows, dust, insects, camera straps, and other natural phenomena are often mistaken for ghosts. I used to watch a lot of paranormal shows and they always got photos of orbs that they declared to be ghosts. What the – ?!? Remember that wild one, My Ghost Story? It was simply hilarious and I wish they’d bring it back because some of those photos they used as evidence of a ghost were stupendously comical. Only a few times did any of those tales creep me out, but when I watched some of them again via the great site Daily Motion, which isn’t censored as far as TV shows like YouTube, I saw that they weren’t all that frightening. Hell, I can scare myself just by thinking about a serial killer breaking into my house.

Mediums and psychics are other frauds who have cashed in on spirit photography. There are dozens of photos of seances with fake ghosts in them. These images of alleged spirits are so damned phony that they’re laughable, but people back in those days could be easily fooled – same as those who fell for the late Sylvia Browne’s shtick and those who fall for John Edward’s bullshit. I never swallow what others tell me, I must prove it to myself and when I cannot, I just take shove it to the back of my mind for later examination or simply forget about it. Take the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. Far too many people believe that this is an actual photo of a ghost, believed to be Dorothy Walpole, who died back in 1726 at age 40, having been imprisoned in the apartments of Raynham Hall for life by her enraged husband Lord Townshend, who discovered Dorothy’s infidelity.

I, too, used to believe it was an actual photo of a ghost. But I don’t anymore. In fact, I don’t believe in any alleged spirit photo save one, the Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove, and I am on the fence about that one. If these photos of ghosts are real, why aren’t there more photographs of them? Why only one? Same with Bigfoot. There’s that Patterson & Gimlin video that people swear shows a female Sasquatch, while others have been so thoroughly debunked, they are not worth a mention. Why is this old Raynham Hall spirit photo still believed by so many? Why believe that the ‘Tulip Staircase Ghost’ is real? Or the Phantom Monk of Newby? What is it about these photos that make people believe in them even after they have been debunked by experts?


I understand the longing to continue living after death, but it’s not going to happen. We die, and that is it. Though I am still confused about having strange deja vu and dreams regarding Nazi Germany, I’m not sure I firmly believe in reincarnation, and I certainly don’t believe in an afterlife. Deep within our subconscious, we know that life ends when we pass on but we still refuse to face it. Paranormal enthusiasts, psychics, mediums, and others involved in that nonsense are only bringing false hope to the masses, no different from religion and fairy tales and mythology. Ghosts do not exist to me, and until I see one for myself, I will not believe in them. This goes for angels, demons, God, Satan, and all the rest.






Wealth Reduces Compassion

Rich people have no empathy for those less fortunate than they. Forget donations to charities, they use those as tax write offs. Also it makes a celebrity look good to their fans when it’s know that said celebrity has donated x amount of dollars to this charity or that. I have always known that the very wealthy don’t care about others, that they are selfish people who have their own interests at heart, and this was really driven home when I toured Europe in 1999 and 2000. There were affluent tourists in my group, and they were the worst bitches I’ve ever had the bad luck to meet (the guys were not the same, it was always the females). 

One twat (whose parents were both surgeons) actually had the gall to tell these girls from Houston that she liked the city because “Everyone is rich, like me.” They looked at her as if they couldn’t believe what she’d just said. Another one complained about small spots of mold in the bathrooms, even going so far as to call the tour company – she claimed she had allergies to mold – and before you knew it, we were in a nicer hotel in a better area of Rome. Our Austrian tour guide seemed to take things personally and I felt sorry for the guy. On another tour, other rich bitches complained…about anything and everything. These were Australian chicks – the others had all been American – and while they weren’t as snooty as the Yanks, they still had that monied arrogance about them.

Berkeley psychologists Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner ran several studies looking at whether social class (as measured by wealth, occupational prestige, and education) influences how much we care about the feelings of others. In one study, Piff and his colleagues discreetly observed the behavior of drivers at a busy four-way intersection. They found that luxury car drivers were more likely to cut off other motorists instead of waiting for their turn at the intersection. This was true for both men and women upper-class drivers, regardless of the time of day or the amount of traffic at the intersection. In a different study they found that luxury car drivers were also more likely to speed past a pedestrian trying to use a crosswalk, even after making eye contact with the pedestrian.

