Censored Music

I hate it when I hear censored songs on the radio. I understand that many people are offended by words (as if they have never heard the children’s rhyme ‘sticks and stones, etc’), but there is nothing wrong with songs the way the artists intended them other than all that profane misogyny in rap and rock lyrics, and talk of icing/capping/killing ‘niggas’ and whatnot. But honestly, I hate censorship in all forms and for me, censored music is simply a violation of our Freedom of Speech, which we truly do not seem to have. Even the classic rock station in my area, which never used to censor music, has gone the way of the pop music and hip hop stations, and that’s damn sad.

Take Dire Straits’ ‘Money For Nothing’ for example. There’s a line that goes  “that little faggot’s got his own jet airplane, that little faggot is a millionaire.” The word faggot has been electronically altered so that you hear a little whirring sound rather than the word itself. With ‘Janie’s Got a Gun’, you usually hear “She had to take him down easy and left him in the pouring rain” rather than “and put a bullet in his brain”. And Steve Miller Band’s ‘Jet Airliner’ will substitute “Funky shit going down in the city” with “funky kicks” or “funky stuff”. People say ‘shit’ all the time so what the hell?

Researching this issue, which apparently is more common in the puritanical US of A than Europe, for instance, I learned that there is a Michael Jackson song called ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ with the lines “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me.” Radio edit: “Do me, sue me, everybody do me/Kick me, strike me, don’t you black or white me.” Then there’s ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ by The Charlie Daniels Band. Original lines – “I told you once, you son-of-a-bitch, I’m the best there ever been.” vs. the radio version – “I told you once, you son-of-a-gun, I’m the best there ever been.” Whitesnake’s ‘Here I Go Again’ changed ‘hobo’ to ‘drifter’ and I’m trying to figure out why!

‘God Only Knows’ by The Beach Boys was banned for a time because of the word ‘God’. People were incensed that the name of the deity was used in a pop song. I’m sure all those living in the Bible Belt were in a tizzy, much as they were when John Lennon proclaimed the Beatles to be ‘more popular than Jesus’! The Kingsmen’s ‘Louie, Louie’ had obscene lyrics that the band tried to hide from FBI investigators – yes, the FBI! – by slurring the words during performances. Apparently, according to the drummer himself, he dropped a drumstick during the recording and yelled “Fuck!”. And Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Physical’ contained the sexually suggestive line “There’s nothing left to talk about unless it’s horizontally” while the video itself had a gay couple walking along holding hands and ignoring Olivia. Both were censored or even banned.

Madonna has always been controversial, and her song and video ‘Like A Prayer’ is one of the most newsworthy ever, having fallen under the ire of The American Family Association, The Vatican, Italy and Egypt, as well as the singer being a restricted artist in Russia of all places. Her interracial kiss certainly sparked controversy as well, but I found the entire album to be one of Madonna’s best. The Beatles aren’t even safe from censorship. ‘I Am The Walrus’ was banned and ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ has been condemned as well, for its alleged references to LSD. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was disputed (it is one of my faves from the band) but then, the so-called The White Album, which became synonymous with Charles Manson’s cult family and their ‘Helter Skelter’ murder rampage, also was rather contentious.

Body Count’s ‘Cop Killer’ and Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’ are both rock songs that speak out against police brutality. While the former was far more controversial, the latter also was due to the profanity (which was heavily edited on radio) and the inferences to cops being members of the Klan (a lot of them were and a lot of them probably still are). I have heard these two songs on my app radios, Jango & Accuradio. Sometimes they are censored but mostly, they aren’t. If people are so damn offended by words, they shouldn’t listen to these songs. Go buy some Pat Boone records or better yet, listen to classical or other instrumental music. Then you won’t have to worry about hearing words in music that you probably hear every damn day in your own home. It doesn’t have to come from your mouth or your family members’, you can hear it on TV shows and movies and even the news these days.

Reality Racism

I must confess, I am a fan of A&E’s The First 48. However, what I do not like about the show is that the victims – and the perpetrators – are overwhelmingly Black or Hispanic. Why not film the cases that have White victims and perps? You will see White victims on occasion, but not very often. They are usually killed by members of their own race, which is probably a good thing because otherwise you would hear even more ranting from the Alt Right about Black on White violence.

