I Would’ve Been a Hippy


A hippie (or hippy) is a member of a liberal counterculture, originally a youth movement that started in the United States and the United Kingdom during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world.

The beats (the hip people) started calling these students “hippies,” or younger versions of themselves. Actually, the counterculture seldom called itself hippies; it was the media and straight society who popularized the term. Most often, we called ourselves freaks or heads.

Had I come of age in the 60s, I would definitely have been a hippy, or head. Being the type of person I am, wholly against drug use, I would not have been the sort of hippy chick who smoked grass or shot up heroin or did anything else of that nature, but I would have certainly been into that free love and back to nature philosophy. I kind of had hippie leanings during my liberal college days in fact.

If you really want to trace the start of the hippie movement, you’d have to research the Bohemians of Europe, but as far as the United States is concerned, it all began with the Nature Boys of SoCal. Der Wandervogel, a back-to-nature ‘hippy’ type movement that had its roots in Germany spread to America, when German immigrants brought this philosophy to our shores, opening up some of the country’s first health food stores (even today, health foods are pretty big in Germany) and many of the followers believed that a warmer climate was essential, so they moved to California. Eden ahbez, a member of this group, wrote a hit song, “Nature Boy‘”, which was recorded in 1947 by Nat King Cole, popularizing the homegrown back-to-nature movement to mainstream America. – Wikipedia

Then there was the Beat Generation, Often known as beatniks (I could have been one of them), the most famous of this group include anti-war crusader Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and hero of the hallucinogenic humans, Timothy Leary. Ken Kesey was one as well, and in 1964 he embarked on a road trip across the US in a psychedelic school bus with his sycophants, a group known as the Merry Pranksters. This group lived communally in Kesey’s homes in Oregon and California, and during their road trip they met up with others that became infamous with the hippy movement, handed out LSD, and thumbed their noses at mainstream society, whom they dubbed The Establishment. Sounds like my kind of people!

The Merry Pranksters

Summer of Love, Haight-Ashbury, Yippies (a rather political offshoot of the hippies led mainly by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin), Woodstock, Charles Manson and his notorious ‘family’ – who hurt the movement with their evil crimes and visions of White supremacy – Flower Power, and music by such bands as Big Brother & The Holding Company, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Quicksilver Messenger Service, usually come to mind when one hears or reads the word ‘hippy’, ‘hippies’, and ‘psychedelic’.

Today we have the neo-hippies, the descendants of the originals, who practice the same beliefs as those that came before them: “peace, love, harmony, freedom, and community” being their motto. Some modern day hippies call themselves ‘Rainbows’ after ‘Rainbow Family of Living Light’. Hippy clothes were and still are colorful affairs – tie dye, batik, ethnic style, peasant blouses, Native American vests and such, honeycomb hats, go go boots, granny dresses, fringes, beaded necklaces, micro skirts, and old, tattered jeans. I’m loving it folks, loving it. Let’s bring back the real hippies, down with The Establishment!

Dear White Americans

Why do you detest Black people so? What is it about dark skin that frightens you? What repels you about those wit African features? Why do you feel that you are better than non-Whites, especially Blacks and brown-skinned Latinos? What makes Asians more acceptable than other minorities?

Explain your feelings, your beliefs, your opinions. I certainly explain mine through this blog! But I want to hear your thoughts now. Comment, please. Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to magically appear on your doorstep with Glock in hand, though I may put a Bad Karma curse on you and your family.

Yes, even Whites look similar

Growing up as a woman of color in the South, I was continually warned about the prejudices of White people – my White teachers, the White children I attended grade school with, and the (mostly) White principals that headed the schools. As a non-White child in a world run by Caucasians, I had to remember my place, walk on ice, and mind my manners…not an easy task for a child and damn near impossible for the rebellious teenager that I became.