In order to figure out whether selfishness leads to wealth (rather than vice versa), Piff and his colleagues ran a study where they manipulated people’s class feelings. The researchers asked participants to spend a few minutes comparing themselves either to people better off or worse off than themselves financially. Afterwards, participants were shown a jar of candy and told that they could take home as much as they wanted. They were also told that the leftover candy would be given to children in a nearby laboratory. Those participants who had spent time thinking about how much better off they were compared to others ended up taking significantly more candy for themselves–leaving less behind for the children.

Public policy researcher and writer Kathleen Geier had this to say about the affluent’s lack of empathy for those less fortunate than they are:

I see this in my own life all the time. I live in Hyde Park in Chicago, a neighborhood with a great deal of racial and economic diversity. It includes undergraduates wealthy enough to attend the University of Chicago, professors who live in homes built by Frank Lloyd Wright … and also a large population of working class African-Americans. I don’t own a car, and sometimes I carry heavy shopping bags home from the grocery store.

Every time I’ve schlepped along with heavy packages, someone has offered to help, a fact which never fails to move me. In every single instance, the people who offered to help have been African-American men and women. To my more affluent neighbors, in those moments, I became invisible — just as I, in turn, have no doubt failed to “see” other people in distress, as I make the neighborhood rounds. Because they’ve been in my shoes in that particular situation — carrying heavy packages, with no one to help — my African-American neighbors have empathy for me. But because they haven’t had that experience, my white neighbors don’t.

If the rich have no empathy for those of lower socio-economic status than they, why the hell do poor, working class, and lower middle class White people vote Republican? According to most studies I have looked into, the reasons are that Republicans are: 1. Anti Abortion. 2. Pro Gun Rights. 3. Anti Gay Marriage. 4. Anti Immigration (of any kind, usually) 5. Uber Patriots compared with Democrats.

It seems that these misguided folks – who typically have only a high school education, if that – believe in the mythical ‘trickle down’ effect that has never benefited anybody but the wealthy.

Over the past decades, almost all the gains in the growing economy went to the rich. Income for the middle 60% of the population grew by 40% from 1979 to 2011 , an average of 1.8% a year. On the other hand, the income of the top 1% in that same period grew over 200% , an average of over 9% each year. The ratio between CEO income and workerincome rose from 30 to one in 1978 to 296 to one in 2013. The top 10% of the population received 32% of the nation’s total income in the 1960’s and 51% in 2014. In terms of wealth, the top 3% owned 44% of the total wealth of the nation in 1989, but this increased to 54% in 2013. The wealth of the bottom 90% fell from 33% of the total wealth in 1989 to 24% in 2013.

The middle & upper classes don’t have to worry about illegal aliens taking jobs from them, barely making ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck, the way those of lesser means must do. They do not have to live in sub standard housing because it’s all they can afford, drive cars that are more trouble than anything just to get to work and back home, or beg for food stamps because all the money goes to pay bills. The rich – particularly the self made – look at the poor and the struggling and they think: Well, I did it. So can they! But it doesn’t always work out that way. Just because one guy created an app that made him millions doesn’t mean the other 9 are going to. Simply because one gal hit it big with her singing & dancing does not mean that other 9 are going to do the same.
Have some compassion. Have some empathy. Don’t act like sociopaths – unless you are and then you really can’t help yourself. Show some sensitivity. Don’t be an asshole, it doesn’t get you anywhere in the end and it makes people despise you. If you care about what others think at all, that is. Celebrities should, and those in power and in the public eye should too. It’s the people that put you where you are, and if you’re not careful, the people will bring you right back down again.
Trump’s Mar del Lago estate. Compare this with your trailer or public housing.