The murders are typically senseless, people shot to death because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, cases of mistaken identity, or murdered over stupid shit like drugs, $20, or for being a ‘good Samaritan’. Some of the motives are so dumb that it makes me shake my head and think that it’s no wonder other people consider Blacks and Hispanics to be unintelligent. Who kills someone because they are better looking or because they are with their baby’s mother who dumped the killer 3 weeks ago? Yet you hear these reasons on a typical episode of The First 48.

I am no admirer or fan of murderers and believe they all deserve to be tortured to death, but I always have thought that Black men are some of the dumbest criminals out there. The only reason Black serial killers get away with their murder sprees for so long is because they usually kill Black hookers, and nobody really cares about Black victims the way they do those with White skin. Remember Natalee Holloway and the media circus that accompanied her disappearance? This was a girl who went off with 3 guys in a strange country she’d never before visited while under the influence. Is it any wonder that something bad happened to her? Nothing good ever comes of a woman who leaves a bar with a man she doesn’t know.

I don’t feel sorry for Black men who get caught for their crimes and wind up in prison just because they are Black. I am not sitting watching these shows and rooting for those idiots who often wind up serving lengthy sentences – though often receiving just a slap on the wrist – just because they call themselves ‘African American’. My sympathy only extends to victims who cannot defend themselves such as children and the elderly, handicapped people, and women. Men I cannot empathize with at all because they are brutes who usually deserve whatever justice metes out to them. This is why the The First 48 episode ‘Out for Murda’ was so infuriating. The Iroquois project residents actually elevating an ignorant thug to a Godlike status just made me shake my head – what the hell is wrong with Black people?

However, there have been instances in the show’s history where innocent people were victimized in the name of Reality TV, such as Taiwan Smart (pictured above). Another suspect who was found not to be involved was later shot to death, along with his child’s mother. A little girl was killed because a cop used an incendiary device to ‘flush out’ the suspect, who didn’t even live in that apartment but the one above it, all for show. I hope that child’s family sued the city for millions and got it.

The First 48 is totally biased when it comes to race and murder. I can count on my hands how many times I have watched an episode where there White victims killed by Whites, but I can’t tell you how many episodes I’ve seen that involve Hispanics or Blacks as victims and perpetrators. At least with Snapped and Fear Thy Neighbor and See No Evil, you will see a variety of instigators as well as victims. I understand that Detroit has a high crime rate and an impoverished citizenry who engage in crime (drug dealing) to ‘get by’, and there is a large Hispanic population in Miami, Dallas, Harris County, and in Arizona and Oklahoma. Poverty and crime goes hand in hand, so it stands to reason that there would be a lot of drugs, gun violence, and other criminal activity in such areas as Little Havana, the ‘Pork n Beans’, Overtown, and Little Haiti.

But there are Whites living in poverty as well, and around 81% of Whites murdered in 2015 were killed by other Whites. Why then do we not see more cases involving White victims and perps? We see White homicide detectives – I know most of their names and feel that I actually know them as people, I have watched so many episodes of this show over the years – but we rarely see Whites as murder victims. The First 48 should be produced to reflect American society as it truly is, otherwise you cannot call it a Reality Show.

Just Some Racial Shit

I once wrote a post about social media racism, and I have mentioned it in several other posts. When people can hide safely behind user names and Tweet, post to Facebook or Reddit, blog, or engage in any other social media act, they will do so. These are the same types of people that will smile in your face but call you a ‘nigger’, ‘spic’, ‘honky’, ‘bitch’, ‘faggot’, ‘dyke’, ‘prick’, ‘asshole’, ‘chink’, ‘kike’, ‘wog’, etc behind your back. Keyboard cowards, I call them.

I am not that way. If I feel that a person is being discriminatory towards me because I am a woman (of color), I will now call them out on it right to their face. I didn’t used to be this way. In fact, I was so shy to the point of being a yellow belly, and I have been called names from childhood to my teens that today, if I was to be called such, my ire would rise and murder would shoot fire from my eyes. I am no longer that namby pamby I was then, and I’m damn glad for that.