At college, I turned into a Bleeding Heart Liberal. Not because of the environment, it was just me as an atheist throwing off the strangling yoke of Biblical teachings, freeing myself from the constraints of a brainwashing I never knew I’d been subjugated to. The only people I didn’t feel sorry for were criminals such as killers, pedophiles, abusers of the elderly, rapists, that sort of creature. Everyone else I felt had an explanation for being the way they were and doing the things they did.
By the time I entered my 30s, my political views were becoming middle-of-the-road and I also was smarting hurtfully from my associations with Americans of European ancestry. I felt discriminated against in the job market and talking about this with White partners didn’t help matters any because as White men, they clearly did not see any bigotry; in fact, they believed that I, as a woman of color, had two advantages over most people seeing employment: I was a woman and I was Black.

Now that I am in my 40s, I am very much a cynical people-hater and I tend to isolate myself from forming close associations with my fellow homo sapiens. Of all the earth’s peoples, however, it is the Caucasian race that I distrust the most and it’s a shame to having to admit not liking White Americans much if at all, especially since they elected that ‘pussy grabber’ into the White House. but because these are my people as far as nationality is concerned – so there are times I feel I must take up for them when Americans are slurred by citizens of other countries.

I know White people are brought up to believe that those not of their race are somehow less human, more inferior, not as smart, lazy, drunken, and prone to acts of violence. Even though statistics prove that these opinions are simply not credible, Whites will vainly hold onto their feelings of superiority as it is often all they have. (You have noticed that low-class, poor and uneducated White people tend to be the most racist?) It’s been my experience, however, that it is Blacks that Whites really hate, and it shows more plainly than the colors of the Rainbow Nation flag. Perhaps one day I will learn the true reasons why and maybe I never will. I just wish that you White people would wake up and smell the bullshit for what it is, and admit your wrongdoings, loathing, and very un-Christian feelings. Ciao.

And you look a bit queer to me!

DAMN, Bruno Mars is Unattractive as Hell!

I don’t know about you, but I certainly hold the opinion that he is – definitely he’s one of the uglier celebs out there today. When I first saw him, before I even knew his name, the first thought that entered my head was: Damn, that’s an ugly boy! I mean, the kid looks like a bug-eyed goon, some sort of Martian landed here on earth to scare the humans. While Bruno baby is surely a homely sort, he’s not the gruesomest thing to ever become a celebrity. What follows is my list of some of the most hideous 2-legged creatures passing as homo sapiens (when the reality is they are probably aliens):

  1. Jay Z – Revolting, big lipped, ape-nosed, creepy eyes…what the fuck does Beyonce see in this repulsive lizard?
  2. Channing Tatum – I cannot understand why he is considered so ‘hot’. Yeah, when he’s standing in the fires of Hell!
  3. 50 Cent – Gorilla man lives!
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio – Slit eyes, grunky face, just plain ugly to me.
  5. David Duchovny – Nerd City. Need I say more?
  6. Dean Winters – Holy Fug, this is one butt ugly beast!

  7. Gordon Ramsey – He’s only a few years older than my brother but looks as if he could be his father.
  8. Owen Wilson – Blond and ugly, the worst combination ever.
  9. Norman Reedus – Why he is thought of as a ‘redneck hunk’ staggers my mind. He’s weird looking, not sexy at all.
  10. Steve Harvey – Ghastly. That thick mustache has got to go.
  11. Neil Patrick Harris – A repugnant queen.
  12. Peter Stormare – Hideous, one of the Truly Ugly Trio from the goofball flick Fargo.