Celebrity Assholes

Most celebrities are assholes, plain and simple. They have a sense of entitlement due to who they are – not what they are, which is a human creature that pisses, shits, farts, menstruates, ejaculates, and has body odor like any other. They are worse than those born rich, such as European royalty, or people who wish they were royal, like the Trumps and the Kennedys. I have met people with money – they were affluent but certainly not wealthy by any means – and they were the most pretentious bitches and bastards ever. If the upper middle class are so anal, I can only imagine how truly rich people are.

I often visit various social media sites for interesting topics, and I came across a Reddit post asking if anyone had ever met a famous person and they turned out to be an asshole, which is how I got the idea for today’s blog post. I had already heard about some people being cunts – Madonna – and pricks – Prince. I have seen on TV firsthand how much of a shithead Chevy Chase is (he was yelling at a Black female assistant on a film set about he ‘didn’t care if she worked on The Color Purple’, etc etc) and also how racist Axl Rose, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Elvis Costello are. Celebrities are jerks. They act as if they care so much for their ‘fans’ when the reality is, they only care about how much $$ the fans are spending on their worthless merchandise, feeding their egos with fan clubs and crying at their concerts and going to every movie the fuckers are in, just because…the hell with that!

Here are some anecdotes on many celebrities – some dead, some still alive – showing their asses.

On the O’Fallon show the guitarist for The Roots asked Prince to sign his guitar. Prince refused and then asked to borrow the guitar for the show and proceeded to smash this guys 1960’s guitar on stage. No autograph, guy still lends you his guitar, you smash his instrument. Nice move Prince. (Irish guy with auto correct. Prince actually ended up replacing that guitar. Still shitty as hell, though.)

I saw Demi Lovato in a smoothie shop with my 9-year-old cousin, who’s a big fan. We went up to herand my cousin asked for an autograph. She was texting, looked up, and with the most scathing look said, “Can’t you see I’m fucking busy?” My cousin was crushed and almost cried when we left.

I’m probably part of the minority here but Bill Murray. I met him 3 separate times all at different film festivals and every time he was a grumpy ass old man. 1st time he was flirting with a friend of mine and was aggravated that I wouldn’t leave him alone with her (granted). Second time at the same film festival, different party was cranky that he saw me again asking where my friend is and how I got into the party. 3rd time we met he asked me “Why do you keep coming to these things? Are you trying to meet someone or something?” I told him the truth, that my husband was there one involved with setting up every party he was at and I was invited. He was skeptical and just unpleasant.

Luis Guzman is unbelievably rude. He and his large family would come into a restaurant I worked in from time to time, treat their server like garbage, and never tip. He should re-watch “waiting”.

Jared Leto is a complete bag of assholes and no story needs to be told to prove this. (I can vouch for this. I was a sound technician at a show he was playing. I had some things I needed to ask him, but he was backstage tuning his guitar. I kept my distance and was waiting for him to be done when he looked up at me with the most hateful look I’ve ever received and said “Can I fucking help you?”. I said I was a tech and needed some info. He told me to fuck off. Great guy.

My Grandpa met the band Yes when he was working as an Airline Ticket Agent. The plane they were supposed to go on was delayed by 3 hours. They got up and said to my Grandpa, ‘We need to get on that plane. Do you not know who we are? We’re Yes.’ My Grandpa, not familiar with the band and annoyed, said back to them, ‘I don’t care if you’re No! Sit down!’

Katy Perry. I was a Marine stationed at Miramar a couple years back when she did a concert on base. They asked for volunteers to pull security which I promptly signed up for because she was my celebrity crush at the time. Figured it was the best chance I had to possibly meet her. So before the how when we’re finishing all the last minute preparations

a couple other Marines and I saw our opportunity to say hi to her…and she was a fucking BITCH. Refused to sign autographs, refused to take pictures, wouldn’t even shake our hands. I’ve never received dirtier looks from anyone than I did from her. I realize she gets those requests all the time and it’s probably annoying, and I would have been ok with her refusal if she was polite about it. But she made it very known she thought she was too good for us. I couldn’t believe it. After the show I talked to other guys that were working security and they all had similar stories. She did this show to “support the troops” and then was terrible to all the troops she actually met.