Anyway, my reason for today’s post is, of course, race issues. This country has serious issues with racism and it’s not going to get better until the world ends, which hopefully will be within the next 20 years. White people believe the worst about minorities, particularly Blacks and Hispanics (even though there are White Hispanics just as there are Black Hispanics and even Asian Hispanics). Their remarks about us people of color are ignorant and downright infuriating:

  1. We aren’t as clean as they are
  2. We are terribly lazy
  3. We are not as smart as they are
  4. We breed children out of wedlock
  5. We are drug dealers
  6. We are alcoholics
  7. We are Welfare recipients
  8. We are rude
  9. We are violent criminals
  10. We are sexually promiscuous
  11. We are killing the English language
  12. We are turning America into a 3rd World country

I have heard White people say things like ‘We were taught that Blacks were different’ and ‘I used to be scared of Black people until I realized they’re just trying to get by like everyone else’ and ‘Hispanics have too many kids’ and ‘Asian people can’t be trusted’. I’ll admit that my grandmother, who grew up in Georgia – one of the most racist states in America – under Jim Crow and who did not like Whites even though she had a White appearance, warned my brother and me about White teachers when we were in grade school. Even my father, whom I call the ‘sperm donor’, told me when I was around 12 years old that the United States was a ‘White man’s country’ and that they ‘ran everything’, and this from a person whose own father was White and who dates White women when he can find one who will support him.

My fiance told me that when he used to ride his bike through the Black neighborhood to get to his great grandmother’s house, where he was living, he often used racial slurs towards the Black kids and one time, they jumped his ass. Guess who came to his aid? An old Black man. I remarked, ‘”I hope they kicked your ass good.” He’s also confessed that the older generation in his family were racist, and that his father practically disowned his half sister for dating Black men. His aunt, who’s always dated Black men as well, could never bring her lovers around the family – only the children. I think this is why his part-Black cousins post anti White sentiments on Facebook so often.

Hell, my own mother expressed displeasure at my dating a White man – yet my younger sisters can date loser Blacks who deal drugs, all they want. I had to tell my mom that she married someone who’s an alcoholic, and people have their preferences or whatever…I would never date a drug dealer and most of the Black guys my sisters have dated are not the type of Black men I would even look twice at. No, my fiance certainly is not Johnny Depp but he’s in love with me, he works every day (and I do mean every day), he’s no dope slinging thug even though he has a criminal past (sticky fingers especially), and I never said I was marrying the man though I might…it’s my choice, not my mother’s nor anyone else’s decision. After all, it’s my life.

‘Shit nigger damn’ is a phrase that comes from my fiance’s mouth at times. Not sure why he says it but it really pisses me the fuck off and I tell him so whenever he says it. I also remind of using the N word whenever I make a disparaging remark about Whites that he doesn’t care for. He had the nerve to call me a racist once when I hardly ever use slurs such as ‘cracker’ against White people. He hates foreigners like Hispanics (wetbacks) and Indians (dot heads) and Muslims (terrorists). His mother once said, right in front of me, when she asked if he would work on her back yard, that she didn’t want it to look like a ‘niggers’. Say what?! Then had the nerve to apologize…

White Americans. What can I say?

Rise in Racism Since Trump’s Election

More than 1000 incidents of racial harassment and acts of hatred have occurred since Trump won the election. White Nationalists have been campaigning like crazy on college campuses nationwide, dropping off such material as recruiting posters, hardcore racist fliers, and anti-Semitic posters. White people, many of whom kept their racist bullshit to themselves when Obama was in the White House, have been letting the racial slurs, comments, and slogans fly since their Savior became President. A few of these incidents are highlighted below, courtesy of Slate.

High school students yell “white power” while holding up a Trump sign
Where: York County School of Technology in Pennsylvania
When: Nov. 9, 2016

Nazi and racist graffiti in Philadelphia
Where: Philadelphia
When: Nov. 9, 2016

Middle school students yell, “Build the wall!”
Where: Royal oak, Michigan
When: Nov. 9, 2016

Racist, pro-Trump graffiti at a Minnesota high school
Where: Maple Grove High School
When: Nov. 9, 2016

Nazi graffiti in a softball dugout
Where: Wellsville, New York
When: Nov. 9, 2016

Muslim woman robbed
Where: San Diego State University
When: Nov. 9, 2016

Anti-Semitic graffiti at a bus stop
Where: University of California–San Diego
When: Nov. 10, 2016RiseNRacism4

Black students added to “daily lynching” group
Where: University of Pennsylvania
When: Nov. 11, 2016

Swastika and Trump graffiti at SUNY Geneseo
Where: State University of New York College at Geneseo
When: Nov. 11, 2016

