Me The Happy Misandrist

Sometimes I hate men. I have always felt that way, even as a child…before I ever started dating and realized what absolute total shits the male gender happens to be. I can understand why there are men who are so sexually confused, they wish to be women. Who’d want to be a hard, hairy, and smelly creature with that thing between the thighs which defines their sense of maleness?

I loathe males more now than I ever have, mostly because of my so-called fiance; I have despised this guy for more than a year and it gets worse every day. I find him a toad, homely and ignorant and so low class that I often wonder what the hell I am doing with such a critter. He is a foul mouthed, chain smoking, canine crazed redneck who looks as if he’d fit right in with the criminals one sees on such shows as Southern Justice or the druggies on Intervention.

Why am I associated with this loser? Am I truly so desperate that I would need to degrade myself to be with a creep of this magnitude? Is it because he pays half the bills? Did I fall in love with his stinky beloved pitbull that barks at every noise and eats like a body builder in training?

It can’t be because I love the guy because that ceased last year. I did love him at one point so that when we broke up, it hurt….even though he was already on Methadone (treatment for his pain pill addiction). If I knew then what I do now, I would never have gotten back together with him. Never. We all make mistakes and I have made some whoppers in my time but never one as big as this!

He’s always making sexist remarks, or racist comments, or slurs against Muslims (whom he seems to think are worse than gays, the typical White Christian Male attitude these days), and to top it all off, he constantly compares dogs with cats – standard masculine behavior since most males hold the belief that only queers prefer felines, along with women and witches and other weird people.

I know that his views are the sign of a weak person with a mind that is less intelligent than most, but that doesn’t mean I should laugh at his marijuana-addled witticisms, his bizarre palilalia, and his utter devotion to his mother. Theirs is a strange relationship, let me tell you – she still gives him money, an adult male in his 40s with a job that pays every week – if he goes a day without talking to her, it kills him. He has to see her every week, often twice in seven days, even though she apparently abandoned him as a child (he was mostly raised by his great-grandmother, whom he called nanny as he does not have much to do with his actual grandmother due to the way she treated his mother). I was always warned about Momma’s Boys but WOW! this takes the damn cake.

Maybe there is hope for me. Maybe my feelings towards the masculine sex can be turned into at least liking if not loving…though I kind of doubt it. I think my misandry goes a lot deeper than the shit my current boyfriend has put me through. I think it is the culmination of all the failed relationships of my life, including the one that never was with the man who gladly donated sperm to my mother, the result of which was my conception…and the woman bashers of those three patriarchal religions I have such a difficult time with, the rampant sexism in the media and society, the belittling of the female, the serial killers that prey on us, the global misogyny that keeps women and girls oppressed…

Actually I think being a misandrist suits me.

Trump’s Goal: To Destroy Obama’s Legacy

Donald Trump is a racist. All White Americans have some racism in them, particularly against Black people. This is why a lot of Blacks these days loathe White people, especially White police officers (I will post about this subject tomorrow). Blacks have gotten tired of sucking up to Whites, who will never ever like them. I see the White hot hate on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or some White supremacist’s personal blog. I see it on television even – Live PD is a prime example of it. Someone posted somewhere that Whites are racist by default, and truer words have never been used to illustrate White racism in this country (as well as other White majority nations).

Trump is a typical older wealthy White American male. Most Whites over a certain age are bigots and ultra conservative. They tend to be well-off compared with other ethnic groups, and they usually call themselves ‘Christians’. Anyone who believes that Trump isn’t a bigot is seriously deluded, and this goes for his Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish supporters in particular. Trump and his dear old dad were sued by the Justice Department in 1973 for housing discrimination because they would not rent to Blacks. Black people, the government found, were often told a Trump Management complex had no availability when apartments were available for rent. In one instance, a black man asked about two-bedroom apartments at Trump’s Westminster complex in Brooklyn on March 18, 1972, and a superintendent told him nothing was available. On March 19, 1972, the black man’s wife, who was white, visited the complex and was offered an application for a two-bedroom apartment on the spot.