I was walking with a co-worker in downtown New Orleans when a limo pulled up beside us as we walked past the W (a hotel on Poydras Street). The members of Green Day all popped out, drinks in hand, with Billie Joe leading the way. He just shot past us without a word, but then one of the other guys (sorry, I’m not familiar enough to recognize who is who) looked at us and snapped, “Move, motherfuckers!”

We weren’t even remotely blocking the sidewalk, and unlike several other people, we weren’t moving in to ask for pictures.

I was interning at a big newspaper the summer of 2008. The day after Jesse Jackson was caught making disparaging remarks about Obama he came to our paper for an editorial board interview. This is when the top editors conduct a group interview, and they’re a pretty big deal. I was able to sit in on the interview and got to meet Jackson with everyone else. He didn’t even look us in the eye and had a disgustingly weak handshake. His hands were weird, too. I’d never before experienced what people describe as hands that only touch money, but he totally has them. He spent the next hour dodging and spinning every question and basically wasting our time. He was a bit creepy with one female editor, too. She was the only black lady in the room and he kissed her hand and got his body quite close during introductions. It was so different from how he greeted the rest of us that it came off as really inappropriate.

I had two encounters with Glenn Danzig where he acted like a baby/entitled asshole, but one in particular that sticks out. I worked at a hotel as a front desk supervisor where bands frequently stayed, and he was known by everyone there for being a major dick. Every time he stayed there, he do so under the alias “El Diablo.”

This one time in particular, we had a native spanish speaking reservationist that dropped the “El” off when inputting his name into the system, and consequently that’s how it showed up on the itinerary for all of his band/crew. Everything was running smooth with the check in until the moment he realized we were missing the “El” off of his nickname.

You would have thought I raped his first born with the reaction that followed. I was almost certain he was ready to cry out of anger, as it was a meltdown of epic proportions. Screamed, cussed, called us the most incompetent hotel he’d ever stayed at. Demanded that I not only fix it, but that I print out a new itinerary for everyone, b/c no one would find him under “Diablo” and it had to be “El Diablo.”

Didn’t happen to me but two of my friends decided to look for Kanye West after Drake’s OVO Fest concert in Toronto. Once they found him, a herd of people ran up to him, asking to take pictures and he didn’t mind at all. He seemed nice at first, and everyone was cracking jokes with him. Suddenly, some guy came out of nowhere and called him gay, and he didn’t say anything but he looked like he was about to blow up. His mood instantly changed, and he yelled at everyone to, “GET IN THE FUCKING PICTURE! I’M ONLY TAKING ONE PICTURE” in an angry tone. After they were finished, he stormed off. One of them showed me the picture and he looked pissed as hell.

Eminem: I saved up for months and took my little brother Matthew to his concert. We waited outside in the blistering cold for 4 hours and he just said no. It was cool that he didn’t want to talk to me.. but my six year old brother? He was my brothers idol, he liked him more than I do.

Met Megadeth about 6 months ago. Silly me paid $250 for the VIP package for the concert. Biggest waste of time and money. Any other VIP pass i’ve gotten with any other band has been totally worth it, getting lot’s of cool stuff and getting to hang with the band (Black Label Society being the best). With Megadeth, they came into the room with about 15 of us VIPers stood in front of us and had us line up to take photos with them. They didn’t say a word, didn’t sign any autographs, nothing. For most of the photos they didn’t even smile. Just a bunch of grumpy old men. I’m a huge Megadeth fan so this was a huge let down.

Chuck Woolery (of “Love Connection,” “Lingo,” gameshow host fame) is a major dick.

Story: At the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich. with family. In line to get lunch at like the only eatery in this giant museum. It’s getting close to closing time and the only people behind us in line is Mr. Chuck Woolery and his family. My family orders their lunches (they only had hot dogs) and then we stand aside to wait for our meals. When Chuck and his family step up the woman behind the counter apologizes saying that she just sold the last hot dogs of the day. Woolery throws a hissy fit, gives us dirty looks then stomps away.

