The Devil’s Punchbowl

The Devil’s Punchbowl is an area located in Natchez, Mississippi where in the 1800s during and after the Civil War, thousands of freed Black slaves were interred – and where, allegedly, 20,000 of them perished. The Devil’s Punchbowl is also the title of a novel by Greg Iles and he doesn’t mention one word about this supposed atrocity, at least from what I recall, and he’s one of those (very rare) White writers who often crafts an entire novel based upon a racial incident involving Blacks and Whites.

When you Google the Devil’s Punchbowl, you see article after article from such reputable sources as the Atlanta Black Star, Black Then, Melanoid Nation, African America, and Black Main Street. There are absolutely no scholarly sources for the information, which leads me to believe that this so-called concentration camp for freed slaves did not ever exist. It is one of the many stories of falsehood that Blackey, in his ignorance and eagerness to blame Whitey for every spite, recklessly believe in.

The main person responsible for this story being ‘uncovered’ in the first place is a (gasp) paranormal researcher by the name of Paula Westbrook.  According to this highly regarded source –

The Devil’s Punchbowl is a place located in Natchez, Mississippi where during the Civil War; authorities forced tens of thousands of freed slaves to live into concentration camps.  Westbrook adds that, “The union army did not allow them to remove the bodies from the camp. They just gave ’em shovels and said bury ’em where they drop.”

According to researcher Paula Westbrook, she researched through Adams County Sheriff’s reports from the time.

“When the slaves were released from the plantations during the occupation they overran Natchez. And the population went from about 10,000 to 120,000 overnight,” Westbrook said.

I am not certain what makes the writers of the articles on the above sites nor Ms. Westbrook believe that a concentration camp for freed slaves existed with that name, I’m not sure how the myth came about. According to MS News, the reason for the lore surrounding the Devil’s Punchbowl is buried treasure from pirates, not the deaths of thousands of Blacks at the hands of the Union Army. The tale of pirate treasure sounds far more plausible than that of the Yankees killing off a bunch of emancipated slaves simply because they hated seeing them free.

Black Americans can be stupid even when they are smart – though most tend to be ignorant as hell. They are so divided – of course, this is also blamed upon the White Man – and they can be so petty and jealous and envious and hateful towards each other. Rather than build up the race, they tear it down and behave in ways that make other races and ethnic groups look upon Blacks with horror. I don’t know about you, but I would get mighty sick and tired of Shopping While Black, Driving While Black, Walking While Black, or Doing Anything While Black in this country. You can lose your life!

Why is it that Blacks can support hip hop artists but not anything that promotes learning and getting an education? I personally know of many Black parents who allow their children to watch endless TV and play video games and listen to music and even have mobile phones, but when it comes to reading a book…(sigh). My own niece and nephew had to attend summer reading camp last year because their reading level was so low. It made me feel ashamed as I have always loved to read, it’s something I inherited from my mother, who also is a voracious reader. I have a cousin who reads a lot as well. I do not count those ‘urban’ novels because that is trash on a par with the confession magazines of old.

Black people are isolated more than other races and ethnic groups. We are discriminated against more, feared more, and disliked more. That’s a simple fact of life and there’s no way to soften the blow, though I am sure most of your ‘Oreos’ out there would beg to differ – “I’ve got White friends!” and ‘My sister-in-law is Asian!” and “Some of my best buddies are Hispanic!”. Yeah right, okay. You may think it’s the Muslims that are getting the short end of the stick these days, but I say it’s still us Blacks in America. Always hated, always imitated. That has been the story of Black Americans since slavery ended, and even before then I would guess.

When I look at Black Americans, I see people who can be my enemy just as much as the Whites are. Blacks are rude – even to each other – loud, argumentative, ‘gangsta’, and uneducated. It doesn’t matter that there are low-income Whites that are just as illiterate or thuggish or impolite, they are going to look at you like you’re the dumb ass and not their own kind. If you don’t believe me, go out in public somewhere and behave in a stereotypical manner. See how non-Blacks react towards you then. I know, I have gone for long walks around my hometown with my brother, and many times with my cousin as well, My brother can pass for Puerto Rican or some other Hispanic, I just appear mixed. But my cousin is dark-skinned so he can only be judged as a Black man and believe me, the reactions from Whites are totally different when he is around. They are less likely to speak and more apt to just walk past us as if we are invisible. It doesn’t help matters any that my cousin is so… loud.