  13. Ray Liotta – Unpleasant looking creature with a strange smile, and he’s really gotten more horrifying now that he’s older.
  14. Michael Strahan – Unsightly and gap-toothed. I always hated gap teeth!
  15. Chad Kroeger – Frightfully homely, the entire band is. They also have some of the worst music ever. Canuck bands usually suck.
  16. Sean Penn – I never thought Sean had a lick of cute anywhere, not even in his hairstyles.
  17. Will Ferrell – Ugliest motha in comedy. No wait. the next one on the list ties with him!
  18. John C. Reilly – Words fail me…

  19. Steve Buscemi – Whew! Unbelievable how gruesome he is!
  20. Danny Trejo – How the hell did this monster ever get into the movies? Of course, he is never a Leading Man…
  21. William H. Macy – Short, weird features, creepy voice. All around Ug McFug.
  22. Samuel L. Jackson – Looks like a chihuahua or a Boston Terrier – or a mixture of both. A real Black demon.

  23. Kiefer Sutherland – He’s got a pigface, but then look at his father lol.
  24. Quentin Tarantino – Goddang, this is one hideous honky!
  25. Spike Lee – Freaky, lizard-eyed, sawed off Negro with an agenda.
  26. John Cusack – He looks like a White Chink. Seriously.
The above list is by no means an exclusive one, these are just the Ug-Nuts I came up within a half hour period. I would not want to even shake hands with a thing that looks like any of those mugs and as for kissing them? GAG ME WITH A RUSTY SPOON! Why is it that women nearly always have to look good, be attractive in some way, but the men can be the worst dogs on the planet? Come on, Hollywood. Stop being so damned sexist and bring back the handsome leading man before the world ends, because these guys – some of whom play main roles – are definitely not what I consider ‘HOT’.









tattoo is a form of body modification, where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment.

I was brought up to believe that the only types of people to get tattoos were military men and trash, usually of the White variety. I never even considered getting a tattoo for myself until I was in my late 20s, and by that time I was seriously contemplating becoming a tattoo artist. When I took a job assessment test for an employability class, the only career that I scored top points in was tattoo artist. I regret not taking an apprenticeship that I was offered by a local tattoo shop, but $5000 was a lot of money for me then – it still is – and I had read in several tattoo magazines that one should never, ever pay for an apprenticeship!


I have cousins with more than a few tats, and my fiance has several – including one of my name with some red roses. I’d harbored deep regrets for him getting that tat, the tattoo artist even asked him if he was certain about getting it, but he went ahead and now, even with our problems of breaking up & getting back together and now this domestic issue, I am not sorry he got the tattoo.

Tattoos are a work of art upon the skin and usually have the most important meanings to those who wear them. I’ve seen memorial tats, birth celebration tats on mothers and fathers, and even tattoos that reveal the wearer’s religious beliefs. I once thought of getting a Wiccan tat but for some reason, I changed my mind even though I had the money to pay for it.

Even though I am nearing the half century mark, I may just go ahead, take the plunge, and become a tattoo artist finally.

















Being Gay: Nature Versus Nurture or a Lifestyle Choice?

There’s this Great Debate going on that homosexuals choose their lifestyle. Then there are those that believe gays are ‘born that way’ – and in 2015, a new study of male twins (10 pairs that were both gay, and 37 pairs that were of one gay and one straight twin) revealed that a chemical modification to the DNA may be responsible.

What this means for religious fanatics who claim that God can cure homosexuality I don’t know, but I do know that it validates my own beliefs that gays are just ‘that way’ and really can’t help themselves. It is how they were born. Surely, if God holds that being gay is a sin, He wouldn’t allow people to be born like that. Or would He?  Of course, Christians – and possibly others – state that we are all ‘born in sin’ to start, so I guess it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that the Moral Minority would say that a person could actually be born gay.

I do know this – those memes you see going about on the Internet accusing single Black mothers of raising swishy Black sons is wrong. There is no proof anywhere that being raised by a single mom will mean the son will turn out queer. My brother certainly didn’t, and he had no really good male role models during his formative years other than my younger sister’s father, who passed away a few years ago from cancer. He was the only man who was there for my brother and me, and I hated my mother when she broke off the years-long relationship to begin dating a drunkard nearly a decade her junior.