Halle Berry

I was at O’Hare waiting for my flight to Baltimore to start boarding and had about an hour to kill. So I figured I’d get a coffee, maybe a book or something to kill time.

Walk into a duty free shop and start browsing. I’m half paying attention until I hear a woman arguing with the cashier. I think “meh, what a cunt” until I hear, “I’m not coming in until you make him leave and I NEED TO GET IN NOW.”

I turn and Halle Berry and her entourage are staring daggers at me. The cashier looks terrified and conflicted. I kinda just stood there, still not understanding Storm is bitching about me.

So I pay and begin to walk out and she huffs, “Ugh, finally. No autographs,” and I responded “Your husband Will Smith is the best,” while putting my headphones on.

I hope it really pissed her off.

Pauly Shore. I know, it’s not all that surprising, but still makes for a funny story.

Back when I was working as a barista, he came in late one night as one of the local theaters was holding a film festival and I guess he had something showing there. That night it was myself and three other co-workers, all female. He ignored every single one of us save my most attractive co-worker, who he proceeded to hit on in the most cringe-worthy fashion possible, trying to throw his weight around and impress her with his celebrity status. Hilariously, she was the youngest of us there and was the only one who had no idea who he was. If memory served, he ordered one of those stereotypical ultra high maintenance drinks (it was something like an iced half-caf nonfat two splenda white mocha) and when one of my coworkers made a reference to “the weasel” he sneered at her. I get that the guy probably gets it a lot, but seriously. He’s Pauly Shore. It’s not like he’s done a whole lot else that people have given a shit about.

I was a manager of an FBO where private planes park. Anyway, Elton John’s jet came in one night and when he walked down the stairs to his limo I said hi to him. He looked at me and laughed in the most rude and condescending way as if to say “how dare you say hi to me!”. So, when we unloaded his plane he had several huge bags filled with jello and pudding and we helped ourselves to it because fuck him!

Ohhh, my time to shine! Robert Irvine came to my high school, we have a famous culinary arts program there and he was in the area and came in. Total douche bag, the whole time he kept saying he had a show to go to, and his overall tone just made it even worse.

Justin Bieber, i never met him but he was getting ready for the show at the grey cup last year in Toronto, my dads work buddy who is a cop told Justin he cant be bringing all these girls down with him to the middle of the field during warm up, Justin walks up to him sucks his teeth and tells him that he’s paying his salary. Then when another officer asked Justin if his daughter could have a picture with him , he says “maybe what does she look like?” .. His daughter was 8.

Anne Hathaway comes to a hotel i used to work for every summer. She is a nasty, waspy, impatient woman who treated our very cordial, and proffesional staff like shit. Even worse was my life long idol Harrison Ford. He is known to be prickly, but god damn even looking that mans way will earn you a death glare that (as a life long fan) just shatters you. On the other hand Tina Fey and her entire family are just lovely lovely people, and her husband takes on the role of comedian when they are in public.

About a year ago, I had the amazing opportunity to go with a group of School of Rock kids to see TheSmashing Pumpkins sound check before a show. The kids’ ages varied from about 6 to 16. Before they started their sound check, they all came down to talk to us. They told us what it was like to tour & how they made it so far in music. Throughout this, Billy Corgan would hardly look at us when he talked & had a really bitchy, “I’m better than you” attitude. One of the little six year olds raised his hand to ask a question & their bass player (I’m blanking on her name) asked him, very nicely, what he wanted. He started to ask Billy a question, to which Billy looked at him in disgust & said, “I’m done with questions”. And walked away. The bass player felt so bad for him, she just leaned down to get to his eye level & asked him if he had anything he wanted to ask her about. To this day, Billy Corgan is possibly one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met.

I’m from Wilmington NC. Lived down the street from Michael Jordan’s high school. Have met him most recently outside of Buffalo Wild Wings. He was an asshole each time.