White people – particularly Southerners – are brought up to believe in racial differences more often than Blacks, I think. Growing up, I was taught – mainly by my grandmother but also from my late aunt, who passed away shortly after my grandmother decades ago – that White people are racist. They spoke of the Ku Klux Klan and how my White teachers would probably treat me differently from the White children and how White people follow Blacks in stores. Even the sperm donor, who is half White, told me that I might as well learn to get along with White people because they are the group that holds the power in America. As a twelve year old, I could not fathom this concept but I sure as hell understand it now!

Whites are groomed to hold the opinions that Blacks are lazy, violent, stupid, more inclined towards criminal activities than getting a job, and lusting after White women (for the men at least). That is how they are raised to think of us, and it will never change – especially with that old toupee-wearing goat in the White House, Race relations in this country have never been truly good, but President Obama’s holding the reins for a double term only made it worse. All I can admit is that I would much rather know where I stand with someone, rather than have them pretend that they like me. I’ve known of Whites who claimed not to be prejudiced or influenced by skin color in any way, then they would turn around the use the word ‘nigger’.

In closing, I would like to remind my fellow Black Americans to stop the in-fighting and start the healing within our own communities. Until we do, we will never rise above racism as a people.

10 Reasons Why I Hate People

I have never been a people person, not even when I was a little kid. That’s actually when I started to dislike people – I most certainly despised my fellow students – and by the time I was in my teens, I actively abhorred the human race with a passion. I kind of still do, to be honest. People are the worst creatures on earth, the most aggressive animal doesn’t hold a candle to a serial killer or even an armed robber, and if the planet were rid of homo sapiens, it would be a better place.

Why don’t I kill myself, you might be wondering? I don’t believe in suicide, it’s a cowardly act – and – well fuck this shit, it’s none of your damn business why! There. I feel much better now. Anyway…I do not have any love for most humans, particularly outside of my immediate family, and the reason I have affection for them is because they are my family. Why should I have any fondness for those that detest me, such as White Supremacists and other racists? Hell, I don’t even now you! I don’t love anyone who has hatred in their heart towards me, and most people are assholes, undeserving of love or anything else other than the utmost loathing.

Since my teens, I have my firm reasons for feeling such abomination towards human beings and here they are in no special order:

  1. Racism
  2. Murder
  3. Rape
  4. Abuse
  5. Greed
    Pieter Bruegel’s The Misanthrope
  6. Selfishness
  7. Ignorance
  8. Weakness
  9. Misogyny
  10. Elitism
As a teenager, I really started hating others, particularly other adolescents. I was bullied a lot – though not as much as my brother and his friend at the time – and it left a lasting imprint upon me in the form of loathing for those ages 13 – 18. I still find teenagers the most obnoxious, unlovable, benighted, vexing, and savage bastards on earth and always will.
By my 20s, I had turned into an atheist as well as a misanthropist. I am sure my penchant for true crime had a part in it, but so did my treatment at the hands of fellow homo sapiens. I have never been a popular person, I was always one of the last chosen for a team, I never had many chums – except the White girls, who were friendlier towards me than the Blacks, who always were rather jealous – and I nearly always refused to speak up in class. I never participated in discussions unless forced to by the teacher. I was a Lone Wolf before I even knew of the term.
Into my 30s, I realized that I would never have any special affection for human beings; it was also around this time that I discerned that I would probably never have a relationship of the sort that other heterosexuals did. I am not sure why. All of my relationships with men ended before the sixth month and often by the fourth. It seemed to me that the guys only wanted one thing, sex, and when they couldn’t get it as often or as quickly as they wanted it, they moved on – or rather, I did. I usually would end the relationships, such as they were, by changing my number or email, or simply stop calling the guy. Once or twice, I moved and did not tell the man involved what was going on. Once I end a relationship with someone, I never want to see that person again.
As I approach my 50s with alarming rapidity, I am at peace with the fact that I will never love the human race. Even with the threat of everlasting torment in Hell – which I do not believe in – I have not embraced the challenge of loving people. It simply won’t ever happen and I can live with that.