There is an article on the Psychology Today site that also attempts to prove if homosexuality is learned behavior, or simply an imbalance that affects the Y chromosome, some sort of abnormal reaction by the mother’s immune system during the development of the fetus. However, an article on the US News site presents a different finding: when babies that wind up gay are in gestation, they receive epi-marks that either cause masculinization of females, or feminization of males, or at least that is my understanding.

One questionable site I discovered while researching this perplexing social problem is Conservapedia which claims that the reasons for homosexuality ‘are attributable to man’s sinful nature, nurture and environment, and personal choice’. It further states that among Orthodox Jews, a traditionally very religious group, homosexuality is very rare. Also from the site I found these explanations: 

In his 1980 work Overcoming Homosexuality, Robert Kronemeyer writes: “With rare exceptions, homosexuality is neither inherited nor the result of some glandular disturbance or the scrambling of genes or chromosomes. Homosexuals are made, not born ‘that way.’ I firmly believe that homosexuality is a learned response to early painful experiences and that it can be unlearned. For those homosexuals who are unhappy with their life and find effective therapy, it is ‘curable.

Based upon his work with 200 male homosexuals, Gerard van den Aardweg stated that 79 percent described their mother as “overanxious”, or “overconcerned” about them; their safety, health, and being overly sentimental when they met with some hardship, as well as manifesting other aspects of over-mothering. In addition, in 71 percent of homosexual cases, “the most important factor was the father’s detachedness or nonparticipation in the son’s upbringing. The fathers of 38 percent of the men were so hypercritical that the sons were made to feel either rejected and/or inferior.[13]

Another study of about 1500 homosexuals showed much less influence by the mother, while far more reported an unaffectionate or detached father, and approximately half of homosexuals reported they had negative feelings toward their fathers, versus 29 percent of heterosexuals.


Whatever it is that causes homosexuality, I am so damned glad, so grateful, I never got that disease. I may have my issues, especially as far as depression is concerned but at least my sexuality is normal!

PETA – The Terrorist Group

I have always had the feeling deep down that animal rights activists are more than a few cards short of a full deck, but the incredible truth about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has me reeling. These whackos are real nut jobs, and I am going to expose their true nature in this post.

PETA seems to believe that we meat eaters are the lowest of the low, that animal abuse is rampant, a human disease worse than adults beating their toddlers to death, yet they are guilty of some of the cruelest behavior towards animals – more so than the researchers that use our furry companions as guinea pigs in their experimentation! Don’t believe me? Read this report and learn for yourself what type of organization this so-called ‘pro animal rights’ group really is.

According to reports, PETA’s own shelter – which is at their headquarters in Virginia, the former head of the Confederacy and not a state I’d care to live in, having traveled through there a few times – was described by a state inspector as being little more than a euthanasia clinic. Speaks volumes about PETA, eh? Read the full report here.

PETA Kills Animals, a most excellent site but not the only one that exposes the gospel on these crazy radicals that pretend to be oh, so loving towards our furry friends, had this to report about PETA:

In November 2014, WAVY-TV reported that PETA employees had allegedly taken a family’s Chihuahua without cause in broad daylight from the family’s home. A surveillance video showed a van branded with the PETA logo pull up in the driveway followed by a worker seizing the dog and driving off. Wilbur Zarate, the dog’s owner, said that PETA employees later returned to his home with a fruit basket and news that the dog had been killed. The Accomack County Sheriff charged the employees with larceny. PETA refused comment to WAVY despite numerous requests.

As a result of this crime, PETA is being sued by the Zarate family and the case goes to trial this year.

Even children get targeted by this despicable group. Check out the anti-fur ‘comic‘ distributed to kids in 15+ states who accompanied their fur-wearing mothers to performances of ‘The Nutcracker’ and other shows in 2003. 

Dr. Jeffrey Dolgan, chief of psychology at Denver’s Children’s Hospital, told The Denver Post that PETA’s “Your Mommy Kills Animals” campaign is “beyond insensitive.”