Ashton Kutcher

My mum owns owns a cafe called Ampersand, it’s in Paddington, Sydney, a pretty trendy, upscale area with quite a few fashion boutiques with a few arty hotels around.

Ashton Kutcher and Milan Kunis were staying in the hotel across the road from my mums cafe, I was working one weekend when they came in the Saturday morning. Mila orders for the both of them, in trackies and seeming a bit hungover and she was amazing, incredibly nice, polite, talkative. You order at a counter and go sit down, she didn’t mind they took a table outside with people gaping that they were there.

Mind you this whole time Ashton has not said one word just looked grumpy as fuck, sunnies and hat on also looking like he just got out of bed. 5mins after taking a seat 2 local girls come up, Ashton and Mila are not really talking(she was laying back against a wall eyes sorta closed relaxing.) the girls say sorry for disturbing them but could they please get a autograph from one of there favourite couples? I was just bringing there coffees out as this was happening. Mila opens her eyes and leans forward as if to grant the request, smiling, when suddenly Ashton growls and not quietly “Fuck off, we’re trying to have breakfast in peace”. I couldn’t believe it, the girls run off, Milas shocked but just shakes her head and leans back again. I spend the next 10mins trying to decide whether to hock in his breakfast or not…..

Simply, asshole.

Met Bruce Willis once on set for live free or die hard. He was a cunt.


Jerry Seinfeld: I was working in a recording studio doing voice overs for commercials at the same time as the movie BEES was recording voice overs. I walked out of my studio with my boss to wait in line for the bathroom as they only had one unisex bathroom and it was occupied. Suddenly, Jerry storms out of his studio and walks right past the line and jiggles the handle on the door. He says “What’s the deal with the unisex bathroom?”. My friend and I laugh a little as it’s very seinfeldian and Jerry turns around and says to us “What the fuck are you two retards laughing about?” and storms back into the recording studio. He was a dick.

John DiMaggio 😦 went to a convention, walked up to shake his hand and get a signature on something I took hours to draw. He didn’t call me up when I was next, he just stared. I showed him my drawing and he said “oh that’s cool, what do you want?” I asked him to sign it and he threw his pens in his bag and said “sorry, I have to go do a panel.” I was really upset, especially because he sat there 10 more minutes chatting with his agent. Still love what he’s done, but lost a lot of respect for him.

This isn’t going to surprise anybody, but KIM KARDASHIAN. Sat next to her at a Nets game when she was dating Blake Griffin, and she looked at me for like 30 sec/ a minute, shot me this look and said nothing. I never asked her for a pic, autograph or anything. Never even said a word to her. Ice bitch.

Not me, but, my friend went to the Price Is Right in L.A. about 10 years ago or so when the old host Bob Barker was still running the show. He said he finally got a seat and was stoked to be only a few rows from the front. He said that during the show, ole Bob was a saint, aka the one you see on TV, but as soon as the cameras cut to commercial, ole Bobby was a fuckin asshole.

Said he was hitting on any hot chicks in the audience with an offer to come on to stage in exchange for a date along with other shitty comments when they turned him down, generally being rude to all the other employees and other folks on the show, cussing at folks in the audience, etc. Never would have imagined it out of the persona he displayed on air. Short story shorter, Bob Barker is an asshole.

Sofia Vergara is tiny and not that good looking in person. She didn’t even smile during the picture.

Celebrities are assholes until the cameras turn off and the lights stop flashing…then they beg for your attention.

Open Season on Blacks?

The acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez of the homicide of Philando Castile was hardly surprising to me. How many police officers have been convicted of murdering unarmed civilians since the year 2005? According to Bowling Green State University criminologist Philip Stinson, only 13 out of hundreds. Most of these officers got a mere slap on the wrist or short stints in jail – many of them returned to active duty as cops again! Judges will often give cops the ‘benefit of the doubt’ while we civilians don’t receive such preferential treatment – unless our last name is Gates, Buffett, Kennedy, Bush, or Trump, that is.