DNA, Reincarnation & Whatnot

Remember when I posted my Ancestry DNA results? You probably don’t but I’m posting them again because I just visited the site to respond to some inquiries from people whom Ancestry has matched with my DNA as possible 4th cousins, and it appears that some of them could possibly be related to me because they are in Georgia, and my maternal grandmother’s people, as well as my adoptive paternal grandfather’s, come from Georgia. (I don’t know where the sperm donor’s adoptive mother comes from, but my maternal grandfather’s people are from South Carolina and I got inquiries from a person with ties to that state as well.) The problem with the DNA matches is, one guy stated that I am matched, DNA-wise, with some Indian chief somewhere…and I have zero Native American DNA!

I thought about getting my DNA tested through 23AndMe just to get those medical health reports but I really don’t need all that. I already know that diabetes, heart problems, cancers, mental illness and substance abuse issues run in the family. I don’t need a swab test to figure that out. I’m satisfied with Ancestry’s results because further testing won’t tell me anything I don’t know, such as the lactose intolerance (most non-Whites have an allergy to dairy anyway) and the tendency to gain weight in my middle as opposed to my buttocks (I will never be a fat bottom girl).

From my results, I know that nearly half my DNA is from the British Isles, while just over that amount is African in root, particularly Nigeria – a country I have never been drawn to the way I have other nations of that continent, such as Kenya and Egypt, Morocco and Ethiopia. Well, I have never been especially interested in Ireland either, yet a good percentage of my DNA lies there. The odd thing about my DNA results is not explaining the Germany magnet, as I am pulled towards that country more than any other in the world, even to the point of having bizarre dreams and strangely realistic visions about the Nazi period. (Hence my recent investigations into reincarnation and past life regression.)

I hoped my DNA results would break me free from my bondage to the Germany of the wicked blond-obsessed National Socialists but that has yet to happen. DNA news links: Jewish Roots of The Igbo, Genetic Testing Mandatory, DNA Testing & What it Can Tell You, False Promises of DNA Testing.


Africa: 57%

  • Nigeria  29%

  • Cameroon/Congo  11%

  • Ivory Coast/Ghana  8%

  • Trace Regions  9%

Europe: 43%

  • Great Britain  18%

  • Ireland  13%

  • Scandinavia  6%

  • Trace Regions  6%

Angry Black Woman

Angry Black Woman is a derogatory term that refers to black women.[1] It is also formulated as “Sapphire” or “Sassy Black Woman”.

Black women are some of the worst people to work with, in my opinion. They are sullen, resentful, full of envy and bitterness and are, same as most Black men, just plain lazy! But the main problem with Black women is their anger. They seem to be brimming with irritation at any damn thing but if it’s a Black man seen with or sniffing after non-Black women, or the presence of non-Black women, they are immediately enraged and it shows. They are also gossipy and backstabbing but that appears to be women in general, which is the main reason I don’t have many – hell, not any – female friends. I simply can’t trust another female as far as I can throw the bitch.

Do Black women have the right, as many blogs and articles and studies on the ‘Net claim, to be so puffed up with fury? According to one writer, Black women are filled with rage at being thought of as ‘the help’, bashed by Black men, not supported by Black men, pissed off at people touching our hair. having our style appropriated, and constantly being blamed. What?!? No one ever touches my hair nor asks to and yes, I wear it ‘natural’, I am never mistaken for the help, I don’t wear clothing typical of Blacks and so, if I see White, Latin and Asian boys ‘sagging’ it bothers me not a bit (that’s a prison bitch thang anyway) nor is braided hair exclusively Black. Having big lips isn’t a style, it’s heredity.