I always knew Bleeding Hearts to have bats in the belfry, but the veracity behind PETA is more than I can bear. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has the audacity to compare their alleged fight for animal rights with the Civil Rights Movement! Doesn’t that sound like a bunch of overly Liberal White yuppie bastards? The co-founder of PETA, terrorist Ingrid Newkirk, was a Maryland & DC animal protection officer & deputy sheriff, before becoming DC’s very first female ‘pound master’ in 1978. She and Alex Pacheco started PETA 2 years later, and normal people have had hell to pay ever since. These mentally deficient weirdos have even compared the ‘murders’ and consumption of animals with the Jewish Holocaust. Lord Have Mercy!

PETA is an organization that no sane person should want to be a part of. Stay away from these vegan & vegetarian psychopaths.

I Was Bullied

When I was a child, I was bullied. From about the 2nd grade on through high school, I was teased, picked on, taunted, and ignored. There were about 4 girls – all White – that I could actually call friend and these were Amy C, Christy G, Lois P, and Chrissy S; I also had a boy pal named Jimmy S whom I had a serious crush on. He was Greek American and the Greek American kids were always nicer to me than the other Whites. I didn’t even think of them as Caucasian until I was much, much older.

As I mentioned in a previous post on the topic of bullying, being bullied as a child had a serious effect on me and my relationships. By the time I was in my teens, I had declared myself a hater of people, a misanthrope, after reading about the term in either an Ann Landers or Dear Abby column. I even told a shrink that a misanthropist is what I considered myself, and she had no idea what I was talking about. She had to look up the term in a dictionary!

Being bullied is no fun but I never thought about ending my own life because of it. I’ve had no best friend all through life other than my brother and he wound up getting married on me, and while I did speak to some kids during my school years – Juliana C, Pamela H, Avni V, Candy Y, Jennifer R, and Alaranita S, among others – none of them were what I could call a ‘bestie’. I simply never was that close to any girl, and I damn sure aren’t close to any women now. I rarely trust my own gender. I’d have to say that my mother and my one remaining aunt are the two females I am closest to, and then my younger sisters.

I know the reason I never had any kids and for my coldness towards children is how I was treated by my peers when I was one myself. I don’t like young people at all, and I don’t know how to react when I am around them. I am okay with my nieces and nephews, but it’s painfully obvious to others that kids make me nervous. I stayed to myself as a child, and I do the same as an adult. All because of the bullying I had to endure in school – and sometimes, outside of it.

Remember the old saying, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’? It’s not fucking true one iota. I was called all sorts of ugly names as a kid – honky, yellow ass, White girl, and Whitey, by the Blacks of course. I wasn’t really picked on like that by the White students other than a few boys, and they never made fun of me in a cruel way…it was how they treated all the girls. I used to threaten Andy T and Jeffrey L with ‘liking them’ if I didn’t get a chocolate Zinger or Twinkie out of them for lunch, a form of bullying itself to be honest. I finally stopped though when they told me they liked me as a friend.

This one faggy Black sissy boy, Abraham – I will never forget how the tables were turned on that smug little project punk when we sang the song ‘Rocka my Soul in the Bosom of Abraham’ and all the students laughed at him – was always on my case, with his snide remarks and petty shit. He had the nerve to wave at me, in his prissy girlish manner, when he saw me during an assembly at the local bigwig high school. I should have ignored him, but I think I waved back. I hope he died of AIDS. Sad but true.

I have never been close to Blacks outside my family, and the reason I don’t care to date Black men is because of the way I was treated by my fellow Blacks during my formative years. A person never forgets that type of conduct, not ever, and while I know I was never laughed at and made fun of by Black adults, except a retarded bitch ‘taking up’ for her simple-minded kids just because the bus driver was partial to me, the bullying I endured has so affected me that I tend to avoid people who remind me of those that taunted me as a child to this very day. I guess it will always be like that.