While any analysis of homicides committed by police officers will show that more White people are killed, this doesn’t mean that cops are actually out there shooting Whites in droves. The population of the US is comprised of 62% non-Hispanic Whites, while Blacks make up just 13%. When it comes to those slain by police, Blacks constitute 24% of the total, whereas Whites are 49%. When you factor in the percentage of people killed by cops according to race, along with their total numbers of the US population, Blacks are more than thrice as likely as Whites to be shot and killed by police. There are 160 million more Whites than there are Blacks in America. (Fatal Encounters website information.)

More armed Whites are shot by cops than unarmed. Many of the Blacks that have been killed have been unarmed. There was a case here in North Carolina decades ago, when I was living and studying in Charlotte, where a young Black father, pulled over for allegedly speeding, was reaching into the glove compartment for his information when the trigger-happy White officer shot him dead, right in front of his little daughter. A small riot ensued but nothing like the marching and protests that have happened more recently in the Queen City.

There have been at least 59 people killed by police this month alone. According to numbers verified by 2 different websites that monitor homicides by police, 557 people have been slain so far this year. This includes murder-suicide where one partner was a cop as well as those fatally shot while armed, mentally ill persons murdered by officers, and those who died under ‘mysterious circumstances’ while in police custody. Just as it was Open Season on Blacks back in the dim dark days of Jim Crow, so it is today only they don’t have to claim a Black man raped a White woman in order to lynch him, they can just take out their police department issued weapons and use those. Just as they got away with murder in the days before the Civil Rights movement, so they are getting away with it today.

It doesn’t help that many Black and Hispanic officers themselves are guilty of murdering civilians. They too are part of the Brotherhood of Cops, and we all now that cops will stick together especially when it comes to us versus them. It’s the same with the military, politicians, and others. Here in my city, a Black female died in police custody under strange circumstances – involved was a Black male officers and 2 White women officers. They were investigated but nothing came of it, though the family of the victim sued the city. I can’t remember what happened if anything.

Whenever I watch Live PD, I examine closely how Whites are treated as opposed to how Blacks and Hispanics are. Blacks, particularly in South Carolina, are routinely stopped for the smallest violation and then, lo and behold, when the cop smells a little weed…they go apeshit, as if they just found a kidnapped victim being held hostage in the backseat or the trunk of the car. I do understand that one can’t just smoke marijuana and then go out driving as if the drug doesn’t affect one, but come on! Far more innocent people are killed in drunk driving accidents which is fueled by a legal drug, alcohol, than any other. Live PD has already been accused of racial profiling and dropped from one of their cities, Tulsa, OK, at the request of outraged citizens of the city as well as the mayor.

I’m afraid of the police. I don’t look at a cop and see ‘Officer Friendly’. Since I was 19 years old and had my own dark encounter with the boys in blue, I have not trusted nor liked them very much. (The situation at that time involved my mother and her abusive younger boyfriend, who had mental health issues inherited from both parents, particularly his father, who was a diagnosed schizophrenic. This character obtained a gun from somewhere and used it to exert control over my mother. When she had the nerve to finally call the cops on him, he showed them holes in the living room ceiling – made by a broom months previous, when the drunks that lived over us got too rowdy and my mom would take the broom handle and knock at the ceiling, which was a popcorn style made from cheap plaster. The cops believed this maniac over my mom as well as my brother and me, just because of the ceiling holes and the fact that I kept a 2×4 in my room for protection! Ever since, I have disliked the police.)

Here is what writer Benjamin Evans III had to say about cops killing Blacks:

We haven’t advanced far beyond the heinous acts of the 1960’s. And because of America’s many societal advances and integrations, many have forgotten that we are still fighting for justice and equality against a corrupt system.

In fact, in 2006 The FBI issued a warning in a 7-page unclassified report, “White supremacist infiltration of law enforcement”, that white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan were increasingly seeking to infiltrate law enforcement. It’s been 10 years since this report was released and we still have white supremacist leading in our law enforcement. They are police officers, states attorneys, judges, politicians all leading in a corrupt system.

Let’s work together to close the open season on black men.