Donald Trump is the main enemy of former President Obama. He started the ‘Birther Movement’ and did not rest until years later, when he offered a weak, half-assed apology of sorts that no one outside the GOP believed for a second. Now that this sorry excuse for a politician is in the White House, he’s been doing everything within his means to destroy everything that Obama ever did. From Huffington Post writer Earl Ofari Hutchinson:

Trump’s persistent use of Obama as his foil isn’t just to slander his presidency. It’s to slander him. It isn’t just political, it is personal. The two can’t be separated. Trump repeatedly made clear during the early stages of his campaign that if he got in the White House he’d sign any and every executive order he could to try and halt, gut, or obliterate every initiative that Obama had ever put in place. He’s been as good as his word.

Obama was an eight-year embarrassment to the chronic Obama haters. He was liberal. He was a Democratic. And most odious to them, he was black. Tea Party demonstrators greeted Obama at many stops during his first two years in office with placards, signs and pictures that depicted him in the most lewd, grotesque and often animal-like characterizations. This went way beyond the bounds of normal political attacks and criticism of a president. It was blatantly personal, and showed the depth of the personal distaste many had for Obama and they were not shy about showing it.

Republicans have been chomping at the bits to get rid of everything Obama ever did during his 8 year tenure and they’ve got their golf-playing bigot in there to do what they want done. They cannot allow policies and orders implemented by a Black man – the lowest on the social/racial totem pole in the US and around the world – to remain in place. Had these same executive orders and government policies been put in place by, say, a White man, they wouldn’t have half the problems with them. It is only due to Obama’s race that the GOP are so hell-bent on destroying whatever he did. That is the main reason Donald Trump hates Barack Obama. Old White guys are racist. Take a look at such right wing actors & directors as Clint Eastwood (who portrayed a racist in Gran Torino), Kelsey Grammer, James Wood (who also played a racist in Ghosts of Mississippi), Chuck Norris, and Jon Voight. You never heard a peep about their political leanings when they were younger, but now that they are old fucks…

Here is what one individual had to say in response to another’s question on why Trump wants so badly to destroy Obama’s image:

Obama’s essential decency, both in his personal and political life, is a mute reproach to Trump’s sweaty, grasping crassness.

Obama’s education and sophistication is an affront to Trump’s ignorant reliance on his overflowing gut.

Obama’s race combined with his education mark him as an “Uppity Negro”—anathema to Trump’s racist followers who desperately need to think, as Southern oligarchs have taught them for centuries, that the lowliest white man is better than the best Negro. Whether Trump is racist or not, Obama’s “Uppity Negro”-ness mean that Trump’s rural Southern white base desperately needs to erase every trace of Obama’s presidency.

And Trump is prone to conspiracy theorizing, the mediocre man’s substitute for analytical thinking. So blaming all his problems on sabotage by Obama and his appointees is a convenient way for Trump to avoid confronting the stark fact that he isn’t up to the job.

I couldn’t have written it better myself.

Racism & Segregation in America

I was reviewing the Tweets of those I follow on Twitter this morning when I came across a post of a map of the USA with Google Autocomplete questions about American states: “Why is (insert state) so ___?” One of the states with ‘racist’ across it was – no shocker here – Mississippi. I was intrigued enough about why people would Google this inquiry so often, and I immediately decided to research the topic, only I decided to ask Google “Why is the South so racist?” rather than just Mississippi.

One of the search results pointed me to an article written by a Northerner who expostulated that racism isn’t exclusive to the South. The North – and many areas of the East as well as the West – are as guilty of racism as are the Confederate states. Cities such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Cleveland are known for having race problems. Philadelphia and even New York, that bastion of ultra liberalism, are very segregated when it comes to race and income,

According to the writer, Jay Parini –

The rebel flag is a degraded symbol, not unlike the swastika, an ancient and benign symbol that the Nazi movement co-opted. Slavery was a terrible crime: Between 1525 and 1866, more than 12 million Africans were kidnapped and sent on slave ships to the New World, and by some estimates about 450,000 disembarked in the United States, many ending up in the Northern states. Indeed, slaves were auctioned regularly in the Market House in Philadelphia and in Merchant’s Coffee House in New York. Slavery persisted in places like New Jersey almost to the end of the Civil War. Roughly 2 million Africans died en route to these shores, and the economy of all 13 colonies was dependent on slavery, which was backed by the sanction of law. This sad history is part of our national heritage — not just Southern heritage — and it’s something we need to deal with.