Swastikas on dorm room doors
Where: New York
When: Nov. 12, 2016

Pro-Trump racist message at a church
Where: Silver Spring, Maryland
When: Nov. 12, 2016

Chili’s in Texas doesn’t honor Veterans Day deal for black veteran
Where: Cedar Hill, Texas
When: Nov. 11, 2016

What is it now, Open Season on Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, and ‘alternative lifestyle’ types? I find these acts very disturbing, and that most of them took place in non-Southern states is an eye opener, though I’m not really shocked by Pennsylvania or Michigan, two ‘redneck Yankee’ states if I ever heard of any. These and more occurrences of bigotry can be found at Patch.

White racists love to declare that Caucasian America is rapidly disappearing, but the sheer numbers of Whites in this country disprove their theory. The chart which follows, courtesy of Census.org, clearly shows that the majority racial group in the United States is the White race.

  1. White alone, percent, July 1, 2015, (V2015) (a) 77.1%
  2. Black or African American alone, percent, July 1, 2015, (V2015)(a) 13.3%
  3. American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent, July 1, 2015, (V2015) (a) 1.2% 
  4. Asian alone, percent, July 1, 2015, (V2015) (a) 5.6%
  5. Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent, July 1, 2015, (V2015) (a) 0.2%
  6. Hispanic or Latino, percent, July 1, 2015, (V2015) (b) 17.6%
  7. White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent, July 1, 2015, (V2015) 61.6%

Obviously, Whites far outnumber any other racial group in America. Then why are they claiming that their race is vanishing? Interracial relationships may seem to be everywhere you look, but that is not the case. Most marriages are between two people of the same race because like usually attracts like. Even when you remove White Hispanics from the Caucasian category, you still get a huge number of Whites and there’s no disputing facts. So stop that bitching about the vanishing White race because there isn’t any truth to that rallying cry.

My opinion is that any excuse to show their racism, White people will blindly believe the excuse. I have heard Whites say that ‘Blacks are lazy’, ‘Jews are money-hungry’, ‘Mexicans come here to take our jobs and rape our women’, ‘Asians are sneaky’, ‘Muslims are terrorists’, and so on and so forth. I hear that foreigners are against us & hate us even when they are living in our country and getting rich off Americans, that White women who prefer non-White men have ‘low self esteem’ and are usually White men’s rejects, that Black crime against White people is an epidemic, and that ZOG controls the US government, which is kind of laughable because the Far Right are actually Zionists themselves.

Trump is in there until 2020. The rise in acts of hate will only continue to go up, and that’s truly sad.

Quentin Tarantino’s Obsession With ‘Nigger’

White people love to use the N word, whether or not they care to admit it. Even Whites who swear they aren’t ‘racist’ or ‘prejudiced’ or whatever will usually let that word fly from their pink lips as soon as a Black person pisses them off in some way. Some refer to Blacks as ‘niggers’ so much that when they become born again and profess to ‘love everybody’ regardless of race, that word still comes out of their mouths quite easily (I saw this happen on a talk show once).

Quentin Tarantino is probably the most influential White in this country today who is totally obsessed with the N word. I’m no fan of his, mainly because I don’t care for his directing style, his stories (the screenplays he writes truly aren’t that great), nor his gruesome face. His movies are seriously over-hyped and filled with senseless violence. The fact that the word ‘nigger’ is used so much is also a put off for me, particularly with Django Unchained, which otherwise is the best movie he’s made so far.

The word ‘nigger’ was uttered an astonishing 110 times in Django Unchained, according to one article. In another article, ‘nigger’ was used about 60 times (The Hateful Eight) and around 40 in Jackie Brown. When Whites use the N word, whether it’s a Quentin Tarantino movie or a Stephen King story, it’s got a sting that isn’t there when a Black person uses it, and Black people pronounce it ‘nigga’, not ‘nigger’. One writer stated –

Samuel L. Jackson won’t bite the hand that helped launch him from bit player to full-on Hollywood legend. The n-word, he says, is just a way to be true to the period and setting of Tarantino’s movies. “I know from growing up in the South that white people talk about you like you ain’t in the room,” Jackson, who grew up in Tennessee, told Buzzfeed. Spoken like a true Uncle Tom, which a great many Southern Blacks sure know how to be!