As for Black men bashing Black women and not supporting us – who the hell cares? Black men lack the power to do anything for themselves, and when they are able to do something, they don’t out of sheer laziness – too used to mama doing it for them, or the hood rat welfare cat, I guess. The writer does not differentiate between non-Black and Black women as far as the blame game goes, and I’d have to agree with her that we women do take the blame for a lot of the shit that men dish out against us, such as rapes – she shouldn’t have been dressed like a skank! – or domestic violence – that cunt was asking for it, she kept giving me lip!

But Black women are the Jezebels, the Mammies, and worst of all, the Sapphires – see my post from last year for more on these stereotypes. We are only ‘Queens’ to a certain strong type of Black male, and I most certainly don’t mean those Black Israelites you may see shouting about White devils on a big city street corner (see the 2nd episode of Hate Thy Neighbor for more on these weirdos). The truly sad part about the Black woman as a ‘sassy’ dame is that it’s not a cliche – it is as much a fact as the Jim Crow South and Auschwitz and the Eiffel Tower. Why are Black women such bitches? Is it their nappy ass hair? Their fat bodies? Their greasy skin? Their bad weaves/wigs? Their ignorance? Their undesirable, unappealing, and total non-sexiness in the opinion of a great many Black men? What the hell is it that makes them rage? A lot of it has to do with Black male rejection of them.

Black women talk about you, they will do it right in front of your face and not give a shit how you feel about it, they will keep the damn shit stirred no matter how bad it stinks, and they will talk loud about whatever pisses them off, unable or unwilling to keep their voices down. They are ornery and conniving and seem to suffer from permanent PMS. I was a line trainer once for an order picking operation and boy, those Black women and their constant anger! It was wearying. I was glad to go away to another job and leave that bitchiness behind me – until I wound up with a bunch of even bitchier bitches. After that, I threw in my towel and went to work for myself, Fuck the world, I say!

I have worked with all kinds of people, though my coworkers have largely been White or Black, and in more recent years, Hispanics – I haven’t worked around many Asians and never Native Americans so I can’t say about those ethnic groups, but Black women are by far the bitchiest of the bunch, bar none. They make Africans – who are some of the laziest coworkers I’ve ever had – seem like the most cheerful people ever. Black men don’t hold a candle to Black women, not even Hispanics do – and the Latinas can be almost as cunt-like as their African American counterparts. I tend to stay away from forming close relationships with women, period, but Black women? Oh they make me run screaming for the hills!


Swiss Youth

As my readers know, I have been to Europe several times – 1999, 2000, 2001, and in 2010 (with hopes of returning before 2020). I have my favorite European cities and my least favorites, and then there are the countries and their people. I have visited 12 nations in the Old World so far, with plans to see more in the future (especially Scandinavia since I have 8% of that DNA in my ancestry) and I have them listed below from my most favored to my least liked.

  1. Switzerland
  2. Austria
  3. Germany
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Monaco
  6. Netherlands
  7. Italy
  8. France
    French Youth
  9. Belgium
  10. Vatican City
  11. Spain
  12. England
To be fair to England, I have only been to London (4 times) but it’s a really big city and I just don’t care for larger cities the way I do the smaller towns. I am particularly partial to the little villages. The people that inhabit these places are another story entirely, however. If it weren’t for the beauty of some of the countries and cities I have toured, I would have written them off because of their citizens.
Typical Italians
For instance, I do not care for the French nor the Italians. I think it’s an anti-foreigner vibe I get from the French, and the Italians are just as bad, in my opinion. Some of them would actually laugh at the Aussies and Kiwis when they asked a question of the Italians regarding a menu, restrooms, etc. Then there is the body odor problem…! Do these people just get up and sit on the bidet for a few minutes or simply don’t believe in keeping their armpits deodorized or what? Must be a type of cultural thing.
Tall ass Dutch
The cleanest countries had the friendliest or at least the better mannered inhabitants, at least as far as I am concerned. I found the Germans to be the nicest people by far, with the Austrians second, and the Brits third (very polite, extremely helpful unlike many of my own country people). Swiss, Dutch, and Spaniards were okay, the French can be downright rude – though I personally did not experience this, others I was in the company of certainly did – and the Italians…what can be said about them? They were sort of between the Germans and the French, depending on gender (with the men being friendlier than the women, most of whom were some pretty ugly hags if you ask me).
Czech Girls
I went to the Czech Republic for my first time in 2010, and I found the people mostly pleasant – no hard stares as I had feared, no kidnapping to be taken away to be the victim of billionaire killers, no shaven head Fascists marching and shouting anti-foreigner slogans. I had a very good time there and I would love to go back and visit the places I didn’t get a chance to on my first go round.
So how do I rate the Europeans on a scale of Friendliest to Rudest or Most Impolite or just So-So? Here follows my list. I added residents of Vatican City with Italy and Monaco with France. They are pretty much the same!
  1. Germans
  2. Austrians
  3. English
  4. Czechs
  5. Italians (Vatican City inhabitants included)
  6. Belgians
  7. Dutch
  8. Spaniards
    Spanish Dudes
  9. Swiss
  10. French (Monegasques as well)