Boston is being called the ‘most racist sports city’ in the country. Why add ‘sports’? It’s just a city with a lot of racist people living in it. Racism has nothing to do with sports – that’s like talking about racial taunts with footballers (soccer players) over in Europe. Racism has to do with ace, not competition or entertainment or a city itself. It has to do with the people and their attitudes towards those who are of a different color or ethnic background than they. Bostonians are largely made up of wealthy WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) and Irish, Italian, and other White ethnic groups. For decades the Irish and Italians, because they are Roman Catholics, were looked down upon as not ‘really White’ by other European Americans. Now that they have been accepted into mainstream society, they choose to turn their noses up at others, namely Blacks and Hispanics. It’s the same in many of those Northern cities, especially places like New York City and its heavily ethnic boroughs, most of Pennsylvania, probably all of Massachusetts, and even Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

Black Southerners aren’t fleeing to the North and up the East coast the way they did back during Jim Crow. There’s no reason to run away from racism and have to face more of the same, though usually in a more subtle manner – and probably oftentimes not. If anything, there are Northerners escaping the horrible Yankee weather for the balmy hot climes of the Confederate states. I have met Americans on my travels through Europe and in my own state, especially when I lived in Charlotte which has more non-natives living there, it seems, than native Charlotteans. The friendliest people I met on my European jaunts came from the West coast, California (San Diego) and Washington, or they came from Western states such as Colorado. The more stuck up/snotty types were country club chicks from Alabama, rich bitches from Texas, and people from up North – particularly New York.
Another article I discovered listed the most segregated cities in America – it was hardly surprising that many of these areas were ‘up North’. I already live in a small city that is segregated by race and income. All the rich Whites live in the nicest areas, with wide streets, spacious lawns, and lots of trees whereas the poorest neighborhoods (where most of the illegal aliens have settled) have the worst maintained roads, shotgun houses set too close together, and stray animals roaming the area. These quarters are mainly Black and Hispanic, with low income older Whites scattered here and there. The East is probably 90% Black and 10% Hispanic, and it’s the most destitute area of the city. while the West – where the affluent Whites reside – is the richest and most visually appealing.
You can’t run from racism. It will always exist no matter what the SJWs and Liberals and others say. People I’ve met who come from New York and Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and Maryland have all been fake as hell, and that includes the POCs (people of color) as well as the Whites, who are so phony they piss me off. Southern Whites will not act this way. If they dislike you because you are Hispanic or Black or Indian or Asian or Muslim or whatever, that’s it. They’re not going to pretend the way many Yankees do. As for the people I’ve met from out West, they were the least fake of all Americans, the type to immediately offer to shake your hand when introduced…hell, many Southern Whites won’t do that even during a job interview as if they’re afraid of catching ‘niggeritis’ or some such disease that will turn them non-White within days. Personally, I would rather know where I stand with people. If you don’t like me because of my race or religion or whatever, that’s your right as a human being. But don’t pretend that you like me only to go behind my back and talk shit about me, or about those like me. I prefer honesty, not phoniness.

Quentin Tarantino: Overrated Director, Awful Movies

I don’t understand the hero worship of Quentin Tarantino. He isn’t a great movie director by any means and his movies are some of the worst I have ever seen. Somehow, he has critics everywhere under his spell, and millions of movie fans as well – his dark and ugly brand of magic started with the terrible Pulp Fiction (what many regard as his ‘best’ film) and it doesn’t seem like Tarantino’s voodoo curse is going away any time soon. Unless he vanishes off the face of the earth. I hope he does.

Let’s be honest. Tarantino is not a good screenwriter. He uses dialogue when action could show the story, and his characters talk too damn much. The conversations are corny and unrealistic, and the action itself is often crazed, totally fantastical, and usually violent. Blood spurts and spatters galore in most Quentin Tarantino films. His penchant for the word ‘nigger’ is well known, and he uses it where it doesn’t even have to be used. His treatment of women is beyond sexist, and he always puts Black women in subservient positions – whores and maids – same as he does with Black men, though he does give his male characters a bit more respect than he does the females.