Quentin, who also hails from Tennessee – the birth state of the Ku Klux Klan – has vociferously defended his right to use the N word in his movies.

On “nigger,” Tarantino said: The way women talk about men when there are no men around is different from the way women talk about men when there are men around. It’s like, when you say a nigger joke, you gotta use the word “nigger” or it’s not funny. It’s only the dirtiness of it, the nastiness of it, that makes it funny. So I don’t want you to censor the way my characters talk.

The Guardian reported on January 6, 1998: A questioner, a young black man, threatened to spoil the love-in. “Why are there so many uses of the word nigger? You won’t get away with it.” “Yes, I do,” Tarantino said, attracting a round of applause.


At the Berlin Film Festival in 1998, (Samuel L.) Jackson repeated his disdain of a black/white double standard regarding the word “nigger,” and took some swipes at Lee directly. “[Jackie Brown] is a wonderful homage to black exploitation films [of the ‘70s],” he said. “This is a good film. And Spike hasn’t made one of those in a few years.” Jackson also took exception to, in E!’s words, “Lee acting like he’s the elected voice of African-Americans.” Jackson’s response was, “I didn’t get a chance to vote in that election.”

Lee, with whom Jackson also worked previously (“I’ve said ‘nigger’ in Spike Lee movies,” Jackson told Playboy in 2000), framed Jackson’s defense of Tarantino as “a lot like the house negro defending the massa,” according to The Washington Post in 1998. Sounds that way to me too.


Scott Peterson: A Monster Cries For Freedom

I can understand how the family of convicted murderer of two of the people who should have mattered most to him, Scott Peterson, would wholly believe in his innocence. There are websites advocating justice for this killer of his loving wife Laci, who was nearly eight months pregnant with their first child, a boy who was to be named Conner. If Scott were a Black or Hispanic man, would the public be so ready to come to his aid? I declare not. Yet just as with Steven Avery and Richard Glossip, when it comes to White men behind bars or on Death Row, Americans are ready to do battle.
If Scott was such an innocent lamb, would he have had in his possession the following items when he was arrested –
  1. approximately $15,000 in cash
  2. four cell phones
  3. multiple credit cards belonging to various members of his family
  4. an array of camping equipment, including knives, implements for warming food, tents and tarpaulins and a water purifier
  5. nine pairs of footwear (shoes, boots, flip flops)
  6. several changes of clothing
  7. a T-handled double-edged dagger
  8. MapQuest map to Frey’s workplace (printed the previous day)
  9. a shovel
  10. 2 ropes
  11. 200 blister packs of sleeping pills
  12. Viagra
  13. his brother’s driver license
Not only all that, but he had bleached blond his hair and goatee. Does that sound like the action of an innocent man to you? I have read a couple of books on the case, and I have one in my collection of true crime. Having read those as well as several articles on Scott Peterson, as well as a segment of a documentary I have on killers which features this case, my conclusion is that he’s guilty as fuck and should never, ever be set free. He’d probably torture and murder Amber Frey if he’s ever released.
About that affair with Amber – she testified that Scott told her that he was a widower, and even lied about where he lived and traveled. Comparing photos of Laci with Amber, I would have to put Scott in prison for even choosing that long-faced woman over his bubbly, pretty wife, but I guess some men have poor eyesight. Or maybe Amber was a seductress in the bedroom. Men love women who know how to have sex.
I have heard the Scott’s favorite movie was The Shining, in which a deranged man attempts to murder his wife and son. Sound familiar? I know, I know, that doesn’t mean he actually killed Laci and his unborn child but…damn, the similarity is definitely creepy. It reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer’s weird fascination with The Exorcist III. (I have that film but I don’t care for it much. I do like The Shining, however. Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation, not Stephen King’s version.)
Scott wanted to live the freewheeling single life, and when he told the investigators that he’d ‘gone fishing’ the day of his wife’s disappearance, he wasn’t totally lying: he had gone fishing, just for a different type of fish.

California hasn’t executed a Death Row prisoner in 11 years, and has only put to death 13 men since the Death Penalty was reinstated in 1978. There are more than 750 prisoners currently on Death Row in that state. It’s doubtful that Scott will ever pay the ultimate penalty for his crimes (as he is scheduled to do in 2021 should his appeals be unsuccessful), same as Richard Ramirez he will probably die of natural causes –

but behind bars, I should hope.