Interracial Friendships

How common are friendships between people of different races? I have been giving this question a great deal of thought lately due to the prevalence of interracial friendships on TV, especially in ads and on certain popular shows like The Walking Dead, where people of various hues have banded together in order to defeat the inarticulate zombies that are out to eat them.

Commercials would have one believe that interracial friendships are common as red sports cars. I live in a diverse neighborhood so it’s not surprising to see Black children playing together with Hispanic kids, or White boys playing basketball up at the park with boys who are Latino or African American. It is not as common with the older crowd, however. I hardly see interracial friendships between those of different ethnic groups in the 30s, 40s, and older age groups.

Of course, I reside in a Southeastern state with conservative (read; Republican) leanings; the city and county I was born and raised in have been segregated since the days of the Sundowner towns (and yes, there were some of those right here in North Carolina). There are city-owned Black cemeteries, the many churches are mainly divided along racial lines – there are even Hispanic churches that hold Spanish sermons, some of them Pentecostal – and schools have become rather segregated once again now that White parents won the battle to allow their children to attend schools in their own (largely Caucasian) communities.

One of the latest studies I could find on interracial friendships revealed that while only 3.7% of Whites had invited a Black person to their wedding (the consensus being that only the closest of friends will get a request to attend one’s wedding) while 22.2% of Blacks invited a White friend to their own wedding. However, Whites and Asians included each other in their weddings at about the same rate, whereas Asians invite Blacks to their weddings at about one-fifth the rate that Blacks include Asians in theirs. Asians and Whites are less inclined to invite Blacks to their weddings much in the same way as they are less inclined to befriend them.

A more recent poll revealed that 40% of Whites and 25% of non-Whites do not have close friends of another race. In this study, Hispanics were found to have a more diverse social network, though 20% of Whites claimed to have 5 or more close friends who were non-White. Younger people were more likely to have friends outside their race, same as with dating, but the study showed that Blacks and Whites still tend to lead segregated lives here in America.

On a purely geographical basis, the South – no shock there, folks – had the least diverse relationships, while the Pacific states had the most diverse, again not a shock as far as I am concerned. This poll from 2013 also showed more, not less, racial segregation than a similar poll undertaken in 2004. A 2014 study revealed that 91% of the average White American has only Caucasian friends and family, with only 1% of their close friends being Black. While Black Americans had a more diverse social network than did the Whites in this study, they did not fare much better: 83% of Blacks could count only close friends of their own race, 0% Asian, 2% Latin, 3% mixed race, and 8% Caucasian.

It seems that sitcoms featuring families and groups of friends that are largely homogeneous are more true to life than a fantasy after all – Friends, Cheers, Glee, The Cosby Show & that whiter than snow old spectacle my grandmother rather despised, The Andy Griffith Show – which was criticized for its lack of Black characters back in the day. Those diverse TV commercials are clearly a Liberal dream.