I tried to watch Pulp Fiction back in 2004 and was bored to death. I only suffered through the torment because of my then boyfriend, who declared that waste of celluloid to be his ‘favorite movie’. Ugh. I don’t know how anyone with even half a brain could call that trash their ‘favorite film’ but hey to each his/her own. Some people simply have poor taste. Same with the critics that go ga-ga over every shit movie that Tarantino puts out there. I’m not sure if he pays them well or what it is, but if you are a film critic and you give any Tarantino movie more than 3 stars out of a 1 – 5 rating, something is seriously wrong with you mentally.

I haven’t seen all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies and those that I have seen, I didn’t really like. I tried to watch Natural Born Killers, which he wrote (and yes, the N word is in there as to be expected) and I gave up within 30 minutes. He wrote and produced From Dusk to Dawn, another bit of dreck with the word ‘pussy’ mentioned as many times as the word ‘nigger’ in the Hateful Eight. Terrible movie. (He also produced the 2nd and 3rd in that series but I never saw them, thank the Goddess.) I used to have Grindhouse, which is another bad movie, and I think I traded it for credit at a local media store. He produced Hostel II, which is really awful – hell, the first one wasn’t all that good but it was better than the sequel. Then there’s Django Unchained and the Hateful Eight, both sorry ass films in my opinion. Not because of the N word either – they are just truly bad movies.

He always puts himself in his movies too, as if he’s such a great actor. Who wants to see that ugly mug onscreen, unless he decides to make a slasher film one day and casts himself as the villain? I’m no big fan of Stephen Spielberg movies but he’s a far superior director/producer than Tarantino will ever be. Even Spike Lee, who used to make rather crappy low-budget goofball movies even though the race message was serious, has become a better film director/producer than he used to be. That’s what it is all about, growing as a person in your chosen career. However, Tarantino is still churning out the juvenile, macho male, nigger-laden, overly violent bullshit that he started out doing. It is apparent that he’d rather make money than provide quality entertainment to the gullible masses.

I’d rather spend my money on wine for homeless bums than waste it going to see a Tarantino film.

Black Women Are The Most Disrespected

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” – Malcolm X

There has never been any respect in America for the Black female. We have been looked down on by every segment of society, from White men to White women to Black men. We are the ‘least attractive’ according to most men of any race, and the least likely to be married of any group of women. We are considered loud, masculine, sexually loose, overweight, and ‘nappy-headed’. We are not good enough for Hollywood unless we are ‘light skinned’ or appear ‘mixed’. We are the Jezebels, the Sapphires and the Mammies.

Rapper French Montana attacked a black woman on Twitter after she’d tweeted dismissively about him. “The fact that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him,” she tweeted. Her words weren’t directed at the rapper, he wasn’t @-ed in her tweet. She was just one of several people who’d tweeted something anti-French Montana. But for whatever reason, the rapper decided to lash out viciously at this particular tweet.

“U musty crusty dusty rusty ass hoe,” Montana tweeted in response. “With them nappy ass poetic justice braids take your cum drinking Dick banging ass somewhere n be humble.”

Montana’s offensively over-the-top response to a lukewarm tweet was just the latest in a string of incidents over the past couple of months involving celebrities publicly disparaging black women. The incidents reflect a specific sort of racism. One of the most notable came when controversial Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly appeared on the talk show Fox and Friends in March and was asked about Rep. Maxine Waters’ recent speech lambasting Donald Trump.

Would French Montana – whom I have never heard of until I read this article – or Bill O’Reilly have insulted a White woman in this manner? No. Definitely not. White women are, to the non-White male, a trophy, a ‘status symbol’ of their entree into a higher level of society than they were born into. And while White men will put down women due to the misogyny that all males suffer from, they will never insult White women the way that they do women of color, particularly Blacks and Latinas.

Why is it this way? What is it about women of other ethnicities that make them so much prettier and feminine and appealing to men? Why are Black women given such a low status in this country (and in others)? It’s not the same with Black men, except in Asia where dark skin on anyone is looked down on as ‘low class’ due to the fact that the peasants in Asia toiled in the fields, where the hot sun darkened them, while higher class people stayed inside, their pale skin untouched by the sun’s rays.

Then there is the Eurocentric Standard of Beauty, brought about by centuries of domination by the big European world powers. I was once a victim of this mentality myself, as a child. When I was first given a Black baby doll – a Baby Heartbeat – I thought she was ugly and didn’t want to play with her. I wanted only blonde, blue-eyed baby dolls, not brown-skinned, brown-eyed, kinky-haired babies. I didn’t look at Black Barbies or Christy dolls the same, as they had European features and long, wavy hair, often with brown streaks, and were just as pretty as the flaxen-haired Barbies and Skippers.

I couldn’t understand, when I was younger, why White girls had long hair but Black girls did not. I also didn’t understand why the little Indian girl named Avni had straight dark hair when her skin was darker than mine. I used to pull on my braids, thinking that would cause them to grow longer faster. I have written in previous posts how I was teased by the Black kids when I was growing up, and was far more accepted by the White kids. To this day, I have problems with other Blacks – mainly Black women – stemming from my childhood treatment by members of my own race. This started when I was in the second grade and continued on through to high school. (I never had such issues with others about my racial background and skin color in college.)

My youngest sister, who is part Hispanic, had the same problems with Black girls as a child, and this also went on through high school. She even had issues on the job when she worked at Dell, as did I in a way, though her enemies was so jealous that it was obvious even to the line leaders. Women can be the biggest cunts on the planet, which is why I don’t have any female friends and I avoid getting close to women on jobs or in classes or anywhere else. I don’t need or want that drama in my life. I have enough to deal with as it is. My sisters both have female friends, even close buddies, while I do not.

I know it can be difficult having to be a dark-skinned woman with kinky locks in a world that favors pale skin and silken tresses, but hey, don’t take it out on your fellow Black women because the Fates dealt you a burdensome hand! You just have to make the most of it and live with what you’ve got. Unless you have money and can transform yourself via surgery the way Lil Kim, Lark Voorhies, and other self-hating celebrities have done. So what if many Black male celebs are seen with White or Asian or Hispanic women? The majority of Black men still prefer to date and marry Black women, so Black females should see that as a plus. You probably aren’t ever going to meet any of those celebs anyway, and they’d probably be the biggest assholes on the planet – celebrities have egos bigger than Jupiter,

Even if you look like Alex Wek or Hattie McDaniels or some other female that men don’t usually go for, who cares? When you look in that mirror, call yourself Beautiful. Say, I AM BEAUTIFUL. And say it like you mean it. If you overhear someone putting you down because of your looks, ignore that ass. I have been called ‘high maintenance’ and ‘redbone’ and ‘high yella’, I just let that vomit roll off and keep on going. I honestly no longer care what people I don’t even know – and don’t care to know – think of me. What I feel about myself is the most important, and I love myself, nappy hair and all!

Is White Skin A Curse?

We’ve all heard about the Curse of Black skin via the Book of Mormon and Christian Identity and even from Black people, but what about the possibility that it is actually White skin that is cursed? After all, it is White skin that burns so easily in the sun…White skin that freckles and wrinkles and develops raging skin cancer lesions and other unsightly discolorations…White skin that is melanin deficient. Black skin may scar more readily, but anyone who is tan-skinned and darker doesn’t have too much to worry about as far as early signs of aging, except those for who don’t take care of their health the way they should.

If you will check the figures from the World Life Expectancy’s website, you will see immediately that the countries with the highest rate of deaths from skin cancers are White majority nations like New Zealand, Australia, and Slovenia, while the lowest are countries with darker-skinned inhabitants such as Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. While it is true that those with dark skin can and do get skin cancer – Zimbabwe is a prime example of this, even with a minority of Whites living in the country – it is not typical, and mainly concerns those with close (a parent or grandparent) Caucasian ancestry, especially from Northern Europe (where my own White DNA hails from).

White skin may result from albinism as many claim, but I don’t believe it comes from leprosy as a lot of Black ‘Israelites’ tend to declare. According to recent (2015) findings by scientists, height, pale skin, and the ability to digest milk evolved in Europe between 8000 to 4000 years ago as a result of a genetic mutation.

First, the scientists confirmed an earlier report that the hunter-gatherers in Europe could not digest the sugars in milk 8000 years ago, according to a poster. They also noted an interesting twist: The first farmers also couldn’t digest milk. The farmers who came from the Near East about 7800 years ago and the Yamnaya pastoralists who came from the steppes 4800 years ago lacked the version of the LCT gene that allows adults to digest sugars in milk. It wasn’t until about 4300 years ago that lactose tolerance swept through Europe.

When it comes to skin color, the team found a patchwork of evolution in different places, and three separate genes that produce light skin, telling a complex story for how European’s skin evolved to be much lighter during the past 8000 years. The modern humans who came out of Africa to originally settle Europe about 40,000 years are presumed to have had dark skin, which is advantageous in sunny latitudes. And the new data confirm that about 8500 years ago, early hunter-gatherers in Spain, Luxembourg, and Hungary also had darker skin: They lacked versions of two genes—SLC24A5 and SLC45A2—that lead to depigmentation and, therefore, pale skin in Europeans today.

But in the far north—where low light levels would favor pale skin—the team found a different picture in hunter-gatherers: Seven people from the 7700-year-old Motala archaeological site in southern Sweden had both light skin gene variants, SLC24A5 and SLC45A2. They also had a third gene, HERC2/OCA2, which causes blue eyes and may also contribute to light skin and blond hair. Thus ancient hunter-gatherers of the far north were already pale and blue-eyed, but those of central and southern Europe had darker skin.

Typical Asian striving to appear ‘European
So if white skin only developed in Europe within the past 8000 years, what did the early Europeans look like? While there may have been light-skinned peoples up in far Northern Scandinavia, it was apparently not the case for the majority of Europeans. It is obvious that pale skin is more of a genetic mutation than anything, and yes, it may be a bitter pill for White people to swallow, having grown up smug with the superiority of the privileges that their pale skin brings them, but it’s the truth. DNA and science do not lie. So white skin might not be a curse, but it evidently isn’t the blessing Whites have been taught and programmed to think it is.

A Big Eff You Goes Out To…

I couldn’t sleep and so here I am, posting to this blog that many read but never comment on. Is it because they cannot come up with any wise ass remarks, aren’t interested enough to comment, or some other unspecified reason?


Anyway, I was thinking the other day about all the shitheads I’ve known in my life and I want to do a special FUCK YOU to them right here, because it will probably help me to overcome my lack of forgiveness towards these individuals who I am sure don’t give me the time of day. Hell, most of ’em probably don’t even remember me or what they said or did to me that still pisses me off when I think about it.


Elementary School (K – 4)



The Little Blonde Bitch in 2nd Grade


Those 2 Slants from Thailand

Intermediate School (5 – 6)

Most of the Black kids from the projects

Junior High (7)

All of the boys I was personally acquainted with

Middle School (8)







High School; Senior High had been eliminated by this time (9 – 12)


Since my damnable grade school years, I have met many sonsofbitches and skankasshoes whose butts I would gladly kick, not to mention put a red hot rod up inside, if I were to see them again. True, I already abhor the human race but that goes double for those who have pissed me off without knowing it, and triple for those that pissed me off intentionally.

Most of the assholes I’ve met as an adult have been on the job. I did not meet any while I attended community college and business school in Charlotte, NC except this one ghetto ass bitch at AB&F named Michelle (though there were others I could not stand and would certainly run down in the road if I ever saw them trying to cross it), and I surely knew some that resided at the YWCA when I lived there. I also met a tranny at the Y but that thing got kicked out when they discovered it still had a penis, and really, it was a nice little creature – just misguided and very confused as they all are.

As for the jerkwads I’ve had the bad fortune to run into since moving back to my hometown…(sigh). Winston-Salem is filled with douche bags and most of them are named right here.

Rita (TR Staffing)

That ugly redheaded bitch @ Manpower

Natalie (Pepsi Customer Svc Ctr)

Tim (Pepsi Customer Svc Ctr)

Karrie (CVS)





I will probably update & add to this list as I remember more dipshits.

Oh, let’s not forget all the Keyboard Cowards out there that love to post nasty remarks anonymously or on Facebook pages geared towards the Angry White Person (they adore Obama-bashing, liking pro-NRA bullshit, being anti-Liberal which I admit I am but I am also anti-Conservative, and other activities worthy of any Klansman). Fuck all of you extremely ignorant lamebrain bastards as well.

I would give the BIGGEST FUCK YOU to the Sperm Donor Michael and his half breed slut, Angie. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK ALL OF YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!